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Are you a successful farmer or rancher? No time to make runs to the mines chasing monsters? Do what every other rich person does, PAY SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT FOR YOU!

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Are you a successful farmer or rancher? No time to make runs to the mines chasing monsters around the rocks? Do what every other rich person does, PAY SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT FOR YOU!

With this mod, you can buy more than 140 items previously unavailable in stores including monster drops as well as other more naturally occurring items.

New in v1.1 you will find 8 machines previously only craftable as well as over 40 recipes, both food and crafting, available for purchase early (as long as you have the cash!) Also, six additional dishes sold by Gus in the saloon.

In v1.2 you can now buy some resources directly from some non-shop NPCs. Actually just one NPC in 1.2.0 but rest assured, others are in development! The spoiler info is below if you want it. This change has necessitated my adding Content Patcher to the required mods list so be aware of that.

All of these things are sold in several shops around town, for a fair price of course, they need to make a living also.

I've tried to choose the best shop for each item based on what it is, who other than the player would be most likely to acquire it, and how it's generally used. While I've included a spoiler list of all the materials and where to buy them below, hopefully I've listed them at stores that make sense if you give it a little thought.

You'll be able to buy:

If you really want to know where you'll find everything, here's that list:

Materials are intentionally priced so that you'll pay a premium for someone else to do your work, but that's sort of the point here. Everything is, however, priced so that buying materials and then improving them (make cheese from milk or oil from the truffles, for example) will net a profit but not nearly as much as if you had produced your own materials.

Ok, you say you want the list of costs for everything too?

You're really demanding...

  • You'll need Smapi like other mods
  • You'll also need Shop Tile Framework installed
  • Extract the zip file for Buy More Materials into your Mods folder
  • Run Stardew Valley using Smapi

Plans for future development:
  • Add optional support for Stardew Valley Expanded. Please note, this mod works fine with SVE, by optional support I mean expanding what you can buy from Sophia and adding new custom shops from other SVE NPCs
  • [In Process] Add even more materials such that you could essentially buy the Community Center bundles if you wanted, although, I think you'll still need to 
  • [In Process] I have made a new custom shop to buy forage directly from Linus (or his tent). As long as that goes well with wider testing I'll implement that for other NPCs that I've been hoping to get to since I started...
  • Other things I haven't thought of yet

Feel free to edit the shops.json file as you see fit for your own playstyle. If you add more of change items (or think I should), I'd love to hear about it, maybe I'll incorporate it into the next version update (and credit you, of course, for your help)

Special thanks to:
  • CherryChain for both making STF that this uses as well as taking the time to answer a couple of questions!
  • Pathoschild for, obviously making Smapi to make modding easier but also for personally answering a question or two along the way (though their answer was related to a future update... spoilers)
  • NightBlade561 for their mod Easy Mode Store which served as the initial spark of an idea that became Buy More Materials 
  • Other people on the SDV Modding Discord server for answering what were probably rather mundane questions. You all are great.
  • And thanks to you, dear player, for reading all the way to the bottom. I wish I could buy YOU a coffee...
  • Either this is way more interesting than I thought or you're really bored. Hope your day picks up.