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Gun For Hire allows you to open a business outside of Diamond City and to run never-ending jobs for clients from a base of 27 different archetypes.

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Note: Please do not waste your Mod of the Month votes on this mod. It is a repost and it already won Mod of the Month in June 2021.

Note: Please do not waste your Mod of the Month votes on this mod. It is a repost and it already won Mod of the Month in June 2021.

XBOX Version Available HERE!


Have you ever wished that there were more Valentine's Detective Agency cases for you to play through? Ever wished you could open your own business and run your own jobs? Ever wished there was more to life than to be the MM general, where every settlement needs your help? Or wished there were more options for a role-playing experience that was not related to the main story or the various factions within the base game, a way to play a mercenary out to earn a living? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you're definitely in the right place, because that's exactly what this mod allows you to do; to role play as a gunslinging mercenary out to make a cap, anyway you can. You can infinitely run 34+ different jobs with 125+ random outcomes, in near infinite locations. Plus, there is a player owned office space, a vertibird you can optionally access later, as well as a custom-made multi-follower system, where you can optionally recruit up to 3 teammates to travel with you.

That is Gun For Hire, in a nutshell.

But in all honesty, there is no such thing as a tl;dr when it comes to this mod, or any mod of it's size or complexity, not if you want to use it to it's full effect without issue. Please, RTM.
Everything you need to know is written on this page for you. I have not only taken my personal time to craft the mod, but to also document it to my fullest ability. The least you can do is to take the time to read, at minimum, this description page, before using the mod or posting questions that are already answered here. Control-F is your friend! Please, use it!

Please remember to ENDORSE a this mod if you enjoy it. There are over a 2000 hours and 8 months of my personal time and effort put into it's construction and I do not ask for donations or any remuneration of any kind from you for that. All I do ask is that you help this mod to stay on the hot files via your endorsements and votes so that it doesn't get buried and lost in a sea of other people's works. Also, if you are in need of vocal talent for you own mods, be sure to scroll down to the credits section and reach out to any of the talented actors who brought this mod's characters to life, free of charge. You'd be helping them by doing so. Thanks in advance!

What is Gun For Hire? What does it do?

GFH started out, conceptually, as an addon for my crime and karma system mod Crime and Punishment, but due to it's growth and scale, eventually became its own mod. GFH, at its simplest, allows you to run a business, conveniently located directly across the square from the main gates into Diamond City, where you can play the detective, the mercenary, the gun for hire out to earn a living. Once you acquire the business location, you simply hire an assistant, who will be your point of contact for obtaining jobs. The business location itself is a rather spacious, five room interior cell, designed for you to make not only a place of business, but also to make a small player home. GFH features 27 job archetypes that you can do, each with their own random outcomes, branching and iterations. Which is cool enough on its own, 27 new quests for you to play through, right? But it gets better. Your assistant is simply a front-end for a highly complex job management framework that is able to provide work in a never-ending
kind of way, by adding and removing jobs from its pool of available quests and then randomly selecting a job from what remains in its available pool. Completed jobs are temporarily removed from that pool, for a timeout period, prior to being returned to the available pool once again. In this way, the jobs are a literal never-ending supply of work for you! And due to their random outcomes and possible branches based on your actions and choices, while their quest title may be the same, the odds are that the jobs won't ever play out the same way twice in a row!

And as if that wasn't enough of a selling point, Gun For Hire features a robust custom-made multi-follower system, which allows you to hire a squad of three NPCs to travel and adventure with you, be it on GFH related jobs, or any other quests you may be undertaking! This system is 100% free from the base game follower system and was coded from scratch. It does things like no other multi-follower system can. Be it enabling healing of a downed player in combat, or properly seating into vertibirds, to summoning your squad to come help you when you're in a tough situation. The squad members all have fully voiced dialogues that allow you to hire, dismiss, trade and set multiple AI-related settings. If you've played with Heather Casdin, imagine having three of her along for the ride. And not only that, but they can also be upgraded with
unique specializations and skills and they react to things going on around them. Take out an enemy and they will comment on your kill-shot. Enemies are taunting them? They might fire back a retort. Does your current (old) multi-follower mod do any of that? Might be time to ditch those antiquated follower mods that do none of these things, all while altering the base game's follower system to boot, and use one made from scratch, completely independent of that system, don't you think?

And on top of all of that, Gun For Hire also contains a player owned vertibird that can be purchased as you get deeper into the mod! Your squad members are uniquely keyed to this vertibird, so they have preferred seating arrangements when in it. It functions like a normal fast travel vertibird, but does not require a grenade to make it
function, opting instead of use the GFH Holotape to control pickups and send-home commands, as well as requesting air support. And the vertibird has it's own storage, so you can keep items on hand within it's cargo hold!

What Gun For Hire is not, to be up front, is a "center piece mod". That is not to say you couldn't choose to role play it that way, but in and of itself, its more of a thing where you come back once in a while, in between other mod's quests or the main story quests, when you're tired of wandering aimlessly, and grab a few jobs. Its meant more to fill the gaps than it is to provide a whole encompassing "story" or anything like that.

Gun For Hire Trailer - Courtesy of Thuggysmurf

How do I start being a "Gun For Hire"?

Simple. Head to Diamond City and locate the Tardis-blue door across the square from the main gates. Simply enter the location and ownership of the building is yours. From that point you can hire an assistant at the desk you will see in one of the rooms, simply by clicking on the desk. You can choose a male or female assistant. You will then be asked if you wish to have the mod set itself in easy mode, which means you will always have a job available to you, or to set it into reputation mode, which means your chances of finding work right away will be low, but as your business grows, as you complete jobs you've gotten, your reputation grows and so too does your chances of getting new work. Its as simple as that! Once the assistant is hired, you can interact with them to get a randomly selected job. And every time you finish a job, you can go back for another one. Forever, or for as long as you play that character that is.

Of note, once you enter the player office location, you will receive a holotape that can be used to modify settings within the mod. Each setting has a full description of what it does right there on the holotape, for your convenience.

There is nothing more to it than this! Well, aside from the fact that the player office location is ready for you to decorate and is fully powered up already!

NOTE: It is important to note that there is a desk, a chair and a bed located in the player office location and they MUST remain in the rooms they are in. They are nonscrappable, though you can move them around. They are intrinsically tied to the assistant's AI packages, so do not ever delete them or you risk breaking the assistant
framework, which could result in never getting any jobs at all ever again.

What kind of jobs are there in GFH?

While GFH offers what amounts to radiant quests, they're not your run of the mill radiant quests. More importantly, they're not forced upon you. You have to ask your assistant for them. And unlike the radiant quests you are used to from the base game, you have the option to decline the job when it is presented to you by your assistant. And, even if you accept the job at that time, you will get a second chance to decline the job once you talk to the client!

The job types vary. Some, not many, are iterations of things you may be used to from the base game or from other mods, just with a enough variation and embellishment to make them feel different. For example, we all have had to rescue a kidnapped settler before. In GFH, this is no less an option of a job, but unlike how the base game version deals with that, you can, for example, resolve this particular quest, should you use Crime and Punishment, in a non-lethal, non-combative way through the exchange of caps. The outcomes of the job may vary, where the hostage is wearing an explosive collar and trying to pick the lock on the collar results in an explosion, killing them. Its more complex and offers more ways to resolve it than its vanilla counterpart.

Other job types may see you hunting down an elusive and over-powered sniper. Or taking a group of NPCs out on a scavenging run and protecting them every step of the
way. You may be asked to go out and hunt down a criminal and escort them back to Diamond City Security. There are 27 different types of work you can be asked to do, and I won't list them all. But I will say this - they are NOT your plain-jane, vanilla radiant style quests, at all. Some of them are engaging and will take you 20 to 30 minutes real-time to resolve (this is especially true for any escort jobs).

I really tried to go outside of the box, to give something new and fresh, that doesn't just feel like a retread of things that have come before. And more importantly, I tried to make the jobs feel like something that the people of the Commonwealth would actually come to a Gun For Hire or a mercenary for assistance in resolving. And the payout system is a reflection of that. This is NOT a caps grab mod. I tried to ground the caps earned to be relative to the overall difficulty of the mod. At times, the jobs may be more difficult and offer a higher rate of payout, but that is the exception, not the norm.

Are the jobs all slanted towards a good guy play style or are there evil ones too?

Predominantly, I suppose you could say that the jobs themselves trend towards helping those in need, even though there are caps exchanged as part of that arrangement, because let's face it, nothing is ever truly really free in life. But the jobs themselves allow you to play the nice person or a cold hearted one. Every job has two responses, at minimum, that are split between speaking kindly or speaking rudely. So you can at least role play that to a degree.

