Fallout 4

About this mod

The ultimate Craftable Vertibird(s) - use WASD direction controls to fly anywhere, any Worldspace/DLC, Land anywhere, Dock at Airship, take ALL your followers/Robots with you onboard, FastTravel for Survival. Shoot enemies with (selectable) built in Weapon mods, Fly as Pilot with 2 Companion Gunners, Use VB as a deadly follower, and more...

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • German
  • French
This Craftable Personal Vertibird does it all. From using it realistically on Survival to get you where you couldn't normally go (Fast Travel Alternative), to full on overkill as a fleet of Dreadnaughts following you around killing everything in sight. Use the mod how you want to play the game. Anywhere. No restrictions. Any mod added location, any DLC. Manually fly anywhere you want, to any Worldspace (even Diamond City!), or just use it like a more reliable BoS transport (as no BoS affiliation required).

This latest version allows you to use Vertibirds as an alternative to Fast Travel.
You can fly with your Vertibird (and any followers) to any Settlement, or any location you have placed a Landing Site Marker/Vertipad. Anywhere (even Diamond City, AR2 locations, FarHarbor, Nukaworld, Point Lookout, etc).

This mod uses Scripts but will not impact your game. A script is only run once on Takeoff, Landing, Entry, Exit, Recall Beacon use, and when you see a Vertibird  status message - the rest of the time the game controls the VB and this mod does nothing.

V1.6.4 is now the current version - This is V1.6.3, Hotfix 9k, and optional patches, all in the one installer - to simplify future installation.
You do NOT need to move to this version if you are currently at 1.6.3 Plus Hotfix 9k (it is the same), however this is the version I will now be updating.
Thats why V1.6.3 and it's hotfix 9k has been moved to 'old versions'.

Problems? Read the Install Guide and FAQ on the Posts tab if you have issues installing/using this Mod. Only recommended installation is via Vortex (V1.5.6 or later), MO2, or NMM (community edition V0.7 or later).
Hardcore Realism settings (Optional):

  • Constructing a Vertibird can be more expensive and require hard to obtain (heavy) 'Vertibird parts' purchased or looted from crashed ones
  • You can be blocked from building Vertibirds until the BoS let you call Vertibirds (via an install option).
  • Vertibirds can require Fuel and consume it while flying. Automatic refueling is via Fusion Cores kept in the Cargo hold.
  • The Minigun can use your own Ammo (rather than have infinite Ammo). Ammo in Cargo hold used first (5mm Ammo).
  • NPC's using the Turret Guns can also be set to use Ammo (will use Ammo from Cargo if they have none).
  • The Player's Minigun can be set to use the correct ammo (i.e. fusion Cells for Laser) via an install option.
  • Vertibirds can use Ammo (stored in Cargo Hold) for their front guns, and won't Orbit if they have none.
  • Vertibirds can travel in 'realtime' meaning the further away they are the longer they take to return to you.
  • Vertibirds must be "Repaired", with a repair kit, to restore their health from damage (Otherwise enable "Autoheal").
  • If your Vertibird is destroyed then you must find it and loot it to get back the Cargo (or it will be lost).
  • Your Pilot can be Mortal (and expendable).

Major Features Summary:
  • Works on PC, VR and Xbox, and supports all Fallout Languages (the installer itself is English though).
  • No mods or DLC's required, but will work with them if they are installed.
  • Construct as many Vertibirds as you want, at any Settlement (they do not count towards Settlement limits).
  • Each Vertibird is Individually configurable via the Recall/Control Beacon, including it's Paint job (Colour scheme) and Name.
  • Your Vertibird can fly to, and in, ANY DLC or Mod added external Worldspace (even small ones like Diamond City).
  • All your followers (from any mod) will travel with you in the Vertibird (with a few exceptions like SentryBots & wild Beasts).
  • You can take any number of Followers with you, including Automatrons (though they may overlap in the 3 back seats).
  • Even temporary Followers (such as BoS squires, Minutemen called by Flare, etc) will travel in the Vertibird with you.
  • You can fly in your Vertibird to DLC/other Mod added Worlds (via In-flight menu "Fly to Settlement" or "Fly to landing Site").
  • Your Vertibird (and Pilot) have no Faction loyalty so you do not need to be BoS to have one. You can even play 'evil'.
  • Your Vertibird is immune to Melee, Animals, and low power Weapons. It can't be shot down with a pipe pistol...
  • Extra Armor Plating can be crafted to increase the Vertibird's damage resistance even more.
  • If a Vertibird's health drops below 30% (while in combat) it will stop, land, and Auto Heal (configurable via MCM).
  • Alternatively you can set your Vertibird, and optionally your passengers and yourself, as Invulnerable.
  • You can fly in the Pilot or Copilot's Seat (not just the Gunner), or Passenger Seat, and/or have companions in these seats.
  • Have any humanoid Follower use the Turret Minigun (Gunner's Seat) to shoot enemies while you Pilot the Vertibird.
  • Also supports another Follower as 2nd Gunner (new Gunner position on other Door), including while in PowerArmor.
  • Supports Followers and Player standing in left/right standing position (they don't need to be in PA).
  • Unmanned Vertibirds will fire on your enemies using their front Miniguns/Plasma guns/Missiles (selectable individually).
  • Vertibirds can 'follow you' everywhere externally (even when you fast travel), like a Companion, and will shoot your enemies.
  • Vertibirds can also be ordered to stay and patrol a fixed location (Air support), Even if you are onboard.
  • Built in (optional) Pilot for realism (which you can interact with and optionally use as 2nd Gunner or CoPilot if their seat is full).
  • Alternative Voiced BoS Pilot (for those playing as a friend of the Brotherhood - the BoS are insulting otherwise).
  • Pilot's inventory can be accessed and you can change their clothing/weapons/features if you like. Enabled in MCM/Holotape.
  • Take manual control and fly Vertibird anywhere you want (Via Menu) - or using WASD keys/Gamepad Dpad (if F4SE installed).
  • You can 'jump out' of a Vertibird in flight, and it will then land and (optionally) stay, fight or go home.
  • Your Companions can jump out with you for a dramatic entrance (if you use Jump when hovering). Consider their Fall damage!
  • Your Vertibird will dock at the Prydwen (and warn you if the Bos are hostile to any of your passengers).
  • Your Vertibird will also Dock at any Mod that has Prydwen style Docks (such as Airship Player Home).
  • Vertibirds will attempt to use a vacant Left Hand Dock so you can exit normally (even when in Pilot Seat).
  • Passengers/Player are prevented from falling to their death when they incorrectly exit the RHS of a docked Vertibird.
  • Many types of Vertipads you can construct in Settlements (which are used only by Vertibirds - fast travel point is not moved).
  • You can construct Landing Lights for these Vertipads, which are activated when your Vertibird is approaching.
  • You can also construct Vertipads ANYWHERE else, from Kits you craft at the Chem Station and carry with you.
  • You can construct and carry Portable Landing Markers, which you can drop anywhere, that Vertibirds will land at.
  • Vertibirds will land ACCURATELY on all these Vertipads/Markers, and any Mod added ones (UNLESS you use the Pipboy map!).
  • You can drop Portable Landing Map Markers anywhere outside the Commonwealth and fly to them (via "Fly to Landing Site").
  • You have In-built powerful Weapon options for the Vertibird's Turret minigun, including Scope options.
  • You can 'recall' your Vertibird to you from anywhere you left it, no matter where you are (including any worldspace/DLC).
  • Vertibirds try and land on any Vertipad/landing pad/Marker near you or their destination - even Mod added ones.
  • You can 'send' your Vertibird to any settlement to wait for you out of harms way.
  • Recall, Send, Fly to and Land commands also support Docking (and will dock in normally unusable RH Docks on Airships).
  • If your Dock is occupied when you arrive (so you hover in front of it) you just press E (land) and it will use a free one.
  • Realtime reporting of Vertibird status (ETA messages when being recalled, if they are in Combat, etc).
  • If your Vertibird is destroyed you can 'Recall' any other Vertibird you have spare.
  • Vertibirds always depart and arrive 'realistically' (no teleporting) but travel times are usually less than 40 seconds.
  • Pipboy map marks your Vertibird's current location (you can fast travel to), as well as a Vertipad you constructed from the kit.
  • While onboard your will not be over-encumberred, are protected from drowning, and have increased Radiation resistance.
  • Also you (and your passengers) have increased explosion and bullet resistance while onboard.
  • Additionally, with both doors closed you are immune to radiation (like wearing a Radiation Suit), and gain extra explosion resist.
  • Vertibirds have a Cargo hold for your loot, and can deliver that loot to your home workshop and return.
  • You can store one full set of Power Armor in the Cargo Hold, and deploy it wherever you land.
  • If destroyed, your Vertibird's loot is sent to it's Home, You, or left onboard (but you then need to find and loot the wreck!).
  • Fully Customizable gameplay options via Settings Holotape and/or MCM menu. Including Realism options below.
  • This includes the Vertibird's travel speed, Fusion core drain, Multi-Companion mod compatibility etc.
  • For people who like Realism, there are a number of features. NOTE These default "on" if you install the "Realistic" option
And lastly:
Mod can be safely installed, updated, and removed mid playthrough (follow the simple instructions in the FAQ)

The following Game bugs are also fixed:

  • No Vertibird sounds when using some fast-start mods
  • Companions not always Boarding the Vertibird
  • BoS Squires (Leading by Example quest) not boarding as Passengers
  • Most other mod added Companions won't board Vertibirds, or stay onboard when you takeoff.
  • Companions/Followers can't travel as Gunner or fire the minigun.
  • Companions/Followers in PowerArmor can't use Minigun Turret.
  • Vertibird sometimes using 'docking' animation when landing at Settlements
  • Vertibirds (outside of a Quest) can't fly to the Prydwen.
  • Unable to re-enter Vertibird immediately after Docking
  • Companions can fall to their death exiting a Vertibird when Docked
  • Vertibirds are occasional hostile to random Allies
  • Companion Ada (and all constructed Automatrons) won't board the Vertibird
  • Power Armor wearing Companions sometimes stand "through" the middle (passenger) seat
  • Propeller noise and effects on stationary Vertibirds (when approached from a distance)
  • Landed Vertibirds appearing under landing pads/not where you left them.
  • Vertibirds won't use (or stay on) Docks on mod added Airships.
  • Your PowerArmor Fusion Core drains while travelling in Vertibirds.
  • All Power Armor wearing NPC's (including you) make "Stomping" noises during Vertibird Travel.
  • Assaultrons continously charge their Head Laser when onboard (and there are enemies nearby).
  • Vertibirds won't travel outside the Commonwealth (or any Mod added Worldspace).
  • Vertibirds not responding/getting lost when called via signal flares
  • They get stuck in strange unusable states (still do, but Reset option added to resolve this).

This Mod will support additions from other mods:

  • Supports Vertibird Turret Minigun replacement mods ("Use own ammo" option must be set to "Modded").
  • Supports additional weapon mods on inbuilt Turret Minigun and Front Guns (As per this article).
  • Supports some mods that make Vertibirds tougher (Not required as FPV's are tougher than normal VBs)
  • Supports replacement of Pilot NPC
  • Supports replacement of Pilot's default Outfit
  • Supports Vertibird Paintjob (skin) replacement mods (see article)
  • Supports monitoring of Vertibird activity (mod generates landing/takeoff etc papyrus events)
  • Supports new Player and companion races (e.g. Anime) - Automatically if they are based on Humans.
  • Supports new Mod added Landing pads, either craftable or added throughout the commonwealth (see article).
  • Supports mods that replace the Vertibird sounds
  • Supports Fusion Core Recycle/Recharge Mods
  • Supports mods that have 'Prydwen' style Docks (such as Airship mods)
  • Supports extra mod-added Landing Lights on Landing Pads (see article)
  • Supports mods that replace the Vertibird model (such as Classic Vertibird replacer)

Requirements: None.
Will detect what DLC/Mods you have installed and give you features accordingly. See "Recommended Mods" section. A couple of extra features can't be scripted, so the installer has these as optional (as they DO require DLCs)

Incompatibilities: Mods that change the way the Base Vertibirds work, or the way the Player interacts with rideables, will have issues.

Ushi BrahminCompanion - Takes over all Vertibirds (they will be deleted) - VERY incompatible with this and other Personal Vertibird Mods.
Vertibird Jump Is an F4SE dll so will have priority over this mod and will conflict on the (E) key.
Vertibird Overhaul - Breaks everything! UCF and other MultiCompanion mods, Automaton update mods, All Personal Vertibirds.
TEEParty Multiple Followers Overhaul - Replaces all Companion processes and AI so "may" have issues (though should work with 1.6.3+).
RidableBot - Reported to have some adverse effects on entering and exiting Vertibirds. Will stop player riding as Pilot, etc.
SCDC - Subjective Cinematic Dialogue Camera - Seems to become activated when Player in Pilot/CoPilot seat, causing viewpoint problems.
Immersive Fast Travel - The "disable Fast travel" option stops travel via the Pipboy in all Personal Vertibird Mods (patch to fix this in optional files)
Advanced Needs 76 - This has a similar issue when you disable Fast Travel (see it's author for a patch)
Assaultron Miscellanous Armor - Torso armor on a companion Robot causes VB to jump about when that Robot boards.
Mechout4 23rd Century Combat - Same issues as above Mod.Some robots from other Mods are reported to have same problem...
Custom Companions and Settlers - Does not allow Companions to travel reliably in Vertibirds (don't complain to me if you use it).
Wasteland Shields - Uses the 'ring' armor slot (incorrectly) so conflicts with wearing Rings.
Pip-Pad - Can conflict with Rings if you set Pip-Pad's "Biped Slot" to "Rings" (Obviously).
Gun for Hire - Your Squad Members won't board/Stay on an FPV as they are permanently linked to the GfH Vertibird.

Foreign Language version:
The Multilingual version of this mod is the only supported and Authorized one, but "updated translations" type mods are supported.
This localized version of the mod supports ALL languages, though better language files may be supplied as addons by other Authors.
If you don't like some of the text then change it according to this article. I DO NOT support modifications to the esp files.
Thanks to ZobiOneKenobi, ME47, kittyowilder, egor2678, and EddyN7john for the improved Translations.

Recommended Mods:
This Vertibird is based on a standard BOS Vertibird template so mods that work with them may work on FPVs.

F4SE - Required if you want to fly your Vertibird Manually via WASD keys (otherwise you must use the in-flight menu).
Automatron DLC - if you want Automatrons (such as Ada) to travel in your Vertibird.
Nukaworld/Far harbour DLC - New Worldspaces to fly in.
Rename Anything - Required if you want to rename your Vertibird(s) and Pilots. (F4SE and TextInputMenu also required for this).
Lootable Vertibirds - If you use the 'Realistic' construction recipe to craft your vertibird, and don't want to have to buy the Parts, VB Parts can be looted.
Unlimited Companion Framework (UCF) - Allows you to have and take as many Companions/Automatrons  as you like (the most lightweight of it's type).
PRP - Adds in missing NukaWorld Terrain Height so Vertibirds don't fly through buildings/mountains (or otherwise use this NW only Vertibird fix)
Better Vertibird Sounds - Much better flying sounds and quieter landing gear.
LOD for All (or any other LOD improver) - makes the scenery not flicker and 'flash in' so much as you fly.
Seasons Change - Current best LOD (better than other LOD mods).
And ANY Companion/Follower mods - they will all travel with you when you fly.

