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A shop with more frozen treats and expanded hours at the ice cream stall. Requires Shop Tile Framework and Content Patcher as well as various JA packs containing the extra treats. Compatible with Khadija's Recipe Shop.

Permissions and credits
Hadi has made a JA mod with more frozen treats. He gave me permission to add them to my mod so that my stall will sell them in the summer. I haven't had time to play Stardew in the last week, but I will check back to see if there are any problems with my shop. There shouldn't be. Seeing the new items will require you to have Shaved Ice and Frozen Treats by hadiwrites.


It was brought to my attention that Lavender Ice Cream and Lemon Ice Cream have been each changed to their respective types of Sherbet instead and the ice creams removed. (I still had them installed from accidentally overwriting Sweet Tooth instead of deleting/installing when I recently updated that mod). I updated Alex's shop inventory so it wouldn't try to stock those items. Thank you Hadi for letting me know.


Well, that was fast. It seems people are excited about the idea of more ice cream flavor choices being sold, but Hadi is making use of the ice cream stall for the spring, fall, and winter area for his own mod for PPJA coming in the near future (I can't wait!). So I've posted a changed version of my shop that will only add it in the summer to sell more choices from the JA packs mentioned below (if anyone finds anything I missed, let me know, and I'll fix it). I tried to test, but it's impossible to test every possibility. Good luck and hope you enjoy your ice cream!


I've always thought it was sad that Alex only sold ice cream in the summer and only had 1 kind of ice cream to sell. With this mod, you can shop at the ice cream shop between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. in the spring, summer, and fall and get to choose from 5 options randomly picked from the list of treats available in the following Json Assets content packs: Artisan Valley Machine Goods, Sweet Tooth, Milkshakes, and Even More Recipes. At least one of these packs is required for the shop to have inventory (If yo don't have them all you will see gray text in your SMAPI log saying a list of recipes that can't be added. But it will pick from the available recipes until there are 5 options available. Thank you PPJA, ApollosNight, and Aquilegia for these mods,without which my shop would be empty.

Also thanks to Pathoschild for Content Patcher and Cherry for ShopTileFramework. (both are required for my mod to work).

Not tested if it works with other mods that patch the Town map, but should work with SVE. Let me know if it has any problems.
I'll start using the mod in my own gameplay and will update if I find anything else that I want to change.

Special thanks to users who helped me troubleshoot and test on Discord, Hadi and not even a mouse (unsure of their Nexus IDs).

Hope you enjoy the mod!