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- HYPE SHOES sold by EMILY is a mod that adds new boots to Stardew Valley.
- The idea is to bring the fashion of the modern world through Hype Shoes. Air Jordans and more.
- Altogether adds 10 new boots to the game, all being AJ1.
S2 - Hope you like it, made with love. - S2

Permissions and credits

"I always had the dream of creating a mod, I never imagined that I would be able to for stardew valley. A game that enchanted me from hair to toe. From its creation process, to the modding. I found in Stardew Valley a very welcoming community and willing to teach new people. With a vast encyclopedia of forums and wikis, not so easy to find, but which serve as a great help for people new to the business, like me.
Today I can finally say that I created a mod. It was hours and hours working on it, alone, like Eric Barone. I hope people can like it, it was made with a lot of love and dedication for you, the player. Don't give up on your goals, however difficult and time consuming it may be, at some point you get there, and when you get there you realize how beautiful and empowering the climb was. And may it serve as an incentive for the search for knowledge. I feel grateful to be able to do it and I hope you enjoy playing it. It's not very perfect, I still have skills to improve.
I'm a beginner, but I don't intend to stop here."

My sincere thanks to FlashShifter, Pathoschild, SpaceChase, and all those who provided support materials and influenced me to enter the world of development.
Once again, thank you very much for reading this and I sincerely hope you enjoy! --> By DuduBertol!

--> Here are the steps to install the mod and his requirements: 


1. Download SMAPI and add to your game (only double click on .exe file, and click to install it).

2. Download all the Required Mods that the Nexus asked you to install. (Content Patcher, Expanded Preconditions Utility,
Json Assets, Shop Tile Framework, Space Core).

3. Always stay tuned for new mod updates. Update them frequently to avoid errors and bugs. Smapi will let you know as soon as a mod is out of date so you can update.

4. Any doubts, bugs, questions, message me on social media, or leave your question in the comments so we can help you!

5. Enjoy!

6. For more information see the READ ME in the game files :)

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 If you want to collaborate with the creation, and with everyone involved, feel free. Collaborations are always very welcome.
Donate me via Pix (BR) -
Pix Key: 813d5d48-cb13-496f-93de-fa5351ed080e


The mod is compatible with the main mods. SVE is one of them, tested by me it works normally.
Mods that add new Crops, Clothes, Tools, etc., works normally too.

We added a new room in Emily's house.
It contains an indoor shop where Emily sells Hype Shoes for you!




A vast collection of Air Jordan 1, in the most varied models and colors.

Air Jordan 1 'Fearless'

Purchase Price: 60.000gr
Sell Price: 30.000gr.

Air Jordan 1 x Travis Scott

Purchase Price: 40.000gr
Sell Price: 20.000gr.

Air Jordan 1 'Chicago'

Purchase Price: 10.000gr
Sell Price: 5.000gr.

Air Jordan 1 'Shattered Backboard'

Purchase Price: 7500gr (GOOD TASTE CLOTHING)
Sell Price: 3750gr.

Air Jordan 1 'Yellow Toe'

Purchase Price: 5000gr (GOOD TASTE CLOTHING)
Sell Price: 2500gr.

Air Jordan 1 'Stadium Green'

Purchase Price: 2500gr
Sell Price: 1250gr.

Air Jordan 1 'Lucky Green'

Purchase Price: 2500gr
Sell Price: 1250gr.

Air Jordan 1 'University Blue'

Purchase Price: 5000gr
Sell Price: 2500gr.

Air Jordan 1 'Court Purple'

Purchase Price: 7500gr
Sell Price: 3750gr.

Air Jordan 1 'Pink Quartz'

Purchase Price: 10000gr
Sell Price: 5000gr.

Special Thanks to who helped me to make it all Possible!

ConcernedApe - Eri Barone 
Stardew Valley Creator


- ARTS: DuduBertol, ConcernedApe
- DESING: DuduBertol
- NEW MAPS and CHANGES: DuduBertol


- Stardew Valley Wiki 
- Stardew Modding Wiki 
- Events Modding Resource Doc 
- Spriters Resource 
- PathosChild GitHub 
- Chase W GitHub 
- ChroniclerCherry GitHub 
- Tiled 
- Aseprite 
- Visual Studio 19