That said, there is a mailbox outside of the office location that you should start paying attention to as you complete more and more jobs, because once your reputation
increases enough, you may occasionally start finding some mysterious job offers in it. I didn't want these to always necessarily be evil, so there are some red herring type missions thrown in there for good measure, as a means to keep you guessing as to the nature of the job offered. Some will be good, but make you ask questions in your mind as to whether or not they are. Some will be outright evil and there will be no question about that. The rest will be morally ambiguous and it will be up to you to decide whether you want to take on the job or not.

Your mods oftentimes lean towards more adult themes, shall we say. Is that the case here?

GFH certainly has edgy, adult themes, but no less so than the base game does, which is why I have not flagged this mod as containing adult content. There isn't any nudity or sex or anything of an outright or gratuitous nature in this mod. The worst that can be said is that I tend to use a lot of dialogue with swearing in it, but its base game audio lines and NPC dialogue that I've written that is no worse than what ships in the base game. But for sure, there are themes involved in some of the jobs, without actually showing any of the things they allude to, that are for a more adult-minded player. Things like rape and the resulting trauma that can cause its victims. Abortion. Slavery. Exploitation. Addiction. Theft. Murder. And the list goes on and on.

Look, the fact is, this is a lawless, post-apocalyptic world where societal norms such as we are used to in the modern occidental world, simply do not exist. Thematically, it is going to be dark and explore things in a more in-your-face kind of way than Bethesda themselves did it in the base game. But don't let that deter you! Remember, for the most part, your job is to help the victims of these acts. You will never see what is being described, merely helping to right wrongs, should you choose to do so.

Is this mod fully voiced or does it rely on silent lines and subtitles?

Like Crime and Punishment, Gun For Hire is 100% voiced, both the player and all mod-added NPCs alike. There are over 5,200 recorded lines contained in the mod!

Cool sounding so far, but is GFH safe to install? What are it's requirements?

Gun For Hire has no requirements whatsoever! You do not need F4SE, nor the DLCs, nor any other mod in existence to make it run! Which means, for you Fallout 4VR
users, one of my mods is now actually available for you to use! This mod is absolutely safe to drop into your load order and into your game at any point, as it runs independently of any element of the main game's story.

NOTE: This mod was made in the latest version of the Creation Kit and as such, uses ESP container 1.00, which only the latest versions of the game support.
Note, if you are a VR user or have not updated your game for whatever reason, just use FO4Edit and modify the VERSION in the FILE HEADER of this mod from 1.00 to 0.95.

That said, since this mod was originally slated to be part of Crime and Punishment, it is coded to be able to communicate with that mod, should you have it installed. And if you don't, its no big deal, GFH will function just as well without that link to it's sibling mod.

How does GFH communicate with Crime And Punishment?

Gun For Hire uses intermod communication methods to actively listen to events from CaP and is then able to action on those events within its own scripting. It is also able to tell CaP that something has happened within its own framework that CaP would need to know in order to do something or other within its codebase. Here are some examples of how GFH communicates with CaP:

  • It will add blocking to all GFH added NPCs so that they cannot surrenderto you if you decide to fight them for one reason or another. This was done to prevent the player from breaking any of GFH's jobs and also as ameans to highlight breaking a contract with a client, should the clientbe the one you've double crossed.
  • GFH will listen to CaP, to know when the player has performed a holdup viaits Holdup System. Should the NPC being held up be a client, GFH will be able to cancel the current job and process that as a breach ofcontract.
  • In certain jobs, you have optional ways to meet your objectives. If one of those means utilizesCaP's disguise system, and the need arises for your disguise to bblown, GFH is able to tell CaP to cancel disguising and initiate combat, if applicable.
  • CaP's bounty quests that you undertake for JR are able to increase your reputation in GFH, whichin turn can lead to better chances to find jobs.
  • GFH sends out events, based on your actions and choices that CaP is able topick up on for the purposes of affecting your karma and crime ratings.
  • CaP is able to detect and dismiss GFH's squad members properly, in a way that won't break their custom scripting and AI.
  • CaP is able to detect player bleedout when using GFH's squad healing systemand will not try to initiate surrender dialogue when bleedout occurs.

