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More fishables be it fish, amphibian or aquatic reptiles. Also more crab pot things to get, with seasonal variations for crab pots! So far more than 50 fish added! Note this is an alpha.

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This mod adds new "fish" and a new area: The Albatross Fishing Resort, that can be reached by bus once you repaired it. Over 50 new fish have been added just in the Alpha. New fish can only be fished at the resort, with the exception of crab pot fish, those can be obtained anywhere. All species in the mod are real living species. Here's the Fish Stats and locations.

What this mods adds

  • New Fish
  • New Locations
  • New Shops
  • New Music and Sounds

Plans for the future

  • Add more fish
  • Remake some fish sprites
  • Aquarium sprites
  • Add a Temperate and a Cold fishing zone
  • More Music
  • More Shops for easy access to fishing gear
  • Maybe an upgrade to the iridium fishing rod
  • Maybe a few quests 
  • Fishing Contests Events
  • More ambiance NPCs and maybe a real one
  • A way to implement a toll system for fishing and rentable beds


More New Fish
(Should work along as no modification has been done in Vanilla fishing areas)

(Same reason as stated above)

Teh's Fishing Overhaul
(untested, may or may not work)


Is X mod compatible
Should be as no changes have been made to vanilla.

I have lots of missing fish entries on my fish collection tab
, why?
Some fish are in the game, but are not fishable yet, you can fish over 50 for now.

Can you add X thing/mecanism to the game?
I'm a 1 man team, with very limited coding knownledge, so odds are no.

A big thanks to:

FlashShifter for tech support
Hisame and Trent for the inspiration and making me a fishing addict in the game
Everyone on the SVD discord that helped me