Paintjob (skin) replacement Mods:

Paint Jobs for Vertibird (personal Vertibird option) - Fills the 'unique' option in your "Paintjobs" menu. Recommended.(Patch for Vortex/MO2)
Flyable Personal Vertibird - Paintjobs - One colour not enough for you? This mod allows you to have many more (Including Faction Paintjobs)..
Vertibird Camoflage Textures - Adds 8+ more selectable Camouflage Painted skins to your Vertibirds!
Flyable Personal Vertibird - Paintjobs and Camo - The above two mods merged.
Shin Seiki Evanvertibird - Doesn't work for FPV's, but copy it's textures into data/textures/skinnedverti and it will be selectable as "unique" paintjob.
VertiBird Mashup and Vintage Girls Artwork Re texture Skin - Another skin option to fill the "unique" Paintjob slot (you need to manually copy).

Verified/Recommended Mods that add new working Landing Locations (may require patches):

Verticall - Cambridge PD Helipad - Moves the Cambridge fast travel/Landing point to the Cambridge PD roof Helipad (requires patch in optional files)
Verticall - Milton General Hospital - Makes the roof helipad Accessible. Vertibird will try and land there now (require patch from optional files).
Sunshine Tidings Overhaul - Greatly expands the Settlement with backstory and Helipad (Use patch to make Helipad usable for Vertibirds)
Cambridge Police Station Settlement - Helipad on roof works as landing pad destination for new Cambridge PD Player Settlement.
Medford.M Working Helipad - Revisited - Helipad on roof now works as Vertibird landing location.
Vault-Tec HQ Helipad - Helipad on roof works as landing pad for Beacon Hill destination.
Med-Tek Research Helipad - Helipad on Roof now useable and accessible.
Nuka-World Helipads - Helipads at Fizztop and Bottling Plant are now usable and accessible.
Listening Post Bravo Full Settlement - Full functioning Settlement with working Helipad.
Arcjet Systems Helipad - Working Helipad on top of Arcjet building.
Coast Guard Pier Helipad - Makes the Helipad there usable.
Murkwater Now a Real Construction Site - Nice rebuild of this settlement with working Helipad.
Lets Get Wet - Ocean based Settlement Site with working Helipad
Fort Strong is Stronger - Fully built Settlement with working Helipad
A Safe Harbor - Fully built Island Settlement with working Helipad
Relay Outpost Zimonja - Expanded Settlement with working Helipad.
Skyfish - Fully functioning Settlement in the sky with working Helipad.
(Or any other mods by HaplessAccreditation or Greekrage)

Other Mods that are known to work:

Flyable Personal Vertibird - Interactive Pilot - More Immersive way to interact with the (Random only) Vertibird Pilot
Flyable Personal Vertibird - Tracking Module - Modders resource if you plan to make your own 'Vertibird locator' mod.
Modern Firearms Vertibird Minigun Replacer - Changes Turret Minigun(s). Only works if "Use own Ammo" is set to "Modded".
Liga of my Companions - Alternative to UCF for Multiple Companions (V1.27 and later only supported with FPV 1.6.3-6 or later).
AmazingFollowerTweaks - Another alternative to UCF for Multiple Companions.
Classic Vertibird Replacer - Replace all Vertibirds with FO3 Version (Place after FPV and requires a Patch to effect all FPVs)
Airship Player Home - Personal Airship (Requires Patch from Optional Files). Use Recall "Settlement" menu to fly to Airship - not Pipboy.
FCOM - Requires Holotape/MCM setting change to allow "All Followers" so your squad will board your Vertibird.
I'm Darlene - Another fully voiced Companion Mod.
Heather Casdin Companion (Use V2.2 or later) - Recommended.  Fully voiced Companion with quests.
Horizon - If you died while flying and resurrect at a settlement, you will need to recall your VB to you (as your companions may be stuck on it).
Damn Apocalypse - If you use the Loot Module, Realistic VB Workshop recipe, and Lootable Vertibirds, you need this Patch.
Better Vertibird Minigun - Increase the (bullet) damage of your Turret Minigun(s). Only works if "Use own Ammo" is set to "Modded".
Better Vertibird - Makes all Vertibirds a bit tougher (requires patch otherwise FPV's may self-destruct) - not required for FPV but does work on it
Vertibird World Travel by SKK - Not Required. You can directly fly to Far Harbor/Nukaworld (or anywhere) by just placing a landing Marker/settlement there.
More Vertibird Crash Sites - Extra sources of Vertibird Parts (requires Patch found on Lootable Vertibirds mod downloads page)
Vertibird UH-1H sound replacer - Vertibird sounds based on a UH-1H Huey.
Tracking Marker - Tracking Ring if in Cargo hold gives real-time tracking of Vertibird's flight (Not needed as Hotfix 9 has this built in).
Power Armor Collections Fallout 76 style - Can be used to store as many Power Armors as you like in the Vertibird Cargo area.
Vertibird Landing Pads - Alternate Settlement Craftable Landing Pads. Will be used by FPVertibirds, but won't work with Landing Lights.
Power Armor Autopilot (fix version) - 'Trade' a "2nd Gunner ring" to it and it will man the 2nd Minigun Position for you!

Mods that modify BoS Vertibirds but don't effect FPVertibirds (but are safe to install):

Durable Vertibirds - Only effects BoS Vertibirds
Better Vertibirds Lite - Works in a similar way to Better Vertibirds, however is coded to not touch FPV's (as they already include most of the features).
Faster Vertibirds - May cause game instability if they fly too fast. Not recommended as FPV already has the option to change Vertibird Speed.
Vertibird Faction Paint Schemes - Gives each Faction's Vertibirds unique Paint Jobs, but does not touch FPVertibirds (unless using this mod).
Vertibird Randomized Loadout - Gives BoS Vertibirds different random weapons. (Will effect the Turret Minigun if "Use own Ammo" set to "Modded")
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack - The constructable Helipad doesn't work as a Vertipad (it is a prop only).
Power Armor Airdrop - Works perfectly but uses it's own Vertibird.

