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Adds complex parallax to Isoku's Deadly Spell Impacts mod.

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Using one of ENB's latest features, parallax can be added to decals. Currently covers only the "default" option. Also reported working with Community Shaders and Complex Parallax Materials.

Deadly Spell Impacts
ENB + ENB preset with complex parallax enabled (EnableComplexParallax=true & EnableComplexParallaxShadows=true in enbseries.ini)
OR Community Shaders and Complex Parallax Materials.

  • Not compatible with any mod that alters the Impact decal textures.
  • Not compatible with any other parallax implementation except ENB's.
  • If the effect is not visible try deleting ENBCache folder.
  • The transparency fix for ENB is not needed.
  • Normal and environmental maps are saved with BC7 compression.
  • Esp marked as Esl.
  • Complex parallax (complex material) is NOT supported in the VR version of ENB yet.
  • Snow shaders that are multi pass do not display the decals on the surfaces they are applied (Simplicity of Snow, Majestic Mountains, Better Dynamic Snow 2)

  • Some surfaces do not display/register the impacts. This is an issue with the original mod too, further investigation is needed.
  • Glow maps do not work on the decals (yet?).
  • Some visual issues with rainy weathers and ENBWetsurfaces (found a fix, needs some testing). Should be fixed in 2.0.

Future Plans:
  • Brand new textures
  • Parallax the remaining options
  • Vanilla version(?) won't do
  • Compatibility with Arctic, Inferno and Voltage (ongoing)
  • Bug fixes

My other mods: here.
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Parallax Spell Impacts
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ENB preset recommendations:
Rudy for Cathedral Weathers by Rudy
NAT.ENB III by l00ping (has a nice performance preset)
PI-CHO ENB by HaeVakSa (current favorite)
Nordwind ENB by Guts390 and Adyss

Mods used In Screenshots:
Skyland AIO
Deadly Spell Impacts


When uninstalling, make a save when there are no impacts present and then remove all installed files.