About this mod

This mod is HUGELY scripted and does a lot of things:
It revamps the vertibirds and the implication in the game, now they're a reliable defensive horde, a mean of transportation, and even a friend.
Wich will you obtain:
Adds a Personal Usable Vertibird (Verti-Brain for his friends) with a lot of functions and a program to give

Permissions and credits
Q: What does this mod?

Short A: It revamps the vertibirds and the implication in the game, now they're a reliable defensive horde, a mean of transportation, and even a friend. 

Long A: 

  • Improved vanilla Vertibirds. We all have experienced how squishy the vanilla vertibirds are, and there's a lot of mods that makes them tougher... well this one does that and goes a little bit further. I reworked what i did in the previous patches and improved more just than add some things to the AI and give them more HP. The VBrids are now PC leveled, so it means that they will scale with player's level with a minimum lvl of 20 and a maximum level of 8.000, wich means that the VBirds will be tougher to fight against (they were fucking helicopters and you could take it down in a few shots, it had no sense). It also improves how they lvl up so they have more HP, better resistances, they move faster and if they're high enough they'll have laser gatlings instead of the normal ones. They also have beter AI wich means that they will be more agressive and shot more time if they're in a good position and if they're heavily outnumbered and with low life they'll try to escape but if they're about to die (<100 HP left) they'll start a course to the target so... yea they're now kind of kamikaze... yay!

  • Adds a new Flare Gun to the game. The new flare gun comes with 3 kinds of gamazines, Marker, FMarker and EMP. The fist one and the second one will move a custom fast travel point in the map, so you can fast travel to it with Verti-Brain and also you can tell him to go to the marker. The EMP one does the same as the grenade one but it could be thrown further away. You can craft it in any Chemistry Station under "Utility" section. If you're updating the mod the flare gun is almost the same as you've seen in the later version of the mod but now i removed the "call hacked VBirds" sorry about this but they had a conflict with VBrain scripts so... yeah... i strongly suggest you to put the ammo in a container or just throw it away, you can keep it i'll try to solve the compat problems but for now it's useless.

  • EMP Grenade. The EMP grenade is a small adition. It will damage ONLY machines and robots so you can trow it to your feet and do not recieve any damage, but it also will let you recover more parts of the robots, with the objective to be able to grind all the things that the requirements have because some things are expensive. Craftable in any Chem Station under the grenade section.

  • Defensive Vbirds. This also adds 8 new defensive vertibirds under the Defense>Turret section of any settlement they will increase the amount of defense in your settlement by 15 the most squishy and 25 for the bomber, the hardest one and the one who fires mininukes... yea... he's a bomber... better take cover because it kills everything. My favourite one is the Missile Vertibird.

  • New Helipad. Well this is more a... INTENSE AND ANOYING request than other thing. The coment section is nothing compared with literaly dozen messages telling me to put a fkin helipad in the mod so yea... i added it but it's for the "aesthetics" (as MxR should say) because seriously it's freaking imposible to make him land in the helipad because of how the phisics of the game works so i have to work a lot on it. I had an idea that i'm going to try to implement in future patches but... yea i do not promise nothing more than "I'm working on it". It's unther Resoruces>Misc Category

  • Verti-Brain. This little one is the key of the mod it has a lot of new content. He's a personal vertibird in wich you can fly wherever you like yes... but you can also do a lot of new things with his program wich you can craft in any chemistry station under the "utility" section. He comes with an AI wich you can activate of deactivate as much as you want under the AI options of the program, and he can carry your stuff, now also you have an entry in the ai section to be able to trade with him without talking him. You can craft him under Resc>Misc in any settlement

  • Pilots for Verti-Brain. In it's program under the "Hire pilot" section you can hire a pilot of any faction you like (included the children of atom because... why not?) and order him to board VBrain with a cost of caps. This is under construction and it's quite more aesthetic than nothing but yea... atm you can use the pilots as cannon folder werever you are xD.

  • Weapons for Verti-Brain. VBrain comes with new weapons and turrets. You can select wich you want in the Wapons section of his program, from the laser turrets to the missile or the mininukes you have a lot of combinations. You also in the same section you can choose a new turret for VBrain it will look exacly as the minigun (beacuse other weapons just mess things up) but it will fire lasers/Blue lasers/Plasma/Gauss projectiles (my favourite the gauss one :D)

  • Functions for Verti-Brain. The new version comes with A LOT of functions for vertibrain and my favourites are under Beta but let's talk about the normal ones. As in the previous version you can CALL HIM to come wherever you're and you can track it's progres via quest marker. Now also you can make him look for enemies in the zone in wich you call him, and also you can make him go to the custom marker, so for example let's say that you want him to go back to base once you call him to come to aid you in combat, well place the custom mark werever you like, call him to come to aid you and then tell him to go back to your base with the new command.