FPV can Conflict with:
The "PowerArmorPerk Docked Bug" patch can conflict with some mods that change the PowerArmor effect, such as:
Better Explosives Redux - Changes PA effect (so that you loose some PA benefits when the FC is empty) so 'stuck PA Perk' bugfix will interfere.
Backpacks of the Commonwealth - Changes the PA effect (So Backpacks work when in PA) - interferes as above.
To resolve such conflicts move the patch (PAVertibirdDockFix.esp) to before those mods and set "Keep passengers on board when Docked" to "NO".

Extra Worldspaces - Note the ones with missing Height data (you fly through the ground) - you need patches for these.

Atomic World (Use the patch I have in Optional Files so you don't fly through the ground)
Frozen Valley (Use V1.6 or later as it has Height Data included).
Area Fifteen (Use V1.7 or later as it has Height data included).
America Rising 2 (place a Landing Pad Marker on the Oilrig Landing pad if you want to fly to it)
Project Mojave (Use V0.2 or later as it has Height data included).
Fallout 76 DLC76 Charleston West Virginia - Use Height Fix patch from Silni
The Forest DLC for Hunters and Hikers - Use Height Fix Patch from Silni
The Wilderness - Use Height Fix Patch from Silni

If your Vertibird flies through mountains/buildings then you are missing the Max Height Data in a Mod. This can be caused by:

  • An old mod towards the end of your load order which removed this MHDT field. Check with FO4edit and put a mod with correct data after it.
  • NukaWorld has none (Bad Bethesda!). I recommend PRP or  NukaWorld vertibird Altitude Fix to put it back.
  • Most mods that add new Worldspaces (e.g. Area 15, Winter world, etc) don't include MHDT data.
  • You can fly off the edge of the maps, but I wouldn't recommend it as the MHDT Data is missing so you may end up under the ground. Also as the Game does not support the Player being there so you will be trapped/die/fall endlessly if you exit the Vertibird.

Keyboard Flying Controls:

Standard Controls:
  • Activate (E) - Enter/Exit Vertibird (If flying then Jump out if safe, otherwise Land) - See Settings.
  • Pipboy Map - Choose new Destination for Autopilot travel (Standard non-manual flying option) - this will disable Manual flight mode.
Manual Flying Controls (if F4SE installed):
  • Ready (R)  -  Manual Takeoff to Hover. If already flying on Autopilot then engage Manual Flying, stop and Hover - See Notes.
  • Forward (W) - Fly forward until edge of map, 1Km travelled, or another key pressed.
  • Back (S) - Stop and Hover - or Increase/Decrease Altitude (if already hovering). Long Press while hovering to drop to 15m above ground.
  • Left/Right (A/D) - Spin clockwise (if Hovering) - Bank left/right (if flying)
  • Jump (Space) - Jump out (if Safe). If Hovering then Companions Jump too. Note: Not available if on Autopilot or if no F4SE (Use E).

Xbox Controller Support:
Standard controls work for above functions (e.g. Activate (A), Ready (X), Jump (Y), ...)EXCEPT you need to use the Dpad for WASD (manual) control.
Unfortunately this means the Favorites menu must be on screen as well (Dpad does not work otherwise). Limitation of F4SE/Game.
Alternatively use a mod like Auto Gamepad Switch (or Buffout 4) to use both keyboard and Xbox Controller

Holotape/MCM Settings:

Use Holotape: Craftable at Chem Station under "Personal Vertibird", or MCM. Note: MCM Menu gives more options.
  • Passengers:  - Sets the effects of bullets (but not explosions) when onboard (and optionally you too).
  • Passengers Exit while Docked - Keep passengers on the Vertibird when Docked at the Prydwen.
  • Pilot is: - Random, Modifiable (Protected or Invulnerable), or No Pilot at all. Modifiable Pilots can have equipped Gear/features/name/sex changed.
  • Manual Control Key - If Ready (R) conflicts with another Mod then you can choose VATS (V), Jump (Space), or Back (S) instead.
  • Initial Vertibird Minigun - Default Type of Minigun on new Vertibirds - Improved Accuracy/Explosive Bullets/Cryo Bullets/Gatling Laser/Tesla Beam
  • Initial Vertibird Minigun Scope - Default Scope of Minigun on new Vertibirds - Standard, Recon, NightVision, Targeting HUD (Friend/Foe)
  • Initial Vertibird Skin - Paintjob of new Vertibirds - Standard/Unique (Unique requires Texture files)/extra skins added by other mods
  • Initial Front guns mod - Weapons new Vertibirds (Front guns) - Bullets/Lasers/Plasma/Missiles
  • Aggression - Controls whether VB attacks enemies when Unmanned. Default is Aggressive, but you can make it Passive. in certain situations
  • Vulnerability - Vertibirds are "Protected" while you are not the "Gunner", but can be changed to Always, Never, or completely Invulnerable.
  • Jump while Flying - Controls whether you jump out with E or Space (jump) key. Default is E (Jump out if safe, else Land).
  • Passengers are: - Defines how the mod selects who is a Passenger (Companions only, or every NPC that is following you).
  • Vertibird Warps - Defines how the vertibird travels when you can't see it, or when you are onboard.
  • Vertibird uses Fuel: Enable/Disable whether Vertibirds use fuel (fusion Cores in the Cargo hold).
  • Minigun uses your Ammo: Enable/Disable whether you have infinite ammo. Set to "Modded" if using a minigun from another mod.
  • Vertibird Speed: Normal, 50% faster, 100% faster
  • Vertibird Requires Repair: Off (Default) means vertibirds Autorepair when Landed, but if set to On this requires you to use repair kits.

