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About this mod

Lets content packs create fully customizable shops and animal shops, and make them interactable in-game via tile properties.

Permissions and credits
This mod is deprecated in Stardew Valley 1.6 and later. It'll be kept updated to support older content packs, but newer mods should use the game's new built-in shop data instead.

This mod lets content packs create fully customizable shops and animal shops (including support for custom behaviour or trade items), and make them interactable in-game via tile properties.


How to use (for players)
Just install this mod normally, and it'll work automatically for content packs that need it.

How to use (for mod authors)
You add shops by creating a Shop Tile Framework content pack, whose shops.json file contains the shop data to add.

See the technical documentation for more info.

Some features include:
  • Edit both vanilla and custom shops.
  • Specify a shop currency (e.g. money, casino coins, festival score, or trade items). You can sell pants that cost 5 parsnips and 100 gold if you want!
  • Make shops that sell animals, optionally with a stock limit! You can also optionally remove animals from Marnie's shop, so they're exclusively available at your custom shop.
  • Randomized stock and conditions, which let you change the shop stock each day. You can fully control when items are available, rotate items, check conditions, etc.
  • Customizable shop opening hours.
  • Support for items from Json Assets. You can safely add optional items/animals to your shop without enforcing a hard dependency on Json Assets; if that mod isn't installed, Shop Tile Frame will just skip those items. You can optionally add an entire Json Asset pack to a shop instead of individual items, for easy maintenance.
  • Json Assets items can be added directly to Shop Tile Framework shops from the Json Assets content pack.
  • Support for animals from Better Farm Animal Variety, which similarly doesn't need a hard dependency.
  • Open vanilla shops with tile properties (including special shops like Marnie's animals, Robin's buildings, and Clint's geodes).

Common questions
Is the mod still compatible?
The mod is compatible with Stardew Valley 1.5.5 or later on Linux/macOS/Windows, both single-player and multiplayer.

For Stardew Valley 1.6 or later, see the optional file on the 'Files' tab.
Does the mod conflict with any others?
There are no known mod conflicts. Feel free to report compatibility issues in the mod comments.
Can I safely add/remove the mod anytime?
Yep, the mod makes no changes to your save.

See also

Special thanks to:
  • spacechase0, who added a new API to Json Assets specifically for Shop Tile Framework!
  • Pathoschild for pretty much literally everything, but also specifically helped answer a lot of my coding questions along the way!
  • TrentXV for testing and giving a lot of feedback on the animal shops!
  • kdau for helping me figure out mobile input!
  • The PPJA team for being supportive and helping test!
  • The entire Stardew Valley Discord modding channel, for being awesome and helpful as always!