You NEED to update to the latest version of Crime And Punishment now (v1.1.1+), in order for it to communicate properly with Gun For Hire.

Is GFH compatible with "x" mod?

GFH is compatible with literally every mod in existence. Great care has been taken to ensure there are no overrides on forms or cells or locations, except where absolutely necessary. And when that was the case, research was done to see what impact that decision to introduce an edit would have for other mods. I know there is the concern that GFH's office location may cause issue with Diamond City mods, especially Eli's Armor Compendium, but I assure you, great care was taken to ensure my cell edits are not in the same location as her edits. The two function side by side without issue. For the most part, the location edited by this mod for the purposes of adding the office door, most mods will not touch this location simply because of it's role in meeting Piper, the mayor and opening up access to Diamond City. Except, I'm not most mod authors and I took great care to ensure nothing is affected or broken as a result of the edits I have made. Which, for transparency, are to add a door, a few decorative items to the office building and to rebuild the navmesh for the cell location because adding a door into it requires that. Otherwise, nothing was removed, moved or otherwise altered and precombines are not affected.

Because of GFH's insular nature, it has no direct conflicts with any other mod's functions, whether that is Crime and Punishment or Sim Settlements 2. Honestly, it doesn't matter what the mod is, GFH is most likely 99.99% compatible with anything hosted on the Nexus (or elsewhere for that matter) for Fallout 4.

NOTE: Sim Settlements 2, Chapter 2 does have a conflict with the door to the office and the Nightengales. You can disable the Nightengale's door via SS2's holotape. Or use a 3rd party patch file, which needs to be installed PRIOR to ever going near Diamond City.

What about the worldspace edits that I see in your ESP?

I know that some will have questions or their own opinions about the edits / overrides they will see in the ESP of this mod, so let me, the mod author explain what these are and why there are there; why they were not "cleaned" out of the mod. DiamondCityExt, as a cell, has two door portals that lead into the Diamond City Market. One, the usual way you walk up the stair and into the stadium and the other being the elevator to the Mayor's office. I added a door portal as well when I added the Player Office location across from the gates. Door portals are an important part of the door itself, for moving actors from one cell to another, but they are also important because they are part of the Navmeshing for the cell. Without a proper navmesh, your companions (and other NPCs) would not be able to cross the threshold of those door portals. Why this information is important to you is simple - I rebuilt the navmesh in DiamondCityExt, because I had to, in order to add my door portal to the existing navmesh. That means, you will see overrides in the ESP that you may personally feel are "dirty edits". You would be wrong. Removing those would ruin the navmesh that I built and it would remove the ability of your NPCs to transition into the player office location.

It is also important to mention that the precombines for DiamondCityExt were not altered or otherwise broken during the process of remapping the navmesh.

Any known mod conflicts?

To be honest, I only know of one mod as of this writing, but if there are more, I trust users will let me know so that I can update this list. If you use any mods that are listed here, making your own patch file should be relatively easy, simply requiring you to merge the alterations to the worldspace DiamondCityExt, from GFH and the mod you use, into it's own patch file. As a note, any mod that adds a second or third option to UI elements, like containers or NPCs, could conflict with certain quest related elements of this mod.

  • Diamond City Outskirts (The Hole Redux) - Edits DiamondCityExt and conflicts with GFH's cell edits.
  • More Valid Locations for Radiant Quests - Using this, you might eventually stop getting jobs to run, as I suspect it reduces available radiant quest locations.
  • Femshepping's Diamond City Edit - Due to the excessive amounts of edits done to DiamondCityExt, this mod is completely incompatible with Gun For Hire.
  • Grave Digger - It has been shown in testing, that this mod causes secondary andtertiary UI elements to not show properly which can cause quests to not complete.
  • Conquest - this mod adds "settlement markers" outside the playable area that GFHmight access and use, which will make completing jobs impossible.
  • Hunter of the Commonwealth - the way this mod gives the player meat items is not compatible with one of the jobs in Gun For HIre.
  • Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2 - SS2C2 places a door right on top of GFH's office door. Use SS2 holotape to disable their door.

Alternatively, for Sim Settlements 2 Chapter 2, you can use the door patch to move the Nightengale door out of the way - only works on NEW GAMES. Get it HERE.

What is GFH's script load like? Is performance going to be a concern?