Features List:

Holotape/MCM menu
  • Changes default gameplay settings and mod compatibility configuration.
  • Sets the initial defaults for new Vertibirds (does not effect existing vertibirds).

Recall & Command Beacon:
  • Realtime changes to the (highlighted) Vertibird nearest to you, such as Skin, Gun mods, Home base.
  • Allows you to recall your current vertibird to you (if none nearby)
  • Allows you to command the Vertibird you are nearest to (highlighted), even if it is flying.
  • Used onboard for in-flight functions (minigun mods, manual flight, travel to Settlement, Vertipad landings).
  • Onboard Manual flying controls (Takeoff, Land, Cruise, Hover, Bank left/Right etc) if F4SE not installed. This Onboard Menu also available by interacting with Pilot (if you are CoPilot) or by looking up (if Gunner) - "Pilot Command?" prompt.

Vertibird Utility (
for maintenance, not regular gameplay)
  • can be used to locate lost Vertibirds
  • can be used to delete/land all Vertibirds (useful for mod update/removal if you have a lot of Vertibirds)

Recall & DLC Travel:
  • Fallout 4 blocks travel to DLCs when in a Vertibird (using the Pipboy Map), however you can travel to any DLC/Mod via the "Fly to.." menu option.
  • Also you can just fast travel somewhere (any Mod/DLC) and "recall" your Vertibird to you.
  • Also if your Vertibird is "Orbiting" (following) you then it will follow you to anywhere you fast travel to (unless it is interior)
  • Craft the reusable "Recall&Command beacon" at the Chem bench. Use it and the Vertibird will come from anywhere you last left it.
  • Using this Beacon when onboard gives you many of the same options (including the "Fly to..." option to travel to other Worldspaces).
  • If you are in combat when it arrives it will join in the attack with its forward guns, and land when safe (optional).
  • You can also construct a 'VertiPad' at a settlement to be the preferred landing spot (Pipboy destinations prefers to land on the Large one)
  • The Vertibird is in the "special" section of the Workshop build menu, Vertipads in the "Structures" section.
  • You can also "send" it to any Settlement you control. (use Recall&Command beacon when near the Vertibird to bring up a menu)
  • You can tell the Vertibird to follow you, and it will circle wherever you are and provide Air support.
  • When following you it will also follow you to anywhere you fast travel to (including DLC's etc).
  • You can also make the Vertibird stay and defend a location (Patrol)
  • You can even "Patrol" (orbit a location) when onboard.

Multiple Vertibirds:
  • You can create as many Vertibirds as you like, but only one is considered your 'Current' Vertibird.
  • Your Current Vertibird has a Pipboy map marker (when landed) and is the one that responds to Recall.
  • You can fast travel to the Current Vertibird (as long as you are in the same Worldspace).
  • If your Current Vertibird is destroyed then the Recall Beacon will call the nearest landed (unused) Vertibird instead.
  • If you are near a Vertibird when you use the recall Beacon it is highlighted in red (even if it is flying) you will get a menu of commands.
  • Using this menu you can give each Vertibird a unique skin (if available), Gun mods, and Home base.
  • The Menu's "Land near me" function works even if the Vertibird is in Combat.

Life Onboard:
  • All Followers/Companions (including Mod added) who are valid Races will board the Vertibird when you do.
  • The Vertibird has a Pilot, who will loiter around the Vertibird when it is landed, and defend it if attached. Can be Protected or Essential.
  • Pilot's can be Random NPC's or "Moddable". Moddable Pilots can have their Face, Body, and inventory customized.
  • You can also have 'no' inbuilt Pilot. Then you can 'recruit' any non-follower NPC as your Pilot (if you want a Pilot at all).
  • You can only 'Jump out' when flying if you are in PA, have 2 'acrobat' legs, or a jetpack (as otherwise you would die)
  • If you jump out, the Vertibird will land by itself nearby. The passengers will stay on board and only exit when landed.
  • As the player's (Minigunner) viewpoint is to the side, I suggest you zoom out to 3rd person view when 'driving' the Vertibird as Gunner.
  • Player (and Passengers) can stand to either side of the passenger seat - even if not wearing Power Armor.
  • Passengers Races are  Humans, Ghouls, Synths, Dogs, Cats, Super Mutants, Mr Handy types, Eyebots, and Assaultron/Protectron.
  • Note that an Automatron's 'Race' is defined by their legs.
  • There are 3 'seats' for Passengers (Dogmeat has his own), but will still take any number of Companions (overlapping).
  • Passengers can also use either of the Minigun Turret positions on the doors and fire the Minigun at enemies.
  • If Passengers are too slow boarding they will be 'forced' (which causes them to 'teleport' aboard)
  • The "Recall&Command Beacon" can be used when onboard to bring up a menu of further options, such as changing the Minigun mods.
  • The option "When I exit..." can instruct the Vertibird to do an action apon your exit (such as return home).
  • When on the Vertibird you have 1500 increased carry weight (for Survival Mode), are immune to drowning, and less radiation effects.
  • If both doors are closed (i.e. you have no Turret Gunners) then you will be immune to Radiation, and have higher explosion protection.

