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VR Address Library database for end users. This is intended as a VR replacement for Address Library for SKSE for mods designed for it. Only download if the mod says this is a requirement. It is currently an alpha.

This is not for SSE. This is different from Address Library for SKSE.

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Address Library for SKSE is a great tool for developers. However, it is for SSE only and doesn't support VR development. This is intended to provide a VR equivalent. This does not work in SSE.

Download if a mod says VR Address Library is required. Unless a mod is compiled to use this, it will not work so do not expect this as a drop in replacement for Address Library unless the mod author tells you to use this.

This is intended to be used for mods already built with Address Library and using CommonLibSSE and specifically for mods built using the cmake based template. Replace your CommonLibSSE with the fork designed for VR. The fork is intended to also compile for SSE as it's in sync with upstream but is currently untested. We currently do not have a header library for using this directly. Instructions for converting a mod already using address library here.

The database is intended to be crowdsourced and is not automated despite the fact we've generated automated matches using tools provided by meh321 and others. While the python tool on GitHub can help you identify the correct VR equivalent, we'll need help confirming.

Latest version, tools for converting mods, and source on GitHub.