Fallout 4

About this mod

Basically BostonFPSFix but covers interior cells.

Permissions and credits
I noticed a while back that when mods like Boston FPS Fix and Fo4FI_FPS_Fix came out, no one seems to have looked over the interior cells. So, after a month or two of testing and learning the Creation Kit's correct method for doing it, I've begun work on them, systematically going through and rebuilding them. If anyone looks at the resulting .esp, any cell that was found to have no changes were removed from the released mod.

My goal with this mod is to at least cover all interior cells that need it, and eventually exterior cells as well.

Same rules as any other mod that affects precombines. Load order suggestion is just after UF4OP, unless you have to override other mods, then lower it as needed. Load order advice has changed as follows: Roughly 85-90% towards the bottom of your load order, depending on the mods that change interior / exterior cells. Doing this resolves most of the easy conflicts due to how headers work for precombines. If you still have issues after this and aren't using something like BTInteriors and other well known conflicting mods, report a bug or ask in the usual places as noted below.

Users of the popular FROST mod will want to avoid my mod and substitute for the excellent FROST - Interior Cell Fixes mod, as krrptd should serve you well with the same method I use in mine.

I also modify specific model files and materials to remove texture errors in the resulting precombine model files. Interiors will work fine with the two mods linked above at this time. Exteriors will conflict. See the mod's pinned posts for more specific instructions in regards to compatibility patches. I hang around the BiRaitRec Mod's Discord for those looking for quicker support provided I'm awake.

There's one minor quirk that I'm taking advantage of. Unlike most modders, all my releases have uncompressed .ba2 files shipped in their archives. Eventually I'll provide a batch file to let you recompress it if hard disk space is an issue, but the reason for the uncompressed archive is so 7zip can properly compress it to insane degrees. (About 10% compression rate with the current version.)

So far, been testing on and off with modded and unmodded loadouts, but due to the nature of the files involved, there will eventually be issues with the mod. If you get flickering, one thing one could try is tpc in the console, which disables the precombine in that cell, if there's any significant difference, the precombine is busted. Other than that, just reference the other exterior precombine mods for common problems and fixes. Any additional data with load orders and performance changes are welcome.

Additional notes:
The recommendation to de-duplicate models via a specific script were done in previous tests and runs, with mixed results. This version omits that step, at least at this time. I can always do it later when I've covered more of the game's cells. This note no longer applies, due to a missing step in the process. Running dedup negatively affects the compression slightly (20% vs 13% as of 08/01/2020 0.13), but cuts the uncompressed archive significantly down.

For those wondering what the difference between the 'Pig' and the 'Beef' build names mean, starting with version 0.20 as part of the Revision 3 method (more info in the pinned post of this mod), Pig builds have not been cleaned of duplicate to master precombined models (which is the main source of both this mod and Fo4FI_FPS_Fix's mod archive size), Beef builds have been (which take much more time compared to Pig builds.)

The mod is split up into packages for filesize reasons and compatibility, install them with your preferred mod manager as they are a simple .esp and .ba2 pair.