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Gives each faction's vertibird a unique paint scheme.

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In the vanilla game, all Vertibirds share the same texture, even though they're used by different groups, or have been sitting in the wasteland for hundreds of years. This mod changes that.

US Army, Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad, Minutemen, Gunners, and Coast Guard Vertibirds all come with their own distinctive paint schemes. The exterior textures can be individually replaced.
In version 1.05 and later, the default textures are untouched. They will be used by most, if not all, Vertibirds added by mods. This means if you replace the vanilla textures, you can change the appearance of any new Vertibirds.
In versions 1.04 and earlier, the default texture location is used for Brotherhood of Steel Vertibirds.

Mods that change the stats of Vertibirds are compatible.
Vertibirds added to the game by other mods will probably use the vanilla textures, unless you replace them.
Far Harbor and Nuka World are required by default, but a non-dlc .esp is available as well.
A patch for Sanctuary Leftovers is available.
The Xbox1 version of VFPS can be found here.

Special thanks to-
I'd like to thank PowerArmour for the awesome US Army texture, which is included here, slightly modified.
and Xgf for the also awesome Private Vertibird mod, which I used to learn how to make this.

I'm looking for user-submitted alternate skins for different factions! I'd like to make these available in an optional file, or I'll at least link to them in the description if you'd rather upload it as your own mod.

Also, screenshots or videos would be very appreciated!