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The next step for Craftable Vertibirds - one using WASD direction controls to fly anywhere, in any Worldspace/DLC. Land anywhere, taking as many companions as you like. Hover and shoot enemies from above, Dock at Airships, Built in Weapon mods, Fly as Pilot with 2 Companion Gunners, Use as a Companion, doesn't take up a load slot, and more.

Permissions and credits
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This Craftable Personal Vertibird does it all. From using it realistically on Survival to get you where you couldn't normally go, to full on overkill with a fleet of dreadnaughts following you around killing everything in sight. Use the mod how you want to play the game. Anywhere. No restrictions. Any mod added location, any DLC. Manually fly anywhere you want, or use it like a more reliable BoS transport (without BoS affiliation).
V1.6 released, includes all hotfixes, rings, and landing light mods. See first Post for upgrade information.
Patch 1 released for some reported issues (Usable on English and Multi-language versions of V1.6).
Added support for Heather Casdin Companion Mod (via optional patch)

Problems? Read the Install Guide and FAQ on the Posts tab if you have issues installing/using this Mod.
Major Features Summary:

  • Works on PC, VR and Xbox, and supports all Fallout Languages (apart from the installer itself).
  • No mods or DLC's required, but will work with them if they are installed.
  • Construct as many Vertibirds as you want, at any Settlement (they do not count towards Settlement limits).
  • Each Vertibird is Individually configurable via the Recall/Control Beacon, including it's Paint job (Colour scheme) and Name.
  • Your Vertibird can fly in ANY DLC or Mod added Worldspace (even small ones like Diamond City).
  • Vertibird will dock at the Prydwen (and warn you if the Bos are hostile to any of your passengers).
  • Vertibird will also Dock at any Mod that has Prydwen style Docks (such as Airship Player Home).
  • You can fly in the Pilot or Copilot's Seat (not just the Gunner), and/or have companions in these seats.
  • Have a Companion use the Turret Minigun (Gunner's Seat) to shoot enemies while you Pilot the Vertibird.
  • Supports a Companion as 2nd Gunner (new Gunner position on other Door).
  • Supports Companions standing in left/right standing position (they don't need to be in PA).
  • Take control of the Vertibird and fly anywhere you want (Via Menu) - or using WASD keys/Gamepad Dpad (if F4SE installed).
  • You can take as many Companions/Passengers you like with you, including Automatrons and ones added by mods.
  • You can set your Vertibird, and optionally your passengers and yourself, as Invulnerable.
  • Vertibirds can wage war autonimously on your enemies using Miniguns/Plasma guns/Missiles.
  • You can 'jump out' of a Vertibird in flight, and it will then land and (optionally) stay, fight or go home.
  • Your Companions can jump out with you for a dramatic entrance (if F4SE installed and you use the Jump key when hovering)
  • You have a choice of Vertipads you can construct in Settlements (which are used only by Vertibirds - fast travel point is not moved)
  • You can construct Landing Lights for these Vertipads, which are activated when your Vertibird is approaching.
  • You can also construct Vertipads ANYWHERE else, from Kits you craft at the Chem Station and carry with you.
  • Vertibirds will land ACCURATELY on all these Vertipads, as well as any Mod added ones (such as Verticall, Vertibird Landing Pads)
  • Vertibirds can 'follow' you (like a companion) and will shoot your enemies, or stay and patrol a fixed location (Air support).
  • You can choose between powerful Weapon mods for the Vertibird's weapons, and for your Turret minigun, including Scope options.
  • You can 'recall' your Vertibird to you from anywhere you left it, no matter where you are now (including any worldspace).
  • You can 'send' your Vertibird to any settlement to wait for you out of harms way.
  • Recall, Send and Land commands support Docking (and can dock in normally unusable Docks on Airships).
  • Realtime reporting of Vertibird status (ETA messages when being recalled, if they are in Combat, etc)
  • If your Vertibird is destroyed you can 'Recall' any other Vertibird you have spare.
  • Vertibirds always depart and arrive 'realistically' (no teleporting) but travel times are usually less than 40 seconds.
  • Vertibirds try and land on any Vertipad/landing pad near you or their destination - even Mod added ones.
  • You can fast travel to your Vertibird's current location (Vertibird marked on Pipboy), as well as a Vertipad you constructed from the kit.
  • While onboard your will not be over-encumberred, are protected drowning, and have increased Radiation resistance.
  • Vertibirds have a Cargo hold for your loot, and can deliver that loot to your home workshop and return.
  • Optional Voiced BoS Pilot (for those playing as a friend of the Brotherhood).
  • Support Landing Lights on Vertipads (plus optional download with Craftable landing Lights)
  • Fully Customizable gameplay options via Settings Holotape and/or MCM menu. Including Realism options below.
  • This includes the Vertibird's travel speed, prefered Weapon mods, Multi-Companion mod compatibility etc.
  • For people who like Realism, there are a number of features. NOTE These default "on" if you install the "Realistic" option.
Constructing a Vertibird can be more expensive and require hard to obtain (heavy) 'Vertibird parts' looted from crashed ones.
Vertibirds can require Fuel and consume it while flying. Automatic refueling is via Fusion Cores kept in the Cargo hold.
The Minigun can use your own 5mm Ammo (rather than have infinite Ammo). Ammo in Cargo hold used first.
Vertibirds can travel in 'realtime' meaning the further away they are the longer they take to return to you.
  • The following Game bugs are also fixed:

