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Shop inventories are augmented so that players running a vegan farm can finish all bundles in the community center.

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Are you running a farm without any livestock? You aren't fishing either? Then you'll probably have trouble completing the bundles in the community center. This content pack allows you to buy the missing items in some of the existing shops.

  • Bundle items that require an animal on your farm (e.g., eggs, milk, wool, duck feathers, rabbit's feet, but also truffles) can be bought from Marnie. Every day she will have a random one of these items in stock.
  • Bundle items that can be obtained by processing animal products (e.g., cheese) will not be sold by Marnie.
  • Honey is available from Pierre on some random days unless it's winter.
  • If the season and weather is right for catching a particular fish required for a bundle, then Willy (or Sandy in case of the Sandfish) will sell it with some probability. They will only sell fish required for a bundle.

While in principle you could probably get all the missing items from the traveling merchant, this requires a lot of luck.

This content pack requires SMAPI and the Shop Tile Framework mod.