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Fast way to call a Power Armor that will fall from the sky or brought by a Vertibird

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Started as a personal project, this mod adds several ways to call your power armor from afar.
You can either teleport it, make it drop from a Vertibird or let it fall from the sky!

How to use:

-You can craft two holotapes in the chemistry workbench:
  normal version or cheat version.
 With the normal version you will need to craft, depending on which type of recall you want to use, items.
 With the cheat version you can use the holotape to
-To be able to recall the Power Armor you need to craft a "PA Flare Gun", "PA Flare", "PA Teleport Grenade" or a "PA Smoke Grenade", available on the Alchemy workbench under Grenades and Utilities.
-Go near a Power Armor, open the PipBoy and use the holotape that you crafted and select "Set Power Armor"(the nearest Power Armor gets the "Set Status").
-When you want to call your Power Armor, You can either use the Flare Gun, smoke grenades or the teleport grenades:
Smoke Grenade calls a Vertibird
Teleport Grenade teleports your Power Armor
FlareGun drop your power armor as it has been shooted at you from afar.
-If your Power Armor gets stuck use the "unstuck" feature in the pitboy.


You cannot Set a Power Armor if you are inside one or if it is already used.
You cannot Recall a Power Armor if you are too near it, if you didn't set it, if you are inside that Power Armor or if you or your Power Armor are inside a building.
Teleportation has no limit regarding the inside or outside and distance at the price of having harder crafting materials.
You cannot use the "unstuck" feature if you are too far away the Power Armor.

If you like my mod, please take time to endorse it.
Thank you


If you want to add immersion to my mod, check "The Brotherhood Vertibird Power Armor Air Drop" from EdmondNoir and as always if you like his
work, remember to endorse him

Vertibird Aidrop, Skydrop and Teleportation:

known bugs :
If you are surrounded by enemies, they can target the power armor for 1 second.

Let me know if you encounter any bug related to this mod.
Thanks to all who shared their ideas for this mod.

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