Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

All-in-One for Pfuscher's mods.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a merge file of Pfuscher work published on Nexus.

It's available to original textures size (16K maximum size), 4K, 2K or 1K (Downscaled by maximum size).

The mods included are :

Fur Armor Set - Revamped
Ash Man - Retexture
Slaughterfisheggs - Retexture - Pfuscher
Apiaries Beehive - Retexture - Pfuscher
Rug Round - Retexture - Pfuscher
Satchel - Replacer - Pfuscher
Mill - Pfuscher
Gold Bar - Replacer - Pfuscher
Noble Bed - Replacer
Jorrvaskr Carpet n cloth - Replacer 
Flagon - Replacer
Bonepile - Retexture - Pfuscher
Thicket replacer with Nettle
Sacks - Replacer - Pfuscher
Upperclass chair - Replacer
Skulls - Replacer
Sconce - Replacer
Night table - Replacer
Whiterun Bench - Replacer
Cheese Wedge - Replacer
Bee Husk - Replacer - Pfuscher
Ciri Outfit Retexture
Cloaks and Capes RETEX
Clams HD
Riften Canals rounded - by Pfuscher
High poly Mudcrab n Retexture
Carriages HD UHD
Skyrim Terrain Parallax
Petty Pigeons
Helm of Yngol
The cat mod
Renthal's waterwheel HD
Skyrim 2019
Excellent Mountains
HD Mammothcheese by Pfuscher and Renthal
Skyrim 2018 by Pfuscher
Immersive Laundry Improvement ILIM by Pfuscher
4K HD Fine Mines
Skyrim 202X by Pfuscher - Formerly 2020
HD High Poly Keys II
Rapid Rocks
Skyrim 3D Trees and Plants - Parallaxed
aMidianBorn Book of Silence - Extra pages
HD Skins for old female faces
Improved Water Performance IWP by Pfuscher
Grass Addon for Veydosebrom Verdant and others
Pfuscher UV fixes
Sharpening Wheel HD
Renthals's tanning rack
Skeever Tail HD
Chainmail armor - Pfuscher version
Static Mesh improvement Mod - SMIM - Quality Addon
Lucidstorm Barrel
Highlandcow HD by Pfuscher
Renthal's workbench
GOAT HD by Pfuscher
Carts HD
Ducks and Swans 2

I will add more next, just need to test compatibilty with actual mods.

Recommended load order:

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM (hard required)
Blended Roads (opitonal)
Enhanced Lights and FX (if you are not using Lux or Lux Orbis, opitonal)
ELFX Fixes (if you are using Enhanced Lights and FX, opitonal)
- Pfuscher's mods - AIO (Main files)
- Pfuscher's mods - AIO (Update files)
Water for ENB or Realistic Water Two SE (or any other water mod, opitonal)
Embers XD (opitonal)
Lux (if you are not using Enhanced Lights and FX, opitonal)
Lux Orbis (if you are not using Enhanced Lights and FX, opitonal)
- Pfuscher's mods - AIO (Misc files)
Simplicity of Snow (opitonal but recommended for parallax users to avoid parallax and snow shader conflicts)

Bug reports:
For quicker resolve, please use: More Informative Console (to know object mesh: open console and click through of it)

If you enjoy Pfuscher's work please consider supporting him at Patreon and Kofi (links on Skyrim 202X by Pfuscher description).

Best regards,


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- Renthal
- Blackread
- nerdofprey
- Keungkeung
- Brumbek
- GGunit
- SaevaVeritas
- T4gtr34um3r
- EdmondNoir
- Mathy79
- JD941
- Preeum
- aMdidianBorn aka Cabal
- Billyro
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