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Recruit anyone as follower, now with a handy menu, have up to 52 followers supported at once. All base game followers and the DLC ones use default dialogues, rest: 20 normal misc followers, 10 robots and 5 animals use a custom menu to manage. Set essential/non essential, limited/unlimited ammo, following distance, add map markers to followers.

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Recruit anyone as follower, now with a handy menu, have up to 52 followers supported at once. All base game followers and the DLC ones, 20 normal misc followers, 10 robots and 5 animals.

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Version 2.22

1. Added Followers Map Markers: To turn them on use Holotape menu and then enable quest in misc quest tab.
2. Added new button to manage menu, now you can set any follower as first (talking) follower any time you want to (send to location dismiss menu will show up but just ignore and exit it. Nobody is going anywhere.
3. Rewritten most of the scripts again, should be even faster now.
4. Added second option for calling command menu, it's consumable, reusable item now, so it works better when hotkeyed.
5. Fixed issue with DLC plugin
6. Added Wait and Follow to misc followers Manage Menu.
7. Added teleport follower to player option in Holotape menu.

Anything that edits Followers Script, and Companions COM Quest.
No Negative Affinity bugs slightly with my mod, what it means is that sometimes you get stuck in a conversation loop, also affinity will grow like crazy, so you could probably max it out in under hour. Happend for me one. I would not recommend using both, but it is possible.


Dismiss everyone, uninstall. Do not uncheck only in load order, because that might cause your safe file to bloat.



1. Allows you to recruit all the vanilla and DLC followers at once, using default game dialogues.

2. Allows you to recruit anyone as a follower as long as they are alive. You have 20 misc follower slots, 10 robot slots and 5 animals slots. Automatons (creatable robot) followers (not Ada) should be recruited into misc robotic followers slots.

3. Allows you to manage your misc followers easily:
- Train their skills, increase health and carry weight.
- Use settings to improve your followers: Set essential/killable, ignore/don't ignore friendly fire, affect/don't affect stealth, set following distance close/medium/long, set limited/unlimited ammo, set hight (just because I could).

4. Companion Dialogues:
- Only first recruited follower takes part in conversations, but triggered dialogues, like SPOILER Preston in Jamaica Plains, or MacCready tearing up in Abandoned Nursery SPOILER still work.

6. Command All Menu
- In Chem Lab under FOLLOWERS MANAGER there is a new item Menu Command (weapon item renamable), add it to favourites, and press to call up Command Menu, for now commands available:

- Hold Position/Wait
- Move/Follow
- Stick Close (follow distance short)
- Move Normally (follow distance medium)
- Spread Out (follow distance long)
- Move To My Position (teleport to player)


1. Vanilla game followers system and misc followers systems are completely independent from each other.

2. Vanilla followers should be recruited and dismissed using dialogue options.

3. Misc followers should be recruited and dismissed using manage button.

4. If working with custom-mod follower recruit as first follower (to the default game slot, and use dialogues) or recruit and dismiss as misc follower using manage button.

5. If you want to make your custom follower compatible with MFO (use dialogues to manage) send me a priv and I will send you instructions.



1. You don't need to do anything.

2. Just install the mod.

3. The game will automatically assign first recruited follower to the original game slot, and every other to the mod slots. You can recruit and dismiss as much as you want.

4. Don't worry if when recruiting other followers, the first one gives them a warning. It will not dismiss the first follower. I just left that little interaction
between followers intact.

5. If one of the followers starts acting out it usually means that there is a conflict with other mod. How do I know it? All followers use the same scripts. I
copy-paste them, so if something was broke they all would act out. If you don't feel like correcting it just recruit him/her first.

6. Do not recruit/dismiss using manage button.


1. On Chems Workbench go to FOLLOWERS MANAGER category.

2. Create Menu Manager and Holotape

3. If you are updationg from an old version read UPDATING FROM OLD VERSION section.

4. Menu Manager is a weapon-item (you can rename it), equip it (on Sole Survivor) to turn on the Manage button:

5. Use Menu on NPC:

- Recruit follower into one of 20 normal slots, 10 robotic slots or 5 animal slots, there can be only one follower in each slot.
- Open Inventory
- Send NPC to a different location

6. Or a follower:

- Dismiss
- Heal
- Send to Location and Dismiss
- Train
- Settings

7.  In order to send NPC to a location you need to:

- Collect Location Beacons from Red Rocket rooftop. Or optionally if you feel lazy open Holotape Followers Menu and use Reset function to move beacons to you. But remember it is a reset function, so if you use it after sending follower somewhere it will clear the location out and they might get lost.

- Place them somewhere in the settlement. Beacon will be center of the sandbox used by NPC. Theoretically you can put them in workbenches, or containers but sometimes it gets bugged out, so it's safer to just put them on the outside.

- Once the beacon is in place use Manage option on an NPC and send him/her to the new location.

- Sometimes they will go there like a nice NPC should, but usually (if something interrupts their path) they will just teleport. :(

- Later they can be recruited normally, nothing changes

- Misc NPC in settlements don't count to the settlement population, don't use beds, don't work, and are not a settlers in any way. But they will
fight if the settlement is attacked.


1. Dismiss everybody. If you can, send all misc followers to one location so they don't get lost.

2. Remove old mod, install new.

3. Create a holotape, go to Global -> Reset beacons and inactive followers, run it once. Wait.

4. Quickly recruit all your misc followers or use send to location, so they will not get lost.

5. Move beacons to their destinations.





Because that way there is a lot less conflicts with other mods



Because all the changes work on a perk, and you will only get the perk if you use moded items, so there probably won't be any need for vanilla only version. Just don't equip menu manager if you want vanilla only.



1. Dissmiss followers.

2. Clear Locations using Reset function in Holotape Menu.

2. Uninstall.

3. If you didn't dismiss followers use: SetPlayerTeammate 0 on misbehaving follower.



1. While using holotape global commands to dismiss everybody there is a moment when "send follower to location" menu will pop up too soon. Just use TAB to get out of Pip Boy and then use the menu. It will have to stay this way because it is the only way to dismiss base game followers cleanly.

2. Between Main Menu and Send To Location there is a slight delay, it's not a bug, just a bit of a long script taking a few seckonds.

3. In case your save file starts growing like crazy, or the game slows down too much: you have some other mod modifying vanilla followersscript that my mod is using and it causes problems.


None for now, but seriously if you use more than one multiple followers mod it will bug like crazy.

Yeah, I know my screenshots look bad, but try doing better on an decade old computer.

If you created a custom follower mod and want him/her to work in MFO like vanilla followers priv.

If somebody wants to translate it to other languages feel free to do it. just send me link

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Other multiple followers mod DUH!
And anything what edits COM(followername) Quests



 Works on it's own, nothing required.




If somebody tries to use any of my scripts in any kind of mod, without my permission I will find their e-mail adress and I will give it to every add company I can find. You have been warned.