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Changes the vertibird speed whilst ridden.

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Since you, on most of occasions, can sprint faster to your destination than travel on a vertibird (atleast it feels like it), i've decided to make this mod.

It will, depending the file you get, increase the vertibird travel speed when ridden by x amount.
For now there is two options: 50% increase and 2x increase.
It should work with vertibird jump mod, haven't tested it with any other VB-mods.

Installation: use NMM or unpack your .../Fallout 4/ folder

If you would like to vb's travel faster, let me know, i'd be happy to crash your computer... xD

Small update: added optional 2xspeed increase with always full throttle, will cause issues with loading and flight patterns but oh the speed.
My rig is: i5 2500k @ 4.4ghz, gtx 980ti, 8gb ram and a HDD, and when flewn from hangmans alley to prydwen it took around 10 to 20 seconds to load prydwen when docked, and crashed when flewn from HA to sanctuary, so use with caution...