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A wonderful WIP mod that adds in a few new locations accessible from the bus stop, including a whole entire junimo village (that you can interact with!)

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  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
Twinzzie's Shadow Cove 
A brief introduction to the mod...

Twinzzie's Shadow Cove mod is unlike any other "new village/world" mod for Stardew Valley. Shadow Cove is a new land that you can explore. Along with Shadow Cove comes Shadow Village, a cute little village inhabited by junimos. It's decorated with flowers everywhere! You can interact with every single one of them! Along with a few other features, Shadow Cove is a work-in-progress new village mod that is planning on turning the junimos into NPCS, allowing you to shop at the market stands, adding more locations & so on! There's a lot to discover...


How it works...

Just install the mod & its required mods, empty the Shadow Cove mod folder and drop the 3 folders inside of it inside your mods folder, drop the other mods in the mods folder and you're good to go!
Required mods: 
-TMX Map Toolkit
-Bus locations
-Content Patcher


Credit & Team Info

Izzy (MapleBlossom on Nexus) for building sprites, maps/mapping & testing/debug.
Lily (WatchfulTigerlily on Nexus) for junimo sprites, building sprites & programming.
Minerva (@minervamaga on Nexus) for 
Eemie's classy furniture candle assets.

Issues & Notes

N/A for now. Will update with time. Contact us on the mod page or through Discord (official SDV discord server or through dms: @snowzie#6969 and @WatchfulTigerlily#8208)



Currently compatible with some of the biggest location mods including SVE.
You can also find translations of Shadow cove:

-Portuguese Version- 
-Chinese Version-
-Korean Version-

Incompatible mods
- N/A for now


Thanks for downloading our mod, and enjoy your time exploring the depths of Shadow Cove!

-The Twinzzies Team (Izzy & Lily)