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Open-source SKSE core plugin for community-driven advanced graphics modifications for AE, SE and VR. Also fixes bugs.

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  • Unified Shader Cache with fast multi-threaded compilation to a Disk Cache for instant start-up.
  • Asynchronous shader compilation for in-game shader hot-reloading in a second.
  • Direct access to the game through SKSE and CommonLibSSE.
  • In-game menu with tips, powered by ImGui.
  • Designed for speed and reliability.
  • Fixes bugs.
  • VR support!
  • Open Source - GPL-3.0. Community can add features and maintain without worry it'll go closed source.


  • Significantly improves performance of rendering terrain.
  • Fixes incorrect normal-mapping on environment mapping and multi-layer parallax.
  • Fixes green reflections on water.
  • Fixes TAA on lighting shaders in VR from jittering in the right eye.


Vanilla HDR
Tree LOD Lighting
Grass Lighting
Grass Collision
Screen-Space Shadows
Complex Parallax Materials
Water Blending
Light Limit Fix
Water Parallax
Water Caustics
Subsurface Scattering
Dynamic Cubemaps
Wetness Effects


Grass Lighting
Grass Collision

Complex Parallax Materials
Screen-Space Shadows
Light Limit Fix

Water Caustics (partly)
Subsurface Scattering
Dynamic Cubemaps

Wetness Effects


To access the menu, press the END key.


The Shader Cache is the collection of compiled shaders which replace the vanilla shaders at runtime. Clearing the shader cache will mean that shaders are recompiled only when the game re-encounters them. This is only needed for hot-loading shaders for development purposes.


The Disk Cache is a collection of compiled shaders on disk, which are automatically created when shaders are added to the Shader Cache. If you do not have a Disk Cache, or it is outdated or invalid, you will see "Compiling Shaders" in the upper-left corner. The window will not freeze but you will be unable to interact with the game until this completes. After it has completed upon reloading the game you will not see this again, and there should be no delay.

This Disk Cache is located in Data/ShaderCache. Delete this folder to wipe it.



This project lives and dies by community contributions. The overarching goal is to bridge reverse engineering with graphics programming. This can only be done through a unified effort due to numerous complexities related to such mods.

This is a community project, which means any (well, most) contributions are welcome. User interface improvements and translation support would be very useful, or just some cool colours and improved styling. If you really want to add some easter eggs, go for it. 

d3dcompiler_47.dll REMOVED from the root folder OF SKYRIM ONLY if you have it (otherwise some shaders may not be able to compile).

Basically any processor.

An NVIDIA GPU. Other GPU vendors may work with some features but are not officially supported at this time.
We try to do as much as we can to support other vendors, but we need an AMD and Intel Arc maintainer to be able to provide reliable support.

Address Library for SKSE Plugins

VR Address Library for SKSEVR


Compatible with 1.5.97, 1.6.1130 and VR only. (Other versions may work but are unsupported)
Not compatible with ENB. This mod disables all features if ENB is present, otherwise the game will crash. 
It can be used as a replacement for ENB for mods that require ENB/Particle Lights.
Not compatible with Shader Tools (Parallax Fix, ShaderTools Updated). Delete SSEShaderTools.dll and ShaderTools.dll. This mod includes Shader Tools functionality.




Nukem for the original RE of game shaders, rendering, and help.
aers for additional RE and help.
Jonahex for RE, the original shader cache, and help.
ffarrell17 for UI-related work.
ProfJack for their UI overhaul and additional changes.
alandtse for numerous improvements and VR support.
FlayaN for build system improvements.
ceejbot for build system improvements.
LaoBro for minor contributions and ideas.