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Separate bed frames and mattresses that can be snapped together, including bunk beds and double beds that can be used by two settlers.

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This started off as a weekend project to try out an idea I had for my own sake. Several mods add bunk beds to settlements, and they grant 2 Beds to the settlement. However, they can only be assigned to one settler. Some mods solve this by making all of the beds static, and adding pillows that act as beds. I wanted to try another approach, with empty bed frames that you could then place mattresses on.

Under Furniture, I have added a new category SnapBeds. Inside you will find frames and mattresses. Build a frame, then snap in mattresses. You can mix and match. You can let the settlers assign themselves or do it yourself. Targeting some mattresses is a bit tricky as it will want to select the frame as well. The bed frames will also snap end to end and side to side, allowing you to arrange rows easily.

There are currently three mattresses that support children. Children will NOT scale up if assigned to these mattresses. Check the descriptions while in workshop mode.

Please note, not all mattresses will fit all frames. I have tried to ensure there are enough smaller mattresses for variety. There may be odd clipping, and settlers may climb through frames to get into bed, but they will use them. Just try out different combinations. :)

Currently included:

Bed Frames:
  • Metal
  • Dirty Metal
  • Rusty Metal
  • Metal bunks
  • Double bed (Broken, worn and clean)
  • Hospital
  • Military cot
  • Wall mounted military cot

  • Dirty * 
  • Clean *
  • Dirty sheets (Hospital bed, two sizes)
  • Striped (Military cot)
  • Mattress with grey blanket *
  • Mattress with blue blanket (Institute)
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pre-war mattress sets (Left and right halves)

* Child version also included

  • Comfy Pillow
  • Straw Pillow

This mod includes textures from dgulat's
 Clean Beds and LupusYondergirl's Cozy Beds. These are used for a wide range of different colored frame and mattress choices. You do not have to have Clean Beds or Cozy Beds installed. If you do not want to use these texture variations, there is a chem you can craft at the chem station under Utility that will toggle them off and hide them from the workshop menu.


  • Should be compatible with everything.


Before uninstalling SnapBeds, craft the "SnapBeds Menu Toggle" and use it. This removes SnapBeds from the workshop menu. You can use it again to put it back.

Concerning "Sheltered" Bunk Beds:

Depending on where you build a bunk bed frame, the top bunk may not be "sheltered". It appears to consider how high above the mattress the roof is, and if the mattress is too close, it won't be sheltered. Try ensuring you have a tall roof above the bunk bed, or that it's on a lower floor in your structure.

Or, try out ShelteredBeds, a small mod I created that forces the workshop to believe all beds are sheltered.

Assigning children to beds:

I provide this information "as is" and take no responsibility if it does something odd to your game. Need to assign a child to his or her new bed? Workshop mode won't let you?

  1. Open console and select the child.
  2. Type: cf setCommandable 1
  3. Close console.
  4. Open workshop mode.
  5. Assign child to bed.