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Rebalances the damage, radius and force of explosions. Making them more effective & realistic.
Features the revamped Nuka Quantum Grenade. It works similar to a molotov but more effective and new visuals.
Cryo-nades can now deep freeze your target. Pulse grenades are very effective vs robots and can stun Synths. And much more.

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Damage types
are now tied to their real resistances instead of the plain energy resistance.

Fire is now tied to fire resistance.
Cryo is now tied to frost resistance.
Electric is now tied to electrical resistance. 
What does that mean? Well, if you have, for example, no fire resistance, fire will hurt. For you and your enemies.

The game has two types of radius.

  • Inner radius
Within the inner radius, the explosion will deal full damage.
  • Outer radius
From the end of the inner radius, to the end of the explosion the damage gets reduced till you receive no damage.

Allows you to configure several things.

  • Bear Trap   
A bear trap will cause fatal limb damage, when enabled.

  • Molotov Fear Effect  
Enemies caught in flames run away.

  • Molotov Strength - Raw damage, before fire resistance is applied:
Vanilla - 4 damage per sec. for 20 seconds
Medium - 8 damage per sec. for 20 seconds
High - 12 damage per sec. for 20 seconds

  • Bear Trap Break Chance
Chance of a Bear Trap to break, after triggering.

The damage has been greatly increased. And explosives are now able to kill things. Use explosive objects now to your advantage. Lure your enemies to them and watch them explode. But damage is not all. It's all about utility

They are no longer an instant area of effect damage. Instead they are now a burning effect. They are very effective in killing your enemies. Watch them slowly burn and die. Molotovs now are also able to ignite yourself. Yes this a new thing, by now.
If enabled, burning enemies will flee.

Fragmentation grenades and mines stay classic. Grenades deal more damage and a higher inner radius and outer radius to make them more effective vs multiple enemies.
Mines deal more damage and have an increased inner radius to make them more effective vs running targets. Outer radius is unchanged.
Force has been greatly reduced. So nothing fancy here.
(If you trigger a mine, run.)

They are now much more effective against robots and have a bigger radius than before. They are also able to stun Synths, Radscorpions, Turrets and giving you more time to destroy/kill them or escape from them.

Fatmans and Nuka Nuke grenades, except their very high explosive damage and high radius, now leave a radioactive area after explosion, like in previous Fallout games.

Cryo grenades and mines have been reworked. They are now able to deep freeze(immobilize) Insects (Bloatflies, Bloodbugs, etc.), Ghouls, Mirelurks (Crabs), Dogs, Humans and other enemies that are small to medium sized. You are not able to deep freeze a supermutant or a deathclaw. You will figure it out by playing, what is possible and what not. While the effect takes place, they suffer additional cold damage overtime for the duration of the effect.

Deal high energy damage to burn your target to green goo.
( or to skeletons, if you are using CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul - )
The inner radius has been increased, to make the physical damage slightly more effective, but the main damage is done by the energy burn effect.
Plasma mines now have a custom explosion with a smaller radius. (They shared the same explosion before.)
Force has been greatly reduced.
Sound level has been reduced from very loud to normal.

Is now the improved Molotov version. It features a blue flame, explosion and burn effect. It deals more damage than Molotovs and do not explode on contact.

Now deal very effective limb damage. Bear traps are now dangerous for you and your enemies. You can trigger your own traps and perks won't save you. If you put your feets into them, it will hurt and cripple your limbs. Bear traps are very effective in crippling legs.
Caltrops now deal increased medium limb damage and can also easily cripple your enemies. The poisoned version, has a reworked poison effect. It will slowly deal damage, but after some seconds it will take full effect and deal much more damage.

Your environment is now more deadly than before. Use it to your advantage. Car explosions deal much damage. Oil traps will burn you alive. Always check for hidden bombs and watch your steps. 
Killed a robot and want to loot it? You may want to check if it's going to explode, before trying that.

Flamer and similar weapons have their base damage element changed to their correct type and modifications have been adjusted too.

  • Perk adjustments
  • Nuka Quantum Grenade leveled list injector (My other mod Better Locational Damage already has that option in the holotape ) Done
  • New fancy effects
  • New custom grenades (maybe)

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Game Configuration Menu
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