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Makes the auto-petter available for purchase from Marnie after completing her special order.

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  • Mandarin
Version 1.0.4

Added Russian and Portuguese translations.  Please message me directly if there's a problem.  I'm still not really checking all the comments these days. I'm also going to be super busy for the next month...

Spoilers for Stardew Valley 1.5 update!



Anyway, I was really disappointed to learn that the Auto-Petter is only available after completing the Joja route.  I always play the Community Center route because it's more fun.  And I don't want to miss out on such a useful machine!

I've tried to keep things balanced.  Here's what the mod adds:

  • After the Community Center is completed, Marnie will ask for two special orders (one in spring, and one in fall).  
  • Completing either special order will reward the player with the Auto-Petter being available to purchase from Marnie.  It will show up the day after you see the letter, two days after completing the special order.
  • Marnie sells the Auto-Petter for 65,000.  This is more expensive than the Joja price to try to keep things fair.

Spring Special Order Details
Harvest 10 melons
Deliver 10 pink cakes to Marnie

Fall Special Order Details
Harvest 10 pumpkins
Deliver 10 pumpkin pies to Marnie

Required mods:
´╗┐Content Patcher
´╗┐Shop Tile Framework

Many thanks to the following for the translations:

Spanish translation by BettaZero
German translation by epicBastard