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Add two new romanceable characters and a cute cafe shop to your game! Currently in beta.

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Welcome to the Stray Catfe!

Meet Theo and Tabitha, a pair of twins who have just moved to the valley. Bubbly Tabitha came to Pelican Town to start a cafe with her pragmatic twin brother Theo in tow. Tabitha's go-getter attitude is inspiring, but can she really succeed on that alone? And is this really what Theo wants to do with his life? Talk to, befriend, and even romance your new neighbors to find out.

Both Theo and Tabitha are datable/marriageable NPCs with original dialogue, schedules, and events. They live in the new map location - the Stray Catfe - found down a new southern path at the bus stop. These characters were designed with the goal of making them as seamless with the base game as possible in everything from their dialogue to their overworld sprites.
Update: 09/08/2020

Hello! I know I kind of dropped off the face of the earth (or at least, NexusMods) for a while, and I apologize for that. Unfortunately I have no immediate plans on working more on the mod in the near future as life has been quite busy since the pandemic began -- mental health stuff, other projects, work, getting a new kitten, etc. That being said, hopefully sometime soon I'll find the inspiration to continue work on this.

Thank you so much to everyone who has left encouraging words in the comments and to those who are helping one another figure out fixes for minor problems. In the mean time please check out the new "Extras" section I've added below to link to other mods made specifically for this one, such as alternative portraits!

Content Details

This mod adds:

  • 2 marriage candidate characters with distinct personalities, gift tastes, schedules, etc.
  • 10 heart events, 5 for each character.
  • Over 300 lines of dialogue total.
  • 2 new maps, accessible by a new path that leads south from the Bus Stop.
  • A new shop, the Stray Catfe, that sells coffee, tea, and baked goods for lower prices than the Saloon.

Event & Gift Information
The following contains spoilers for how to trigger the characters' heart events.

Tabitha Events 

2 Hearts: Enter town between 4 PM and 8 PM.
4 Hearts: Enter Pierre's when the store is open.
6 Hearts: Enter the forest between 8 AM and 6 PM.
8 Hearts: Enter the library. You will need to have already experienced Tabitha's 6-heart event.
10 Hearts: Enter the bus stop. You will need to have already experienced Tabitha's 8-heart event.

Theo Events

2 Hearts: Exit your home on a sunny day when it is not Winter between 6 AM and 8 AM.
4 Hearts: Enter the railroad while it is not Winter. 
6 Hearts: Enter town while it is not Winter.
8 Hearts: Enter town when it is sunny weather and the season is not Winter.
10 Hearts: Enter the forest when it is sunny weather and the season is not Winter.

Tabitha Gifts

Loved: Chocolate cake, pink cake, tea set, pumpkin pie, maple bar, maple syrup, green tea
Liked: Sugar, wheat flour, poppy, sweet gem berry, tea leaves
Neutral: Strange bun
Disliked: JojaCola, wine, mead, morel, chanterelle, common mushroom, fried mushroom
Hated: Pale ale, beer, hops, algae soup, pale broth, escargot, purple mushroom

Theo Gifts

Loved: Artichoke dip, artichoke, Autumn's bounty, fairy rose, fairy seeds
Liked: All seeds, truffle, poppy
Neutral: All gems, all fertilizer, red mushroom
Disliked: Mayonnaise, duck mayonnaise, shrimp cocktail 
Hated: Escargot, crab, crab cakes

Disclaimer: Please note that this mod is currently in beta. At this time, it functions on a base level but has not been extensively playtested, and there are many more features and additions I am going to add in the future (see the To-Do section below)!

If you find a bug or any other issue (sprite issues, typos, etc.), you are encouraged to check the Known Issues list below and, if it is not already listed, report it to me. Thank you! <3

This mod requires several other mods to work. Please check the Requirements section above to see them.

  • This mod can be played with other mods that alter the Bus Stop map using the "Merge" function from the TMX Toolkit, such as the Boarding House mod.
  • Any mod that completely overwrites the Bus Stop's warp points or replaces the Bus Stop map will not work with this mod. If you are running into an issue such as the path appearing but the warp points not working, or errors with the NPCs' schedules, you likely have a mod installed that does this.
  • As far as I know, the mod does work with base SVE, but not with the Immersive Farm 2 Remastered map due to how it alters the Bus Stop map. I do not personally play with SVE nor have I had the time to test it yet.

