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ESP files for adding additional paintjobs to mod Flyable Personal Vertibird by PJMail

Permissions and credits
  • Mandarin
Compatibility patch for VFPS and CAMO Paintjobs
Child mod of Flyable Personal Vertibird - Paintjobs

How to use ingame:
(1.5x): holotape menu changes only default vertibird skin (on build), for changing skin you need to use Recall Beacon (this change is for multiple vertibird usage)

How to add extra paints (if available empty slots):
navigate to "Fallout 4/Data/Textures/skinnedverti/"
there are textures for basic Unique skin, rewrite them with your choosen vertibird retexture to change "Unique 00/Standart Unique" skin
navigate to subfolder (01-XX) and rewrite textures with your second etc. vertibird retexture to change "Unique 01" (Unixue 02...) skin
you can find link to some retextures pinned in posts here

How to install:
Option1: Use mod manager
Option2: just extract to your Fallout4/Data folder

To use VFPS/CAMO version and textures from VFPS/CAMO mod, simply install those mods. (nothing more)
You can then disable (or delete) the esp from it
VFPS can be still used as i personally recommend to use that mod. CAMO esp is needless.

Important Info:

VFPS+CAMO version have 20 in total (1 from main mod, some extras from this mod, rest from VFPS and CAMO)

Version number says how many options are added by this mod
VFPS+CAMO. actual version: 19 (for FPV 1.5+, VFPS 1.06, CAMO 1.2)