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One more Sanctuary Blueprint...

A complete overhaul and change of Fort Sanctuary... Enjoy

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Dear Wasteland Surviver. The
Assault and

M.A.I.D. welcomes You to Fort Sanctuary, ready for Service.

We offer:

Electrical Light by our own Fusion Generators
Decontaminated Fresh Water from our Water Treatment Plant
3 warm Meals per Day in our Cantina and relaxing Evenings in our Bar
Medical Treatment and Plastical Surgeon
Diffrent well sorted Vendors and Barber Support
Self- sufficient Food Production by our own Greenhouse--- using latest Graygarden Technology

We ensure:

Your saftey by comprehensive Laser System Defense--- LSD
155mm Artillery Support for Problems the LSD could not handle...

Fort Sanctuary overhaul and changes on V. 2.0:

Left Wing now Settler Quarters and Marketplace
Right Wing now Greenhouse, Cattle Shed and small Farmers Quarter
MedBay went down in the Tower closer to the Settler Quarters
Power Armour Hangar and Garage went down to the Basement
Artillery Nest for the 155mm Howitzer
Big Extended Overseers Laboratory- Garage- Warehouse- Studio- Dungeon- Den- or- whatever- you- call- your- place...
Institute Teleporter Building added

The Settlement is 2802 Parts/ Objects big
Built on non- altered Vanilla Ground

It took me sveral hours/ days of changings and rebuilds to find out how the settler movements work together with the objects. The farmers, vendors, and both doctors now should leave their workplaces after finish work and should use the furniture of the settler quarters and sports equipment.

I hope you enjoy the new Blueprint... have Fun!