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The community center has been restored, but Joja goods are still flowing into town from a suspicious source...

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So you finished the community center and realized there are some things you just can't live without. No problem! A shady character in the bus tunnel will be happy to sell you a few goods - at premium prices, of course.

Welcome to the Joja Blackmarket! Manned by fine, upstanding citizens this shop is a purveyor of precious Joja goods, gems, and artifacts. They'll also happily buy any spare swords or monster loot you might have lying around. Where can you find such a marvelous shop? Why, just around the corner from your farm in the conveniently located tunnel! But some of the townspeople have noticed strange things going on and aren't so happy...

Goods sold

Description but boring

Should be compatible with nearly all mods. Does make a change to the tunnel, but I don't know of any other mods that change that spot in it so you should be in the clear.

Can I add an item to the Blackmarket?
Yes! However, you'll need to do the coding yourself. Fortunately, it's very easy!

If you just want to add some items for yourself, you can open up the file "shops.json" in this mod's STF folder and edit it directly. You can reference this tutorial for more information.

If you would like to add some items via a published mod, you are welcome to do so with a caveat: please keep the general theme in mind and also please don't be, like, racist or anything. Be cool.

To do so, you will create your own STF mod. You can use the tutorial linked prior for the basic code, and remember that you do not need to repeat any of the existing items (this would cause the inventory for those items to double), just add the code for your own inventory additions. Make sure to include CopperSun.JojaBlackmarketSTF as a dependency in your manifest.

You are also welcome to change the Blackmarket vendor in your mod as you like.

After the CC is complete the shop vendor will change to a familiar face. You can disable this via the config if you have a mod which keeps that familiar, oh-so-punchable face around after CC completion and don't want to consider why s/he might otherwise have a clone.

Content Patcher - essential to make the shop display
Shop Tile Framework - essential to make the shop work
Smapi - essential to mod Stardew Valley
Asters Fruit Trees as Crops - Optional. Adds extra stock.
Joja Seeds - Optional. Adds extra stock.

Much love to LemurKat, who wrote two tutorials used to make this mod.
Additional appreciation to Tiakall, Richard, and Angie, who all generously assisted in testing and providing screenshots.