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Project Mojave is a passion project we have worked on the past 4 months we have poured many many hours into making this and hopefully it shows, this is by no means a finished product but it will give you something to play and enjoy as we work on this little side project.

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This is Project Mojave, a project thats been worked on by HcG x Grill, TheFriedturkey, C411um13 and MrColonelMustard. This release is a Early Access look at our vision for the Mojave Wasteland in Fallout 4s Engine faithfully recreated and updated. In this you will be able to explore the lower half of the map for now...

Project Mojave is a passion project we have worked on the past 4 months
 we have poured many many hours into making this and hopefully it shows, this is by no means a finished product but it will give you something to play and enjoy as we work on this little side project. Voices are currently placeholder, and somethings may be missing and there will be bugs, but over time these should be ironed out.

If you already have any other GrilledTurkey mods installed, there is no need to uninstall them. All the items/creatures in Project Mojave are specific to the Mojave and will not spawn in the Commonwealth.

What is Project Mojave?

Project Mojave is a passion project by a small group of devs that intend to open and recreate some of Fallout New Vegas's map as a new explorable location as a addition to Fallout 4. We aim to faithfully recreate and remake the Mojave Wasteland true to the original and open to the public to play with, explore, mod and build. This is essentially a hub world sandbox, we plan to expand to many different regions and locations all with a unique flavor and nostalgic look.


  • Install the mod with your preferred mod manager or manually into your Data folder if you would prefer and make sure you have all the requirements listed in the requirements tab.
  • Make sure ProjectMojave.esm is enabled before loading your game.
  • As this mod is in Early Access it is very much recommended to back up your save game before loading Project Mojave for the first time, please be aware that certain things may break with updates and while we will try our best to make sure that this does not happen we cannot guarantee that nothing will break.

*Note that as with any mod that adds new scripts uninstalling and then loading a save that had Project Mojave installed is not recommended and may cause issues with your save game. Please do so at your own risk.*

  •  Remove all Project Mojave files from your mod manager or Data folder.


Q: Is this a full remake of Fallout New Vegas?
A: No, this is a recreation of some of Fallout New Vegas' areas as a new explorable area for Fallout 4, this will take place during Fallout 4 and after the events of Fallout New Vegas

Q: Do you intend on expanding the map in future content updates?
A: Yes, we intend to take the player to more places in the Mojave following different themes and feels faithfully and accurately recreated to Obsidian's original vision, but with a twist to show time has passed and the Mojave has changed over that time.

Q: Will this come to Xbox?
A: No, but some features, like workshop objects, armor, clothes and weapons will as standalone mods (Which also includes standalone PC releases)

Q: Is this project associated with 'X' project
A: No, Project Mojave is its own independent project.

Q: I placed a bet on Roulette but didn't win the right amount of chips, what gives?
A: Please make sure you increase your bet BEFORE you place your chip. Placing a chip locks in that bet amount for the placed chip.

Travelling to the Mojave

Once you leave Vault 111 (or load a save after leaving the Vault) you will receive a quest asking you to "Investigate the dead Scientist". Follow the questline to find out how to travel to the Mojave.

- Full remake of the New Vegas strip, including 3 functional casinos
 - Remake of roughly a quarter of the map (around Ivanpah Drylake and the I15)
 - 10 Custom Creatures (3 Brand new ones)
 - 800+ brand new remade assets.
 - 3 Player homes
 - 3 Fully functional casino games - Can be built at workshops and played in the casinos on the New Vegas Strip!
 - 3 New Workshops located in the Mojave Wasteland
 - 20+ Brand new weapons and 13 unique
 - 50+ New apparel items including hats and outfits
 - New constructible objects for settlements
 - MCM support with a few options pertaining to Casinos (such as disabling weapon removal on entry)

Settlement Locations

- Ivanpah Track
- Nipton Road Reststop
- Good Luck Trailer Park (just outside of Nipton)
- Casino Suites (Gomorrah, The Tops & Ultra-Luxe) - Similar to how Homeplate works in Diamond City

Audio/Music Installation Guide (Not Required)
*This does not include Voices*

Video Guide:

Version 0.2



TheFriedturkey - Most of the Asset Creation, Level Design, Lighting, Animations.
HcG x Grill - Scripting, Quest implementation, most of the rigging, Animations
C411um13 - The vast majority of Level design, and Final pass of level design
MrColonelMustard - Level design of a load of interior Cells  

Special Thanks:
KalibKadafi - A ton of assets used throughout the wasteland
Junders - The retaining wall kit
Nul_Del - The TVs through the wasteland 
RyceKaek - The Coffee Brewer from his modders resource pack
XV-Versus - Help with fixing the Mojave Workshops