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8 different Camouflage pattern retextures of the Vertibird. Designed to be used with Personal Flyable Vertibirds

Currently all retextures have 2k diffuse maps and are identified alphanumerically on the tail fin and have no faction markings other than the US Army Air Corps emblem.

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Still junk, but it's my second attempt ;).. found my old WIP version 2.0.. threw it together and wooollahh... It's not perfect, but a whole heck of a lot better than my original release IMO.

This is my first texture project, I started with no knowledge of how to do anything other than clone a decal onto a diffuse map.. My knowledge has grown to the extent that I was able to put together a texture pack that I feel is worth sharing..but I still have a long ways to go- so if you are expecting the AAA professional quality work that we've been spoiled with around here.. I don't believe you'll find that here.

If you are looking for some camouflage texture to distinguish your fleet of Flyable Personal Vertibirds apart...you may be in the right place!

I've been away from the community for much longer than I was actively a part of it- however if you find need of communicating with me..please see the discord link in the discussions tab! They're amazingly talented and kind hearted individuals..maybe you'll find something you didn't know you needed there!


Included in this pack, there are currently eight textures. Each is identified alphanumerically on the tail fin and have no faction markings other than the US Army Air Corps emblem.

I designed these to be used alongside FPV..This is absolutely required to beable to use my mod "plug and play"...however since these are textures..you may apply them to any bird within your game if you know how.

Patterns currently included can be seen here

Texture Pack

and because I forgot to include them in the above link...
The two 'urban' variants are here.

These textures are placed in Data\Textures\skinnedverti and therefore all you'll need to do to use them with FPV is open up your Recall & Command Beacon and select the correct texture. The names and numbers in the menu correspond to the correct texture.

Alphanumerical Identification currently is as follows..

VB-01 - 'US Woodland'   |    V1.9 
VB-02 - ACU                    |    V1.9 
VB-03 - Multicam           | Multicam Arid V1.9
VB-04 - MARPAT            | Desert Tan V1.9
VB-05 - 'UrbanSky'         | OD Green V1.9
VB-06 -  'Digital Urban'  | NightShade/Black V1.9
VB-07 - NWU Type 1     | NWU Type 1 Carryover (OG body :( )
VB-08 - 'Urban Night'    | No Paint / Bare Metal V1.9

Regarding compatibility with Flyable Personal Vertibird - Paintjobs
(and any other mod adding textures to FPV)

I have renamed all of the folders in my mod, they no longer conflict with FPV-Paintjobs..however the formlist that actually allows you to select the textures in-game must be overwritten. Therefore the two mods require a compatibility patch kindly provided by Cronosus that can be found Here


Please note, the screenshots do not show the correct alphanumerical numbers..they all show "VB-01" right now as though in-game they are VB-01, VB-02, etc..I may eventually reke them...unless someone who actually has talent for such things would like to? :)

A request.. if you do use this along FPV I have two favors to ask
-Please read the FAQ and Comments section if you have any issues. PJMail has been kind enough to offer an extensive description of his mod, and what it has to offer.
-Please endorse his work if you enjoy it!