  • In flight orders for Verti-Brain. Woah that's the big thing. It's still in BETA because i have a lot of things to polish but i think that is playable from now on. USE THEM UNDER YOUR RESPONSABILITY. One he's landed you have 4 options, STOP, ORBIT, HOVER, STOP & IGNORE COMBAT, when he's flying or hovering a position you also can select a course to fly NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST. While you're Hovering you can just dismount him and fall with your power armor makeing an ironman. So yea it's like a "free" flying across the commonwealth with your personal Vertibird. ATM i'm implementing a travel to ... function in wich you will can fly to important positions even if you didn't discover them yet. So yea, VBrain is now a tool for exploration :D.

  • Debug menu for Verti-Brain. The new version comes also with a debug option for VBrain and your companions some bugs are quite tricky but i did my best with them and those scripts, if you are still having problems please READ the comments to see if your problem has been answered and if not report it to me in the comments or bug section so i can try to solve it.

Just NMM it. You will need the DLCRobot.esm to make it work. Or in other words you need Automatron DLC because it uses a lot of keywords and some assets of the DLC.

I'm uploading a new video to explain everything beter :/ .... yes with my horrible acent it's like if i'm saying ancient...

I'm sorry for almost everything in this video D: It's just here to let you know what to do and what this does but... it's definetely bad

Sorry for the upload issues.

New Version 2.0.0 Change Log:
  • Bug Fixes to Verti-Brain call quest
  • Reworked the vertibirds and their stats
  • Deleted the ammo and grenades for "Call Hacked Vertibird" and the radio hack signal. The wont work any longer
  • Added an Helipad purely aesthetic
  • Reworked the Defensive VBirds
  • Added "look for enemies" function to VBrain Program
  • Added "Travel to custom" function to VBrain Program
  • Added "In Flight control" function to VBrain Program in wich you can select a lot of paterns to VBrain
  • Added an option to trade with Vbrain without talk with him under "AI Options" in VBrain Program
  • You can now hire Pilots in VBrain Program
  • You can now select the weapons of VBrain in VBrain program
  • You can now change the Turret of VBrain in VBran program
  • Added a "DEBUG" program in VBrain program so you now can debug some horrible bugs.
  • Worked arround the combat AI of Vbrain.

I'll take a little break of the uploads from this actualization and so on. The next update will be V2 and will come with major updates, but i'll need some time to test and develop so it will be a week or so.
21/05/16: It's taking longer because what i'm doing now it's overhaul how you can send orders to verti-brain so... yea... be pacient please ^^

New version 1.4.3:
  • Bug fixes in verti-brain call quest.
  • Bug fixes in verti-brain's landing.

New version 1.4.0:
  • Not drunken fixes
  • Moar fixes to verti-brain call quest

New Version 1.3.9:
  • Drunk fixes... i mean, quick fixes.
  • i said fixes?
  • yea that was some fixes for sure
  • I hope vertibrain now does not kick you from him and loves'ya a little bit more

New Version 1.3.7:
  • **Fixed a bug in wich if you call vertibrain he follows you until his end**
  • This shit should be fixed i had to redo the enterely scene once again and repolished all the things i've done in the previous patches.
  • Buuut now i know why bethesda didn´t made this mod as vanilla, it's because of how the packages works it's imposible to avoid this problem the only thing you can do is make it up. So i maked it up :D.
  • I STRONGLY suggest you not to call vertibrain and leave it there just call him if you need a fly but not to leave things on him.

New version 1.3.6:
  • Some issues needed a quick fix
  • Fixed a bug of the "call verti-brain" in wich the companion get's stuck in verti-brain and follow you weirdly (the ones who experienced this issue have to reload a game in wich it didn´t happen, sorry about this)
  • Fixed an issue in wich the mod resets X6-88 appearence to vanilla
  • Fixed a bug in wich companions didn´t follow you again if you mount in verti-brain and leave'em on earth (now they should follow you running)
  • Fixed an issue with the turret of verti-brain (a visual bug may happen)

New Version 1.3.5 Change Log:
  • Sorry for this quick reupdate i forgot to save properly
  • Repaired some minor bugs
  • Added grenades for all kinds of ammo of the flare gun, so you can use the grenades instead of the flare
  • The Vertibird now should try to fly higher so he won't clip with the forest breaking the immersion

New Version 1.3.4 Change Log:
  • Lowered the amount of requirements to build the vertibirds in general so it will be displayed properly in the settlement workshop menu
  • Worked arround the AI of the vertibirds so now they will be a bit more agressive
  • Nerfed the Bomber, he was too op
  • Now the debug Bat is removed and you can debug verti-brain in with it's control program.
  • Cleaned the scene of verti-brain calling
  • Now you can call verti-brain with the flare gun AND the program to come by your side
  • I'm in middevelop of he aerial attack flare but it's not finished so you may encounter some data of the aerial attack if you use the console. I STRONGLY recommend you to don´t use it because it wont workand may cause corrupt savegames.

New version 1.3.3 Change Log:
  • Reparied some bugs of the quest so now the Vertibird should land properly (still working on it to polish it, sometimes on large settlements can be very difficult to reach a good spot to land)-Added a program craftable in the chem station so you can disable or enable the personality of Verti-Brain any time you want to access the cargo mode
  • A visual bug causing some of the vertibirds to spawn inside the earth when building it (hope i solved it, because sometimes happens sometimes not and it's driven me crazy)

New version 1.3.2 Change Log:
  • Removed the SK requirement file
  • Verti-brain and the hack radio beacon came back to the Resource>Misc catergoy
  • Now you can find the craftable vertibirds in the section of turrets, because it's easier to everybody not just having to install any kind of compatibility patch or shits to just use the category i would like to put
  • Removed some trash keywords and trash scripts (the ones wich i used to test the past versions)

New version 1.3.1 Change Log:
  •  Corrected various Bugs causing that Verti-Brain can not be built
  •  Created a New a category in the workshop to avoid incompatibilities with other mods
  •  Updated the quest so now you can use your pipboy to track verti-brain and see when he's comming (open quests and active misc objectives)
  •  Repaired some minor bugs
  •  Improved some weapons of the vertibirds (still balanced but they're stronger)
  •  Overhauled the names of the objects and added some explanations to clarify some points

New version 1.3 Change Log:
  • Now you're able to call Verti-Brain anywhere using a special type of flare gun
  • Now you can craft 8 new types of vertibirds in your settlement to defend it, they'll circle arround it and defend it
  • Each type of vertibird has it's type of weapon and diferent levels
  • Corrected a bug with the turret in hacked vertibirds
  • Corrected a bug that let you choose weapons while riding a vertibird
  • Corrected a visual bug with the Hack Signal beacon
  • Corrected a bug causing the vertibird to land in midair
  • Corrected some texts to make it more clear.
  • Added some Loading Screens to explain better the mod meanwhile you're bored
  • Corrected a bug that made the hacking vertibird to go into the space
  • Added the chance to spawn an Alien Pilot instad the normal pilot (3% of chance)
  • Added a workshop menu inside the defense one to build the vertibirds
  • Corrected a visual bug that happened when the personal vertibird tries to land in water
  • Corrected a rare bug in wich Verti-Brain got stuck in the dialogue answer OK
  • Changed the description of the mod once more to make it clear, i have to improbe a lot my english... *Sigh*
  • Deleted the "no perk version" you can still download the old one but the requirements are no longer stupid i promise it xD

New version 1.2.4 Change Log:
  • Repaired a bug causing the turret of the vertibird to disapear
  • Repaired a bug causing that the no perk version had perk requirements
  • Improved the description i have to improve my english

New version 1.2.3 Change Log:
  • Corrected a weird bug, the personal vertibird didn't fly, now it does as expected

New version 1.2.2 Change Log:
  • New AI for your private vertibird, now with cargo access
  • Corrected the requirement to build the mod of the gun from hacking 4 to hacking 1
  • Added a workshop icon for the vertibird
  • Changed from special category to Resources>Misc in the workshop menu
  • Changed the Name of the mod from Hacking to Overhaul
  • Corrected a visual bug with the minigun of the private vertibird

New version 1.1.0 Change Log:
  • Corrected the quest of calling a vertibird, now it will call the proper vertibird
  • Increased the amout of health of the vertibirds in general
  • New perk requirements for building the Hack Signal instead of 4 of Hacking its now 3 of Science and 1 of Hacking
  • Corrected the name of the EMP ammo so it displays now EMP

About requests:
  • If you find any kind of incompatibility with other mods tell me on the comments section or in a private message so i can try to solve it. I read all the messages or at least i try to read them all.
  • If you find any bug please ensure you're using the last version or check the patch notes to see if it's already solved. If it's not solved use the proper bug section with the proper information to let me try to see and correct the issue. Even though this i'm constantly testing and repairing bugs

Don't forget to endorse the mod if you liked it and you found it good. It really help me to keep doing this because you're a really good amount of testers, so as much it can reach the better for all.

Mod included in Bethesda.net for PC and Xbox1 but THEY'RE NOT SUPPORTED.