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Klarity is a light-weight Reshade preset designed to enhance visuals when using Community Shaders.

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As Community Shaders explodes in popularity and the Light limit Fix hits the Nexus I wanted to share my preset. I like to run my game as smooth as possible with the best visuals possible, a challenge many of us also try to acheive. So here I present:

I designed this preset to work originally with NAT Standalone  for a very clean vivid look but have had great results with vanilla weathers too creating a very nordic feel akin to the original game but remastered. -See pics for reference.
This preset features Lightweight AO, Tonemapping, Bloom and a bump in colour to avoid a washed out look.

UPDATE: I have uploaded a perfomance plus preset that looks great without Playground.
Requires NAT Standalone OR  Obsidian Weathers and Seasons for the desired look. Please use with Reshade Helper Nothing else Required! Please try it out! Check the Files section :)


Community Shaders
Vanilla HDR
Tree LOD Lighting
Grass Lighting
Grass Collision
Screen Space Shadows
Complex Parallax Materials (Only if you want Parallax)
Water Blending
Light Limit Fix
Rehade Addon (I personally use 5.8 Addon - Newer versions SHOULD be fine)

  • Playground - A WIP Modification for Reshade that allows Reshade effects to render inside the game MUCH better! This allows Ambient Occlusion to be used without ugly ghosting in the distance through fog and such.
You can get Playground from the Community Shaders Discord - Please be respectful in the server :)
Once you are verified and can access channels you can use THIS LINK To get Playground! Please understand this is a WIP mod.

Simply Drop the Reshade Custom Tomato.ini file you downloaded into your game folder. If you have Reshade installed already but aren't sure if you have all the effects required, simply uninstall via the reshade setup and then reinstall it. During reshades setup you can choose to install a preset browse to the file Reshade Custom Tomato.ini in your Skyrim Special Edition Folder and allow it to install. (You can install any preset this way and it will automatically aquire the shaders you need.) 
!! If you download the playground test !!
Install the Playground test via your mod manager. -Once inside the game with my preset loaded press the home key on your keyboard then navigate to the addons tab at the top, expand the edit techniques section and enable all the textures and shaders then SAVE. That's it!