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Updates and expands on an NPC named Alec, originally by HopeWasHere.

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Alec is a brash yet kindhearted man from the Fern Isles. He has trouble connecting with others, but is hoping to meet someone to help him change that. An expert with both animals and computers, you can find his shop in the forest near the pond.
-Original Mod Description

Alec is a custom NPC from 2018 that used frameworks that no longer even exist, making him essentially impossible to use unless you rewrote the entire mod to use Content Patcher. I had been working on an unofficial update for personal use since fall 2021, but thanks to LemurKat, I was able to get in contact with HopeWasHere who was meaning to hand Alec over to someone who had to the time to update and maintain him. Since I had already done a lot of work and wanted to continue, I offered to do it. This mod has all of the content from the original mod (except the furniture, because I couldn't figure out how to make it be sold in Alec's pet shop, if you have ideas please tell me!), and a few new features! With more content on the way! Like the original mod, I'd consider this one to be in beta, so there might be bugs and stuff like that.

Next to the lake in Cindersap forest, you'll find a new building. The Pet Shop. In it, you'll find Alec, animal and computer expert from the Fern Islands. He doesn't have many friends and doesn't really know how to change that, but does he even want to? He decided he wanted the pet shop away from town and seems to go out of his way to be alone. He currently doesn't have any animals for sale, but maybe he'll get some soon. It might be a good idea to keep visiting and checking!

Current Features:
  • Fully romanceable NPC
  • Spouse Room and Patio
  • 7 Heart Events
  • Config that can switch between old/new hair and shaved/bearded
  • Since it can be a sensitive topic, config that lets you choose where Harvey brings up Alec's weight during his annual checkup.
  • Functional pet shop, including an animal shop for BVAF animals (BVAF Fennec Foxes, BVAF Squirrels, ChefRudes Rats For BFAV, Pigeons BFAV, Trent's New Animals, Trent's New Raccoons), and an item shop where you can buy hay, fish and fish tanks. (Pre 1.6)
  • Functional Pet Shop that unlocks once you see his 2 heart event. It lets you buy more pets without having to get full friendship with your current pet. 
  • Map patch for SVE (Pre 1.6, by wamc and comes included in the mod. Post 1.6, it's a separate mod by VulbyAlt)

Planned Features:
  • Compatibility/crossover with other NPC mods
  • More events! More dialogue!
  • Adding pet shop and its open times to the minimap
  • More stuff! 

Note, if you're adding this mod to a preexisting save Alec's pet shop will have a few weird bushes around it, so I recommend using Destroyable Bushes!