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My scripts to find Precombine/Previs (Flickering/Occlusion) errors in your game (or individual Mods), and optionally generate a patch Mod to fix those problems.

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This is a set of tools for people with experience Creating Patch Mods (using FO4Edit and CreationKit to resolve Mod conflicts in their Game) and want to fix flickering/occlusion conflicts as well.

It consists of FO4Edit script (FO4Check_Previsbines) to analyze your mods (and also generate a 'seed' mod to fix those errors), a CMD script (GeneratePrevisibines.bat) to automate the generation of Precombine/Previs (Previsbine) files from that 'seed' Mod, and a number of other useful scripts I have written to create patch mods and visualize Previsbine conflicts. Full usage details in the attached guide. (now updated for V3.8)

[Sep 2023] New updates to the above 2 scripts in the "Files" section (see changelog for details).
FO4Check_Previsbines.pas V3.8 has new "Task Based" menu and also now works with FO4Edit64.exe

The FO4Check_Previsbines script can be used on its own to find all Previsbine issues introduced by Mod conflicts - without having to go in the game and look for 'visual issues' - and  builds a 'seed' patch to resolve those issues. It can also be used to create a patch to add missing regions, say from 'region names on saves', as well as Locations, EditorIDs, and MHDT info deleted by other mods. Full details in the Guide.

The GeneratePrevisibines.bat CMD script can be used on it's own to fully automate generation of Previsbines without manual intervention.

Together they are used in a 2 step process to generate Previsbines (Precombines and Previs) for all your needs.

Additionally these scripts can be used to create Previsbines for new Worldspace/Interiors in any mod, create a PRP patch for a mod that did not support PRP,  add Previsbines to a mod that does not have them (i.e. to increase FPS for mods that add lots of 'new' content), etc.

More information on Previsbines is available in my Previsbines Deep Dive article, as well as the xEdit Discord topic "PreCombines and Previs"
 (and if you have a spare couple of days - this Nexusmods forum).

NOTE: These scripts are for use with FO4Edit, CreationKit, and CKFixes - so are intended for people with a reasonable amount of experience using
these tools, and have the computing resources to generate Previsbines (which can require A LOT of memory and time).

To use these scripts you must first put the files from this mod in the correct directories:

You also require:

  1. FO4Edit.exe (or FO4Edit64.exe)
  2. FO4 CreationKit (ver. If using the Steam version read the stickied post for extra steps.
  3. The latest Version (2.0.1 at least) of FO4 CreationKit Fixes (CKFixes)
  4. The fallout4_test.ini included in optional files, OR
  5. In your fallout4_test.ini set BSHandleRefObjectPatch=true, PreVis_SkipDuplicatePatch=false and OutputFile=ck.log

There are a number of authors with guides on installing FO4Edit and the Creation Kit if you have problems.
Also help is available on the xEdit discord I mentioned above, as well as the Collective Modding Discord.

Using the GeneratePrevisibines CMD script to build Precombines/Previs

If you use someone else's guide to building Previsbines then you are on your own. My scripts are more recent, and don't require any extra steps.
However, you can modify the resulting 'seed' (my script generates) for your own purposes, and you can also use any another author's command script to build previsbines from it (such as some powershell versions). Ymmv.

Brief List of primary scripts included in download: