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A boxcar-themed build. Doesn't require Automatron or Nuka World. 3 lite optional mods used.

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Another simple build, meant to cover the basic needs (and then some) of a settlement, while
not looking like total garbage at the same time... I hope.

Here is a [YouTube] video of the first version ::
Apologies for the total lack of audio, my mic is dead to me.


Contains a Tier 3 Weapons, Doctor, Bar, and Junk shop.
There's multiples of every Workbench, as well as InstaBells if you install that mod.
66 Food, 43 Water, 22 Beds, 42 Power, 208 Defense
Crops are mostly Melons, with Carrots and Gourds


All mods are optional, only there for convenience. The settlement still functions perfectly
well with no mods at all.

InstaBell :: Optional, the settlers seem to have trouble navigating the boxcars interestingly. This could help with any traffic jams.
Auto Doors :: Optional, makes doors close.
AWKCR :: Optional, just two workbenches placed.


- There are four well guarded entrances to the interiors. The orange boxcars are the entrances/exits.
The blue boxcars are for the guard posts.
- I put down alot of lights. If you have a mod increasing workshop light brightness, this might blind you.
- The settlers in my game don't seem to be interested in working, not sure why. Especially the ones assigned to shops. But they love hanging out at the bar, so should be easily found.
- The Fast Travel mat is located on the InstaBell warp pad, because I thought that'd be cute.
If you don't install that mod, it will be floating in the air, you'll wanna move that. Probably.
- Only a few sections of the original wire fence will need to be scrapped. I built around all other objects which were present upon arriving to the settlement.