  • This Mod will support additions from other mods:

  • And lastly:
Mod can be safely installed, updated, and removed mid playthrough (follow the simple instructions in the FAQ)

Requirements: None.
Will detect what DLC/Mods you have installed and give you features accordingly. See "Recommended Mods" section.
A couple of extra features can't be scripted, so the installer has these as optional (as they DO require DLCs)

Incompatibilities: Mods that change the way the Base Vertibirds work, or the way the Player interacts with rideables, will have issues.
Ushi BrahminCompanion - Takes over all Vertibirds (they will be deleted) - VERY incompatible with this and other Personal Vertibird Mods.
Vertibird Jump Is an F4SE dll so will have priority over this mod and will conflict on the (E) key.
Vertibird Overhaul - Breaks - UCF and other MultiCompanion mods, Companion altering Mods, Automaton update mods, All Personal Vertibirds.
TEEParty Multiple Followers Overhaul - Replaces all Companion processes and AI so random things won't work. Not supported with FPV.
RidableBot - Reported to have some adverse effects on entering and exiting Vertibirds. Will stop player riding as Pilot on game restart.

Foreign Language version:
Contrary to links I have no control over - the Multilingual version of this mod is the only supported and Authorized version.
This localized version of the mod supports ALL languages, though better language files may be supplied as addons by other Authors.
If you don't like some of the text then change it according to this article. I DO NOT support modifications to the esp files.

Recommended Mods:
This Vertibird is based on a standard BOS Vertibird template so any mods that work with them should also apply to this.
F4SE - Required if you want to fly your Vertibird Manually via WASD keys (otherwise you must use the in-flight menu).
Automatron DLC - if you want Automatrons (such as Ada) to travel in your Vertibird.
Nukaworld/Far harbour DLC - if you want to use your Vertibird in these worldspaces.
Rename Anything - Required so you can rename your Vertibird(s). (F4SE and TextInputMenu also required for this).
Better Vertibird - Your vertibird is a standard Fallout4 one so quite weak. This mod makes all Vertibirds a bit more realisticaly tough.
Paint Jobs for Vertibird (personal Vertibird option) - 5 unique paint scheme for your Vertibird to fill the 'unique' slot - Highly Recommended.
Lootable Vertibirds - If you use the 'Realistic' construction recipe to craft your vertibird, and don't want to have to buy the Parts.
Unlimited Companion Framework (UCF) - Allows you to have and take as many Companions/Automatrons  as you like. Very high compatibility.
NukaWorld vertibird Altitude Fix - Put in the missing Terrain Height Information so Vertibirds don't fly through buildings/mountains.
Flyable Personal Vertibird - Paintjobs - One paintjob not enough for you? This mod allows you to have many more.
Vertibird Camoflage Textures - Adds 8+ more selectable Camoflage Paintjob skins to your Vertibirds!

