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Build landing pads for vertibirds at your settlements! When you call in a vertibird with the usual signal grenade while at a settlement, they will land on pads and drop you off at them too.
ESL Version available.

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Expands a little bit on the vanilla vertibird fast travel system. Before, you would call in a vertibird from where ever you are with a Vertibird Signal Grenade and it would land nearby in an open space. Now, if you are at a settlement and have built a Landing Pad, Vertibirds will land there instead of some open field. Just kind of makes sense. 

Also, if you are fast travelling in a vertibird and heading to your settlement, the vertibird will land on this pad. Made this because I use the vertibird way of travelling for Survival Mode.

Landing Pads can be found in the Special Tab in the Workshop Build Menu, same area as the artillery. Only one of these is allowed in a settlement. Scrapping them is not recommended unless you don't want the feature there. Otherwise, just move them by hand. Making another one can confuse the vertibirds.

The pad is quite large and needs a good amount of space to be put down. Place Everywhere works well with this mod.

Vertibirds will continue to function normally when you're away from a settlement with one of these pads.

See Example Video:

Installs like any other mod. No DLC or Mod requirements. Install with mod manager or enable through the Mods menu in Fallout 4. 
ESL and ESP options available.

ESL version is a true ESL officially converted by the CK.

Does this work with Conquest or similar mod?
See Compatibility below.

I placed the pad but when I try to use a vertibird to get back to my settlement, it doesn't use the pad.
This happens because of vertibird flight pathing. Sometimes it will refuse to go somewhere that it thinks it can't get to. Try moving (not scrapping) the pad somewhere else.

Can I scrap the landing pad?
No. Well, you can. But scrapping and putting another down may confuse the vertibirds. They are sensitive...

I can't see the landing pad in the workshop menu.
Either the mod isn't installed or you already built one of these pads at your current location.

What about those personal settlement vertibird mod things?
Works with Private Vertibird. Not sure about others.

Help, the pads don't work at all.
Yeah I don't know lol

Where's Settlement Story 4?
Go away, I'm working on it!

Modifies the VFT quest that handles the vertibird fast travel system. Works with vanilla settlements as well as my own Settlement Story locations that add new settlements. If using Thicket Excavations, the vertibird will get lost trying to land within the quarry, place outside the quarry.

Works with Fallout 4 VR.

Works with All Settlements Extended as well as Private Vertibird.

May or may not work with Conquest, no idea. Also haven't tested other mods that add settlements.

Does not work with C.A.M.P. as it does not add proper settlements.

Scripting Advice per usual by CDante
Nexus Profile | Facebook | Youtube

Mod Testing Help by CRAGie
Discord friend, no links

08-25-2018 | Initial Upload -1.0