Yes, I am known for making resource intensive, script heavy mods, this is true. GFH is not one of those mods however. GFH runs just four constant scripts:

  • The main API, which governs contract completion and failure, as well as payment. This is a 9kb script.
  • The assistant framework, which governs finding jobs and their randomization controls. This is a 12kb script.
  • The update monitor, which literally looks upon loading the game to see if mod has updated. This is a 1kb script.
  • The squad member's control script. This is the largest of the script, weighing in at 45kb (it does control THREE companion style NPCs though)!

Everything else in the mod runs off of quest, scene and topicinfo script fragment as well as small quest-level scripts, that to be honest are about the same size, if not smaller than most base game quest scripts. Certainly smaller than Bethesda's master controller scripts. The good thing about these is that they are not persistently running. They are instanced, only in active memory and usage when their associated quest is running and once stopped, those scripts are no longer a load on your game. But again, due to their size and the fact that functionally, they listen only and act very minimally, you will not notice any change in the performance of your game due to anything within this mod. Gun For Hire's footprint is VERY small.

What will I need to do when you update the mod in the future?

Nothing. Gun For Hire has an auto-update feature built into it. It listens every time you load the game and checks its current version in your save game against what the scripting for the mod says is the current version. If they do not match, the mod will tell you that it is going to update itself and it will tell you when it has completed that process.

Of note, if you have an ongoing job from GFH when an update is supposed to happen, the mod will wait until the job is done and you next load your game. This was done to ensure your job completes successfully, you get paid for it and that it doesn't mess up any of the scripting for the assistant framework.

What do I need to do if I don't like your mod and want to remove it?

Well, this should be a simple answer for anyone who has ever modded a BGS game. You do not remove mods that involve scripts mid-playthrough. If you do, you run the risk of really screwing that save game up. However, if you are adamant on doing so, GFH does not have any permanent worldspace changes nor does it introduce any active player effects and you should be able to clean it out of your save with Fallrim Tools without issue. No, this page will not tell you how to do that - that is on you to learn and figure out on your own.

I have FO4VR and the mod is not working. Help!

Fallout4 VR requires the mod to use ESP container v0.95, where this mod ships in ESP container v1.00. You will need to edit the mod in xEdit to alter the version in the header from v.100 to v0.95.
Or try THIS mod which removes file header checks.

Can I customize certain aspects of your mod?

Absolutely. Not only is the player office location set up as an interior player home for you to decorate as you want, the assistant is a persistent reference, so you can use Looksmenu on them to change their look. Not only that, you can also give them clothing via their dialogue wheel. You can even change their name if you don't like them, by modifying a form in mod via xEdit. Other aspects of it, like clothing that client NPCs wear or the weapons they carry, you could also modify in xEdit too. As you can see in one of the mod's screenshots, I have the secure checkpoint NPCs wearing Private Military Company armor with MK18 CQBR assault rifles, all done by creating a patch mod that alters a few formlists contained with the mod itself.

I'm using this mod and the jobs are failing to start. What's going on?

Sometimes the required "markers" the mod uses to initialize ALL jobs simply do not load into their reference aliases when you first install the mod. It won't happen often to people, I'm sure, but it can happen. To resolve this, there is a debug tool in the holotape that will try to reforce the markers, a total of 10 times, just to ensure they are picked up and registered into their proper reference alias. This tool has never failed to resolve the issue.

Another reason why jobs will fail is because you need at least ONE owned settlement, that is NOT a Nuka-World converted Vassal Settlement, with at least two settlers on it and at least one crafting workbench. The mod uses owned settlements and grabs random settler NPCs sometimes for the things it is trying to do and if it cant find a settlement or a settler, the job will fail. Easiest resolution? Pick up Abernathy Farm at minimum, since it comes with human NPCs already. That allows you to skip Preston & Co, if that is not your usual thing. And if not Abernathy, just any settlement and attract one settler. Thats all it will take.

The only other reason I can foresee as being a reason would be that you have some massive overhaul mod in place that breaks markers or locations and as such, the mod
cannot allocate references for its quest aliases. The likelihood of this is 0.01% because I cannot think of any mod that overhauls every single location in the Commonwealth and removes the necessary markers - doing so would break the base game too. So this one is very unlikely, but worth noting all the same.

I lost my mod control holotape. How do I get a new one?

