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An abandoned town, lakes, forests and a curse that needs to be broken. Also tons of new settlement options

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The Wilderness

A worldspace at least as big as Nuka World.
Lakes, forests, ruins, an abandoned town.

And a curse that haunts this land. Can you break it?


1. A worldspace as big as Nuka World (Or bigger), full of abandoned buildings,
lakes, forests and hidden secrets to get lost into.

2. A dozen of new settlement options (More info below)

3. A horror themed main quest and special equipment for it

4. Special Music, new weapons and armor and other items

5. Maximum Compatibility ensured by altering only one Commonwealth Border Cell
to a minimal degree

How to get there and start the quest

1. Go north of Sanctuary (Or just look on your pipboy and see the map marker)

2. Walk north of the map marker

3. Be sure to have enough water with you (Five at least)

4. Take a look at the skeleton in front of you and take a look at the items


Without going into too much detail the settlements range from small to mid size.
Most of them are set up in a way that they are near each other in the town,
but very far away from the Commonwealth for the most part.
Giving you a reason to establish stores, since travelling back can be quite the effort

There are however some strewn in the wilderness too, including a Firewatch.

Please Note

1. This was designed especially for survival players in mind

2. Due to its main quest and the former aspect, this will not be a slaughterfest,
especially since a lot of enemies are generated by probability

3. Power Armor users will find that there are not a lot of fusion cores

4. If you run out of ammo, be assured that there are stashes around.
Once you know how they'll look like it will become easier,
but you'll never guess what they are.


Since 2.0
Music by Screaminglake

OLD: Music by X3NUS
Night On Pegasus
Crash Site
Symphony Background

Scary Violins by Lennyboy
Harsh Static Burst by RonaldMcDougald

Models and Textures
Handheld Radio, Egg Timer, Pie are from RiceKaeks
Boston National Surroundings (Part of the Spruce Trees)
Commonwealth Conifers (New Pine Trees and Cedar Trees)
Axe from Woodcutter Pack
Lever Switch (In the Bunker) by RoNin1971
Covered Furniture by Quazi30

In case I forgot something this was not done malevolently but because I'm an idiot. PM me just in case