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This mod implements the F4NV rendition of the Model 29 found in FNV, as well as the Mysterious Magnum.

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One of our favorite wheelguns from the Mojave returns, remade from the ground up!

Adds F4NV's recreation of the Smith & Wesson Model 29,
as well as the unique Mysterious Magnum, to Fallout 4.

With brand new animations from CADAVVER!

This alters the existing .44 revolvers in Fallout 4's sandbox, and includes a new (old) unique weapon:

.44 Magnum Revolver:

The .44 Magnum is now double action! With five barrels, four grips, several sight options,
ammo types, and a smattering of finishes and grip materials,
you can customize your trusty six shooter and make it truly your own.

Mysterious Magnum:

Adorned in elegant engraved nickel with flashy pearloid grips, this iconic gun from Fallout: New Vegas
makes its return to Fallout 4! Acquired in a short custom quest made by Pigness, the Mysterious Magnum
will make a fine, and perhaps slightly supernatural, addition to your arsenal.

Full Replacer:
The new .44 Magnum will replace the vanilla .44 Pistol in the leveled lists. If this mod is
installed mid-playthrough, existing .44s will persist, and the new .44 Magnum will begin to spawn.

To find the whereabouts of the Mysterious Magnum, you should investigate Nick Valentine's
case file on the gun's illusive wielder...

Meshes, Textures & Implementation - ShimSham
Animations - Cadavver
Promotional Media - xrendermanx (The Rat)
Mysterious Magnum Sounds - Tostikaas
Mysterious Stranger Vault Boy, Texturing Alphas - Devestatin' Dave
.44 Magnum Bullets, Aimpoint Reflex Sight - An Unclean Hippy
Mysterious Magnum Acquisition Quest - Pigness
Mysterious Stranger Outfit - Boray Cobanoglu
Additional Help & Support - ToastyFresh, Ranga Jesus, An Unclean Hippy, C1ph3r
Additional Help & Support - Degenerate Dak
Rendered Ammo Box Textures - Miss Flapper