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A new pair of twin vendors have set up shop in the valley, and they're bringing an ever expanding selection of exotic goods to Pelican Town! Buy cooking recipes and ingredients from Zamir on weekdays, and check out Nasira's collection of weapons and blueprints on weekends! Sell JA items in an organized, balanced, and lore-friendly way!

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A new pair of twin vendors have come to Pelican town to sell JA recipes, machines, weapons, and cooking ingredients. But why, you ask, when most JA mods already add their goods and recipes to shops around town?

KRS aims to achieve the following:
  • Automatically declutter vanilla shop menus by providing a place for modders to sell their goods in a lore-friendly way.
  • Provide randomized shop inventory to deepen immersion by encouraging players to visit the shop regularly.
  • Balance the game experience by limiting purchase of rare items and powerful weapons.
  • Add the ability to buy ingredients for cooking, such as raw meats and JA spices, from a dedicated vendor.
  • Allow the sale of new machine recipes gradually. Lets players slowly discover new machines on their own initiative without cluttering the level up screens or the mailbox.
  • Support JA packs with total dependency on KRS AND packs that still want their goods sold at other shops.
  • Introduce the world to the magical, seasonal shop mascot, Khadija the snake familiar! Because who doesn't love a cute snek??

Replaces the ice cream stand year-round & relocates the shop to a new stall in the desert during the summer so Alex can still sell ice cream in town.

Please note, as of Version 1.3, the TMXL portion of this mod has been removed. If your mod previously used ppja.TMX.KRS as a dependency, please update your manifests to use the mod id ppja.KRSCP instead!

If you would like your JA Packs added to KRS' default stock, please message Hadi or ping her on Discord (Hadi#2271) to have the mod added. You may leave your original shop conditions intact so that even without KRS, the packs will still work!

If you'd like to add packs without the hassle of contacting me, or don't mind cutting out vanilla compatibility, you can directly sell your items at KRS by changing this field in your JA files:
 "PurchaseFrom": "STF.RecipeShop" to sell items on weekdays (recipes, food, and ingredients),

    "PurchaseFrom": "STF.RecipeShopSat"
to sell weapons, machines, and raw animal products (meats, leathers, etc) on weekends.

You need to to have:

- Latest version of Mail Framework Mod
- Latest version of Json Assets
- Latest version of SMAPI
- Latest version of SpaceCore
- Latest version of Content Patcher
- Latest version of Shop Tile Framework

At LEAST one of the following packs: