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Ever been bothered by opened everywhere doors in you settlements? Trader comes in your camp and leave gates open wide for every single raider in Commonwealth joy and that pissed you off? Me very.

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Ever been bothered by opened everywhere doors in you settlements? Trader comes in your camp and leave gates open wide for every single raider in Commonwealth joy and that pissed you off? Me very.

Auto Doors 2.0 uses new way to automate doors and was rewritten from scratch. New esp, new scripts, some new textures and meshes (well it's a edited vanilla actualy)!
This mod addes craftable devices that will allow to automate your settlement doors. There are three main type of devices, some have few types:
  • Door Closing Mechanism - this device will automatically close opened door after some time. It's snapable to wall and should be placed as close to door as posible. When (re)placed script attached to this device will find door and start continuously scan it status.
  • Door Sensor - thee are to types of door sensors, one with internal power (Autonom) source and one that should be powered externally (External). External door sensor will not consume power unit but if not powered it will not work (mostly like a lamp). Both door sensors when attached to door will continuously scan area for actors (player or any other NPC) and when one approach to setted distance will open door, once actor leave range it will close door.
  • Keycard panel - there are three types of panels, each differed by color: blue, red, yellow. When attached to door it will continuously scan door status and if it closed will lock it to key. This door may be unlocked only through this keycard panel if actor have specific keycard. There are three keycard, by one for each panel type. Keycards craftable at chemlab under UTILITY category. Limited NPC support. Keycard panel will unlock door when NPC that has appropriate card in inventory but NPC may not understand it. May be when F4SE come out on full throttle there will be a way to change it.
  • Emergency Lockdown Mechanism - big metal device, supposed to be used on gates, but will also work with all other doors. Require power and wire connection. When powered on will close and lock gate (door) until power off.
  • Proximity sensor - works as automatic switch. Turns on when hostile or ally NPCs in its range, and turns off when targeted NPC out of range. Each sensor can be tweaked to react on hostiles or allies, also range can be increased or decreased. Require wire connection.
All devices reevaluate it target door when crafted and/or replaced. Script will scan area for doors in short range, if there several door found it will calculate nearest. You can find this devices in Power->Miscellaneous category in workshop menu.
Depending on chosen option while installation mod support vanilla doors, Homemaker's doors and Snap'n Build doors. Mod also support pre-made vanilla doors from locations: Red Rocket, Hangman's AlleySanctuary, Tempines Bluff, Outpost Zimonja, Egret Tours Marina, Warwick Homestead, The Castle, Bunker Hill, Taffington Boathouse, Covenant, Starlight Drive In, Sunshine Tidings Co-Op, The Slog, Spectacle Island, Croup Manor, Kingsport Lighthouse, Finch Farm, Coastal Cottage.

Global variables for setting:

  • AD_fDoorSearchRadius - radius in which script will look for a door. Default value: 350 units.
  • AD_fScanTime - delay between door status scan. Default value: 1 sec.
  • AD_fCloseTime - time that door closing mechanism will wait before closing door. Default value: 10 sec.
  • AD_fSensorRadius - radius in wich door sensor will look for an actor. Default value: 200 units.
  • AD_fLockTime - time that script will wait befor locking just unlocked door. Default value: 5 sec.
To modify any of it value type in console:
set [global] to [value]
where [global] is global variable and [value] is value. Value should be above zero.

If you use any version of Auto Doors below 2.0 then you need to make clean save. If you know how to do it or you're new for this mod then skip this paragraph.

Instruction for clean save:
  1. Uninstall previous version of Auto Doors and any compatibility patches related to it.
  2. Launch game and load last save.
  3. Save game and exit.
  4. Now you have clean save and may install mod.

Automatic installation: use NMM or any mod manager that support FOMOD installation.

Manual installation:
  1. Copy .ba2 files to your DATA folder.
  2. Proceed into Core catalog, choose language.
  3. In language related catalog there is four esp:
    • AutoDoors-Vanilla.esp - support vanilla doors only. Plus pre-made doors from Red Rocket and Hangman's Alley.
    • AutoDoors-HM.esp - support vanilla and Homemaker's v. 1.33 doors.
    • AutoDoors-SnB.esp - support vanilla and Snap'n Build v. 1.8 doors.
    • AutoDoors-HM-SnB.esp - support all above doors.
  • Choose one and move to your DATA folder, rename it to AutoDoors.esp.

  • Extensibility
    This mod may support not only craftable via workshop menu doors, but also premade one. But for this i need to add this door to form list, so if you want me add some door you should provide me with it reference ID in worldspace or base ID. I will add only vanilla doors, and Homemaker/Snap'n Build doors as this mods will update.
    Third party mod doors: this mod also may support doors provided by other mods with minor edits and none incompatibility. For this third party mod author should add to his doors keyword AD_CrossModUniversalDoorSupport [KYWD:xx3000807] from Auto Doors mod. Auto Doors, of course, should be one of the master file for this third party mod.

    Known settlement mods with patches
    • Snappy HouseKit by robboten and kkthebeast - "Numerous (somewhere around 2000!!!) vanilla pieces with snap points..."
    • Settlement Objects Expansion Pack by ccmads  - "Obviously, this mod will add new objects (over 1500 items!*) to your settlement ..."

    Dedicated patches

    • Russian (in package)
    • Italian by franchiceddhu90
    • German by GR-FoxDie

    Caprica Papyrus Compiler and Champollion PEX to Papyrus Decompiler by Orvid
    Homemaker - Expanded Settlements by NovaCoru
    Snap'n Build by ad3d0

    [My other mods]