To install...

  • Download the latest version of SMAPI.
  • Download the rest of the mods listed above and this one, extracting them all into your "Stardew Valley/Mods" folder.
  • Play the game!*

*This mod should work fine no matter if you start a new game or not. However, this is one of the many things that needs to be tested.

To uninstall...
If you must uninstall this mod, it is highly recommended you start a new game to avoid complications. Be particularly careful of removing the framework mods, as SMAPI warns.

You can uninstall it by simply deleting all the relevant folders from your Mods folder.   

Alternative Portraits:
Alternate Portraits for Stray Catfe Tabitha and Theo by AirynS -- Some adorable portraits that give Tabby and Theo a nice soft look.
Shie Portraits extended (Shie-esque portraits) by CrepusculeCraft -- Versions of the portraits to make them fit in if you're using SHIE'S PORTRAITS.
For the Future 

Known Issues
Unless otherwise stated, I am currently looking in to solutions for all of these bugs! Some of these that I am actively looking in to are listed on the Bugs tab. Please also see that tab for more recent/smaller issues.

  • They are both able to accept/reject an invitation to the Flower Dance, but there will be a blank spot where their dancing sprite is supposed to be.
  • Neither of them will show up in the crowd for the "main events" of festivals (when the Governor tastes the soup at the Luau, for instance).
  • Both of them may collide with other characters while following their schedules.
  • On the very first day of the characters being loaded in, they may spawn on the Bus Stop map and their schedules might get mixed up. However, after sleeping for one day, this should be resolved permanently and they will properly spawn in their home.
  • The marriage event screen for both characters will be all black except for the text boxes if the game is not in fullscreen mode. The event still functions correctly aside from that, though, so at this time I am not pursuing a fix for this.
  • Because they have the same birthday, only one character at a time appears on the calendar. I am not pursuing a fix for this as it is not game-breaking.
  • If you do not enter the library at all until Tabitha's 8-heart event is ready to trigger, the game will soft-lock after Gunther's introduction. So... just make sure to enter the library at least once before Tabitha's heart level is too high. Since this is such an edge case, I am not pursuing a fix for this.


These are features, extra content, and tweaks I am hoping to add over the course of time. Entries with asterisks (*) next to them indicates that they are stretch goals, which means that they are things I'd like to do, but fall lower on the priority list and/or I am not certain how implement them.
  • General art polishing.
  • General dialogue polishing.
  • Lower Theo's wheelchair back to reflect that he is primarily independent in moving around.
  • Add various idle animations for each character.
  • Add custom tiles for the exterior of the cafe, so that it isn't just a copy of Pam's house.
  • Add 16-heart marriage events for both characters.
  • Create Night Market schedules and dialogue for both characters.
  • Make compatible with Stardew Valley Expanded's Immersive Farm 2 Remastered map.
  • Add letters that the characters will send to the player.*
  • Implement in-law dialogue for both characters.*
  • Add various extra events for both characters (jealousy event, events including other villagers, etc).*
  • Get fishing to work with the pond in their yard.*
  • Alter vanilla characters' schedules to have them go to the cafe on occasion, for immersion.*
  • Implement annual doctor's visits into both characters' schedules.*
  • Change the pause menu map to display the new area.*
  • Custom spouse room tiles.*
  • Make compatible with the Seasonal Villager Outfits mod.*
  • Implement language support for all the languages the base game currently has -- Simplified Chinese, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. If you speak one of these languages and would like to volunteer with that, please reach out to me!*


Tabitha & Theo's Portraits: Brooke Robertson
Super special thanks to pedanticsoothsayer for alpha playtesting and lemurkat for helping me figure out map bugs.

Misc Notes:
This mod was originally created as a senior project before I graduated, and is now a portfolio piece for me as a narrative game designer.

I am also the author of the Stardew Valley Romance Project (aka Doki Doki Dialogue). If you're interested in more romantic content for the marriage candidates, please check it out! :)