Pilot Seat:
  • You can craft at the Chem Station a Pilot and CoPilot Hat or Ring. Hats give you extra buffs.
  • If You (and/or a humanoid Passenger) wear these hats/rings while Boarding they will be transported into the appropriate Seat.
  • For Player this is not strictly supported by the game, so the 1st and 3rd person views can get a little weird if you swap too often.
  • Be aware that as Copilot you will exit via the right door, so can't exit if docked at the Prydwen (unless you have no fall damage)!
  • You cannot use the Vertibird guns while Piloting - so make a Passenger(s) the Gunner(s) so they use the Minigun.
  • You cannot board as a Pilot/Copilot if in Power Armor.
  • You can craft a "Gunners Cap"/Ring to give to a Passenger - who will then occupy the Turret position(s) and shoot with the Minigun.
  • The minigun projectile option you select will be applied to their minigun as well.

  • You can access the Vertibird Inventory by using the Recall&Command beacon when near it.
  • The Recall&Command Beacon allows you to send the Vertibird to it's home Settlement to unload, and then automatically return.
  • If you have enabled realism options (use fuel and/or your own ammo) then Fusion cores and 5mm ammo in the Cargo will NOT be unloaded.
  • You can also store one suit of Power Armor in your Vertibird (use the recall beacon when near the Power Armor).
  • If the Vertibird is destroyed it's inventory transfers to it's Home settlement/you unless Lootable Vertibirds is installed - in which case you must loot the wreckage to get your stuff back (configuarble in settings).

  • The Vertibird front guns are used when you are not onboard to attack enemies. These have different options (change via Recall Beacon menu).
  • Holotape/MCM settings define under what conditions the Vertibird will attack your enemies. Default is only when returning to you, or orbiting.
  • The Minigun Turret(s) have optional damage projectiles, and extra Scope options for the Player (change via Recall Beacon menu)
  • The Vertibird is vulnerable to damage when you are onboard, or it is flying near you. Can be changed in Holotape.
  • However, unlike base Vertibirds, your Vertibird is immune to trivial damage (Beasts, Small guns, Bleeding, Unarmed/Melee attacks)
  • You can also craft extra Vertibird Armor (which you place in the Cargo hold and 'equip') to greatly increase it's resistance.
  • If a Stealthboy is in the Cargo hold when the Vertibird enters Combat it will use it to become invisible.
  • If your Vertibird's health drops below 30% it will automatically land. Most NPC's won't continue to attack a landed Vertibird.
  • Also Vertibirds regenerate health when landed (unless you have enabled the "Repair" Realism option - then you must repair it).

Prydwen/Airship Docking:
  • To Dock at the Prydwen you must choose it on the Pipboy Map, the "Fly to.." menu option, or land (E or "land") when near it and on Manual.
  • Only choose the Prydwen as a destination once per flight (via pipboy) otherwise landings can be messed up (Game bug - see notes).
  • Other Airship mods are supported for docking, but you must choose them via the 'Fly to...' menu option (not the Pipboy).
  • The Vertibird will dock at any unoccupied Right Hand Dock (unless selected via the Pipboy).
  • MCM/Holotape allows setting Passengers to stay on the Vertibird when Docked, but they are protected from falling if they exit badly.
  • Passengers can still (at times) exit Vertibirds badly, so consider a "no fall damage" mod for them anyway.
  • If you, a Companion, or the Vertibird are BoS Enemies you will be notified when you select the Prydwen as a destination.

  • Vertipads will be used when you select the settlement as a destination (via Recall Beacon menu), or recall the Vertibird when near one.
  • If flying on "manual" then a nearby Landing Pad will also be used if you instruct the vertibird to "land" (via Menu or E).
  • When using a Pipboy location the Game decides if the Vertibird will land on the Pad, and is quite buggy, so use "Fly to..." via recall menu instead.
  • Otherwise, the 'large' Vertipads seems to have a better chance of being used but won't fit in most places (unless you use placeanywhere).
  • Other Settlement Vertipad mods can be used (such as Vertibird Landing Pads) in place of the Vertipads supplied in this mod.
  • Similarly, Mods that add map markers will also work (such as Vertibrd landing Zones), or mods that enable existing in-game landing pads.
  • You can construct Landing lights for Landing Pads which will flash when they are the destination for a Vertibird.
  • You can also just construct a "Vertibird Recall Marker" which you can place anywhere you would prefer the Vertibird to land.
  • If you construct and drop a "Vertibird Landing Map Marker" then you can select them on the "Fly to" menu and travel to them ANYWHERE.
  • The same applies to the Portable (kit) Landing pads you can carry, and assemble anywhere, that Vertibirds will use and you can fly to.
  • You can also make your own Landing Pad objects - just add the FPVertibird:FPVVertipad script to your object and it will work.
  • If you use a mod like "Rename anything" then you can give names to this Landing Pads/Markers which will appear on the "Fly to..." list.