Go to any chem station and craft one, free of any component charge. You will find it in the "Gun For Hire Items" menu.

How do I get the disguises from this mod?

Go to your office and enter settlement build mode. In the SPECIAL build menu, you will find a Disguise Locker. Simply build that and then access it. A popup will appear asking you which disguise type you want to take. No crafting recipes or cost. Just choose one and its in your inventory. That simple! Be sure to read the NOTES section of the pipboy to get all of the ins and outs of wearing disguises.

Can I use an Alt-Start mod with this? Will that cause issues?

Gun For Hire is not dependent upon "vault-exit", like so many mods are. In fact, it's starting mechanism is fired simply by entering the Player Office location for the first time and taking ownership. GFH is 100% free of dependency upon any element within the game or it's narrative, so you can start it at any point, whether base game or through an alternate start mod, simply by walking into the office and setting up shop!

What about your multi-follower squad system? Do I have to use that?

No, you do not have to recruit squad members if you don't want to. This is an active choice on your part during a dialogue event upon successful completion of the Storming The Gates job type. You are under no requirement to hire on followers. In fact, none of the jobs in this mod even take them (or companions) into account. There are only two jobs where they will ever be referenced by the clients and that is simply to get you to dismiss them, as their presence in those particular jobs would likely cause job failure. So again, no, you do not need to use the squad system at all.

Help! I can't reach the quest target. Its outside of the playable region.

Sometimes, the mod will generate quest targets that lie outside of the game's playable borders, simply because it uses a lot of the game's invisible markers the place quest targets or enemies. Sadly, there are only two options available to you. One, you can edit your game's ini file to allow player movement beyond the borders, or two, you can return to the office and cancel the current job via your assistant.

Got any tips to help me out with job 'x'?

Best tip I can give you to to enable Client Tracking in the holotape if you want your life to be easy. This will add a quest pip above their head and when close enough to them, will show a number that indicates their relative distance to you. This is especially handy when doing escort type jobs where distance to the client is a factor in determining if you are escorting them or have abandoned them.

The second tip I can give is NOT to think you can run these jobs as a level 1 character. They are not meant for that low of a level. I used my own 1000+ hours in this game, to know that you are likely going to be about level 10, on average, before getting to Diamond City, if you are playing the game as intended, with Concord, Sanctuary and all of the little Minutemen quests at Abernathy and Ten Pines and the like. As such, some of the jobs feature adversity that a level 1 character will surely not survive. Doubly so if you enable the Mod Difficulty setting in the holotape, which will add more (and stronger) enemies at various job locations (though not all).

Last tip is about discovery mode in the holotape. When this is enabled, you might not be directed to your target, but to a general area of where your target may be found. This isn't always the case, but often enough, it is. Discovery mode adds a little extra challenge to completing jobs. So if you want things cut and dry and handed to you, don't enable this mode.
But if you want to have to investigate an area, trying to find something or someone, then discovery mode might just be for you.

Oh! One final tip. If and when you have your own vertibird, any squad members you have are keyed to sit in that vertibird based upon your seating preferences that you've set in the holotape. That said, certain jobs, especially jobs involving escorting someone somewhere, they are not primed to use the vertibird at all. Due to the distance checking that is involved with escort missions, changing cells from exterior to interior can cause an abandonment failure. Since the only way to access your vertibird is from within your office location, you cannot get there without abandoning your client, per distance checking rules. So, do not try to take a client in your bird. These missions are meant to be walked.

Can I add custom jobs to the list of available jobs?

Yes you can! This mod was built from the ground up to allow you to add your own, or other people's jobs into the job pool, although you access it in a slightly different way. When you ask for a job from the assistant, if he or she says yes there is something available, where you would normally ask for the details, you will now see a new option about Mod-Added Jobs. You would use this to access those jobs. Mod authors can create jobs using a template ESP I am providing that includes all of the scripting necessary to inject their job into that pool. For those interested in making jobs, along with the template ESP, there will be an article with complete documentation on how to do your quest in a way that is 100% compatible with Gun For Hire's job framework. You can find the template ESP in the download section and the article is linked along
the top bar of this mod's page in ARTICLES.

NOTE: The tools and documentation for this will follow release of the mod and once all first wave of bugs have been reported and fixed.

I use AFT or UCF - can your squad members be controlled with these?

