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Port of the popular SSE Engine Fixes to the VR version of the game.

Permissions and credits
Engine Fixes VR

This is a fork of SSE Engine Fixes.   This contains the relevant fixes for VR as well as a few fixes of my own.    I also have ported over 2 fixes from the .NET framework Bug Fixes SSE.

SSE Engine Fixes
Bug Fixes SSE


To install drop in your SKSE/Plugins the dll and ini file. Configure the ini file if you want to disable features.
Also the "(Part 2) Engine Fixes - skse64 Preloader and TBB Lib" zip file needs to be extracted to your main SkyrimVR folder or the plugin will not load correctly

Check out VR Parallax Shader Fix which uses a patch here to get parallax functional!

Now on Patreon!    Please use this link if you would like to support the development of my mods!


These are from the SSE Fixes Mod page
  • aers - original SSE mod author
  • Nukem - more stuff than I can mention
  • Sniffleman/Ryan - Misc Fixes + CommonLibSSE
  • meh321 - research into tree LOD function (SSE fixes), bugfixes LE & port permissions, and for making BugFixesSSE source available so I can port it
  • sheson - skse plugin preloader for LE alongside meh
  • himika - scatter table implementation from libskyrim (LE), plus tons of research function/variable names
  • kassent - useful information from the source code of various skse plugins
  • Kole6738 - cosave cleaner idea+code
  • LStewieAL - Things ported from here

Other credits
  • alandtse -  Parallax Fix and other contributions
  • shadowking97  - Parallax Fix

Source is on github here: