Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

There are this many goals I tried to achieve with this Reshade: Add slightly more bloom, sunnier days, a tiny bit of sharpening to reduce vanilla game blur, moderate vibrance color boost, eye adaptation, reduced contrast seams, screw up the least amount of things in the process...

Permissions and credits
Was originally meant to be used with Wander weather mod and some texture mods I use(Though even vanilla snow looks nicer with it).

If you want to use it with Skyrim Together you have to pick SkyrimTogether.exe instead of vanilla game .exe during the setup.

The shaders it utilizes:
Ambient Light: Adds some lens effect along with moderate amount of additional bloom.
Vibrance: Moderately boosts multiple colors, orange in particular.
Sharpening: Reduces vanilla blur.
Cinematic LUT that doesn't go overbroad and doesn't go too far from vanilla color palette, adds a bit of orange tint.
Eye Adaptation: I just hate using torches at night, that's it. Also some dungeon were a bit too dark to my taste.
FilmicPass: used mainly to reduce the highlights and avoid the colors turning into complete black. Greatly smooths the image.

Barely touches your performance at all. I lose like 2 fps at most, in the worst case scenario.

Was uploaded to be used as an optional addon for my STR collection - Vende Strikes Back.

Installation instruction:

*Unpack the ZIP file.

*Download Reshade.

*Launch Reshade setup.
*Pick the game's .exe file(SkyrimTogether.exe for multiplayer)
*Pick DirectX11.
*Pick the Vende's Reshade.ini preset file.
*Wait till the download finishes.

HOME button should activate the overlay. Otherwise either I didn't explain the process clearly or you did something wrong.

There are 2 versions of the mod, one is just for Wander Weather mod(Niflheimr) and another for Wander Weather mod(Niflheimr) + Vanilla HDR.