Mod Variants: Choose your variants when installing this Mod for extra features..
  • Extra Support for DLC's Automatron, Far Harbour & Nukaworld. (these options REQUIRE those DLC's to be installed)
  •  Realism Options (Easy/Realistic)

Realism Options:
  • "Easy" uses the same skills and materials as building some large generators, gives you infinite ammo, Vertibirds don't consume resources, and autorepair
  • "Realistic" requires Parts collected from crashed Vertibirds, or bought from Danse or Proctor Teagan on the Prydwen, uses Fuel to fly, it's minigun uses your ammo, it needs to be repaired if damaged, and travels in 'realtime' (so can take minutes to return from far locations).
    Note: All these 'realism' options can be set/unset via the Holotape/MCM except the harder recipe.

Removing/Upgrading the Mod:
To remove this mod - Store,Scrap or Destroy ALL the Vertibirds first, then it is safe to remove the mod mid-playthrough.
You will know if you have done this if Vertipads dissappear from the Settlement Structures Workshop Menu. See stickied Post for more details.
To upgrade the mod just re-install/upgrade the mod in your prefered Mod manager. No need to delete the Vertibirds etc in game,
BUT it is recommended to Store and recraft your Vertibird(s) after an upgrade - just in case.

Customizing your Vertibird Skin:
If you select Unique for the skin you need to make sure Data\textures\skinnedverti directory (or BA2 archive) contains Vertibird Textures.
Paint Jobs for Vertibird (if your mod manager won't load it install the patch as well) puts it's textures here, but you can use your own.
Note: You can only change a Vertibird's Skin via the Recall&Command menu when you are near it.
Textures expected in skinnedverti directory:
  • vertibird01 (_d.dds) - Wings and Tail.
  • vertibird02 and 03 - main body of Vertibird
  • vertibird04 and 05 - Cabin internals.
  • vertibird07 - Doors and Propellors.

Check the mods Flyable Personal Vertibird - Paintjobs or  Vertibird Camoflage Textures if you want more Paintjob choices.

Adding Extra skins and other customizations to this mod (for Modders):
Check out the Article.

Not the fault of this Mod. You are flying over a lot of cells, with all of them loading and unloading, Turrets, elevators, NPCs activating (and failing - look at the logs!) - all of Bethesda's bugs all at once. If you have a fair amount of memory, and luck, you will be ok.
Quicksave after something important (you can save and resume a game while flying - works ok).
The reason why most sensible modder's have given up with vertibirds. Rerun after a quicksave and I am sure you will not get the same crash.
Have fun but save often and learn to love Bethesda's buggy code, we still all like the this game anyway...

General Vertibird Notes/Gotchas:

  • Vertibirds are implemented mostly in the game engine - not through accessible AI packages/scripts - so this mod is limited in what it can do.
  • The game only allows for the following Vertibird motions: Fly to a point/Hover/takeoff/land. How it does this is outside the control of any Mod.
  • This means it may choose to travel from A to B via a funny path, Spiral instead of climb, land not where you ask, wollow like a drunk bumblebee.
  • Mods cannot tell if a destination has been chosen in the Pipboy, or where, so this mod may disengage manual Flying if pipboy used while flying.
  • This also means if you were going to dock, then set a new destination, you will 'Dock' into the ground (Bethesda Bug).
    To patch this I disable Docking if you open the Pipboy a second time (no matter why).
  • Docking when flying on manual requires you to be near the Airship, then select "land" (or E).
  • The game wont let you stop Autopilot (map based) travel, except by landing, so if you press (R) while Autopilot flying I force a land/takeoff.
  • Too many quick destination changes can cause a CTD, so manual (forward) flight doesn't stop after you release the W key. Use sparingly.
  • The Game doesn't support changing Vertibird heading when hovering, however a 90 degree clockwise rotation is - so that is all A/D key does.
  • Sometimes when Companions exit they 'jump' (very high) - this can injure them. No idea why, just the way it is.
  • Explosions when flying may dislodge some passengers and they fall out. This cannot be prevented, but they should return to their seats.
  • The Player entry animations only work as Gunner, so to be Pilot you are 'warped' into the seat.
  • Your 1st person viewpoint as gunner points 90 degrees left of Vertibird forward, thus the map marker does too.
  • Drop to ground (long press of S) may fail if there is no good navmesh below you (many areas don't).
  • Jump (space) does not work if F4SE is not installed or you are flying on Autopilot (pipboy map selected destination).
  • If you jump out while flying (by using E), without F4SE, the "Press E) to land" will remain stuck on (preventing you using E).
    Use the last choice in Recall Beacon Menu to fix this.
  • Sometimes when you fast travel your Vertibird may left behind (say on airship player home). Recall your Vertibird back to you.

Automatron Cell reset bug:
Bethesda fixed this bug for most NPC's but it can still happen to newly constructed Automatrons.
If an Automatron is left in a cell that unloads, it can be become disabled and revert to base type (unmodded Protectron).
This often happens in the Mechanist's Lair, and to Automatron Provisioners, but can also be triggered if you leave an Automtatron in the Vertibird on the Prydwen then fast travel to another point in the commonwealth. Codsworth, Curie and Ada seem uneffected by this bug.

Special mention:
The white Vertibird colour in the pictures is obtained by installing "Paint Jobs for Vertibird" mod by Temazatl (See Vertibird Skin FAQ in posts).

Check out my other Mods:
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