GFH's squad member should never be controlled, in any measure, by mods like AFT or UCF, as they have their own unique multi-follower system that I developed from scratch, which operates outside of the game's base followers system. If you allow such mods to take control of the squad members, or use those mods to alter any of their AI settings, you will, quite simply, break them. They are 100% outside of the FollowersScript or the HC_Manager, and all of their AI packages are custom crafted. They don't have the usual recruit or dismiss functionality either, so mods that attempt to control or to dismiss them for some function or other, will simply fail to do so and
as noted, will likely cause issues with them down the road (looking at you any surrender/defeat mod from LL). The only exception to this rule is my own Crime and Punishment, which has been updated to recognize the squad members and can dismiss them, when appropriate, in the proper fashion.

To ensue AFT is not able to take control of the squad members, I have added them to the DisallowedCompanionFaction, which according to AFT's scripting, will allow them to remain untouched (unless one enables the overrides within the mod). I strongly suggest that AFT users simply forget the squad members exist. Not only will
managing them in AFT break their custom scripting and AI packages, but it also removes NPCs from a faction that GFH and Crime and Punishment use (DanversFaction) for determining if the player has squad members at the time of a player surrender and kidnapping event, so that it can properly dismiss the squad.

I can't stress this enough - do NOT allow AFT to be anywhere near these squad members.

Will you make an ESL version of this?

No, you cannot have an ESL version of this mod. For a few very good and technical reasons. One, there isn't a mod out there, not of this size anyways, that releases on v1.0 without any bugs or things that need to be fixed, without forward thinking towards expanding it. And because this is a fact, it would require recompacting the formids before being converted to Light Master (ESL), which would mean the formids in the mod would definitely no longer match the references baked into your save file - it would effectively break the mod for you and require you to start over on a clean save. Two, ESLs have a 4096 form limitation, the amount of records (refIDs) that the mod can contain. This mod already exceeds 5500 form records. And those two reasons, from a technical standpoint, are more than enough, hopefully, to make you understand that
it simply is not possible. If load order limitation is a concern for you, maybe instead of asking for ESLs from mod authors (who would then need to support multiple versions of the same mod), you manage your load order a little better. Make merged patches, ESLify those small ESPs than can handle it and that aren't likely to see updates anytime soon, or you know, get rid of 50 or so of those weapon and armor mods you added way back when, because they looked so awesome, but that you no
longer even use.


Aside from the noted contributors listed below, all work in this mod was done solely by myself.
And of course, a big thank you to Bethesda for creating a sandbox world we
can escape to, especially now in the covid times we find ourselves in, when escape from reality is very important at times. But seriously,  without the talents of the artists listed below, this mod would be lifeless, so my thanks goes out to each one of them for their incredible talents and time volunteered to make this mod what it is.

GreyUser for allowing his animation files to be used in other mods, specifically the hogtie animation used in Capture Bounty jobs.
DanRuta, whose tool, xVASynth, allowed me generate a few new lines of dialogue where there were no recorded words when I needed them.

Vocal Talent:

Kerstyn Unger a.k.a Kikiapplus as the voice of Joan and Gunner Mechanic. (Patreon/Buy Kerstyn a coffee here)
Sarah Soe as the voice of female client NPCs. (Email: [email protected], Instagram: simplyybeingsarah, CCC Profile: Click HERE)
Roxanne Celeste as the voice of female quest NPCs. (Twitter: rosewater winter, Email: [email protected], CCC Profile: Click HERE)
Nathan Wagner as the voice of Marcus. (Twitter: @nathanwagner.vo, Email: [email protected], CCC Profile: Click HERE)
Alex Cain as the voice of male client NPCs. (CCC Profile: Click HERE)
Kovich Crow as the voice of male client NPCs. (Website: Click HERE, Email: [email protected] )
A Raven Of Many Hats as the voice of male quest NPCs. (Email: [email protected], CCC Profile: Click HERE, Spotify: Click HERE)
Circuit125 as the voice of male quest NPCs. (Email: [email protected] ,CCC Profile: Click HERE)
Colton Quinn as the voice of Gunner Mechanic. (CCC Profile: Click HERE)
bdk1976 as the voice of male camp quest NPC. (Email: [email protected])
Azworai as the voice of male raiders/gunners.
Chic Geek as the voice of a graveside client NPC.
Flashy(JoeR) as the voice of male random encounter clients.