Verified/Recommended Mods that add new working Landing Locations (may require patches):
Verticall - Cambridge PD Helipad - Moves the Cambridge fast travel/Landing point to the Cambridge PD roof Helipad (requires patch)
Verticall - Milton General Hospital - Makes the roof helipad Accessible. Vertibird will try and land there now (require patch from optional files).
Vertibird Landing Zones - More Pipboy Map locations to fly to (if using Lootable Vertibirds you require it's Patch for VLZ)
Vertibird Landing Pads - Alternative Vertipads to craft.
Cambridge Police Station Settlement - Helipad on roof works as landing pad destination for Cambridge PD Settlement.
Vault-Tec HQ Helipad - Helipad on roof works as landing pad for Beacon Hill destination.
Listening Post Bravo Player Home - Exterior Only. Helipad can now be used as Vertipad (Requires FPV Patch from Optional Files).

Other Mods that are known to work:
Flyable Personal Vertibird - Interactive Pilot - More immersive and full featured way to interact with the Vertibird Pilot.
Vertibird World Travel by SKK -
gives you an (R) option on the Vertibird so you can jump to a DLC WITH the Vertibird (like a companion).
Flyable Personal Vertibird - Tracking Module -
Modders resource if you plan to make a 'Vertibird locator' mod.
Quicktrade Redux (Companions Only option) - an alternate way to access your Vertibird's Cargo hold.
Modern Firearms Vertibird Minigun Replacer - Make sure you do not select any mods on the minigun in the Holotape/MCM to use this.
Better Vertibird Sounds - Alternate engine sounds
Liga of my Companions - Alternative to UCF for Multiple Companions (and has many more features).
AmazingFollowerTweaks - Another alternative to UCF for Multiple Companions.
Fallout 3 Vertibird Replacer - Replace all Vertibirds with FO3 Version (Place after FPV and requires a Patch available in optional Files)
Airship Player Home - Personal Airship (Requires FPV Patch from Optional Files). Use Recall "Settlement" menu to fly to Airship - not Pipboy.
FCOM - Requires (Optional) patch to allow FCOM Squad NPCs to board FPVertibirds. Also requires setting change (see patch instructions).
Heather Casdin Companion - Requires (Optional) patch if you want her to fire the Minigun in (either) Gunner Turret position.

Mods that don't work on FPVertibirds (but don't cause an issue either):
Durable Vertibirds - Only effects BoS Vertibirds
Better Vertibird Minigun - done by 'Better Accuracy' Minigun option of FPVertibirds anyway.
Faster Vertibirds - May cause game instability if they fly too fast. Not recommended as FPV already has the option to change Vertibird Speed.
Vertibird Faction Paint Schemes - Gives each Faction's Vertibirds unique Paint Jobs, but does not touch FPVertibirds.
Vertibird Randomized Loadout - Gives BoS Vertibirds different random weapons. (Will effect the Minigun if no projectile/scope options selected)
Settlement Objects Expansion Pack - The constructable Helipad doesn't work as a Vertipad - use the FPV small Vertipad instead.
Power Armor Airdrop - Works perfectly but uses it's own Vertibird.

Extra Worldspaces I have tested (You can fly in them but they are missing Height data so you fly through the ground)
Atomic World
Frozen Valley
Area Fifteen

Xbox Controller Support:
Standard controls work for above functions (e.g. Activate (A), Ready (X), Jump (Y), ...)
EXCEPT you need to use the Dpad for WASD (manual) control.
Unfortunately this means the Favorites menu must be on screen as well (Dpad does not work otherwise). Limitation of F4SE/Game.
Alternatively use a mod like Auto Gamepad Switch to use both keyboard and Xbox Controller

Full Details on features

Special mention:
The white Vertibird colour in the pictures is obtained by installing "Paint Jobs for Vertibird" mod by Temazatl (See Vertibird Skin FAQ in posts).