About this mod

Adds over 70 NPCs to the game. NPC's are lore friendly, use vanilla assets and blend in with Skyrim's inhabitants. All NPC's are unique and populate palaces, Inns, prisons, temples and other locations. NPC's include followers and marriage candidates for all races and can be found in appropriate areas.

Permissions and credits
Adds over 70 NPC's into the game, many of which are Follower and Marriage candidates. Using no modded assets, the NPC's will fit alongside all of Skyrims NPC's seamlessly, so has not to shatter your immersion. NPC's inhabit locations where players will likely stumble across them, such as Inns, Keeps, Prisons and other locations.

The philosophy behind the mod is aimed at expanding Skyrim's interactable characters without departing from the original aesthetic. I find a lot of NPC mods tend to be perfect looking models (not that there's anything wrong with that) and look suspiciously similar to each other. I tried to address that by basing many of the characters of real people, or giving them flaws and imperfections to make them seem less perfect, while still being aesthetically pleasing or interesting. Because sometimes you need just a little bit of mediocrity in your life. 

NPC's are divided up into several categories:


Adventurers ~NPC's who you will mostly find in Inns willing to join up with the first adventurer that comes along. These NPC's are battle ready, develop alongside the player and are essential. Each has their own unique stats and preferred fighting styles. Originally intended to be hirelings, but unfortunately Skyrim's voice files are too limiting when it came to charcter diversity, so they'll all just join you for free like they already know you from somewhere... hey your name gets around!

Spouses ~ NPC's whose only lot in life is to be swept off their feet by some dashing hero or buxom heroine. These NPC's can be found in plenty of different places. They will not follow as an adventurer might (at least not in this mod) and you will find their combat skills lacklustre. But otherwise wear an Amulet of Mara and these normally dismissive NPC's might suddenly take a keen interests in Tamriel's newest protagonist.

Criminals ~ NPC's who can be found in prison cells all over Skyrim. Break them out and they'll most graciously follow you around and give their lives defending you, if need be. Not as effective as Adventures, these criminals are able to put up a fight and may compliment the enterprising thief or assassin in an interesting if not dubious companion on their journeys. Most of them willing to marry the player, y'know for tax purposes.

Servants ~ NPC's who make their living serving the Jarls and Orc Chieftains of Skyrim . These servants are awful fighters however they will follow you around and gladly haul some of that extra junk around. However as servants, whenever not following you in the wilderness they act as butlers who you can purchase food and drink from. Ever wanted your own personal butler at home? Well now you can! Works really well with needs mods.

Additionally with servants, depending on their backgrounds they will have different inventories. Orcs hailing from stronghold provide more meat in their store inventories to reflect their heritage. Dark Elves hailing from Solstheim sell items such as Sujamma and Ash Yams. Exceptions apply to Orcs and Dark Elves that serve in Nord Palaces, which they will aim to please a more Nordic palette.

Special/Other ~ These guys are odd. Think of them as Easter eggs. Don't worry, not forth wall shattering Easter eggs. I ain't a fan of those myself.

Install with a mod manager of your choice.
Add files manually to the skyrimSE data folder by extracting the .Zip file. (SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\Data)

When updating from previous versions make a save and take any items you don't want to lose OFF your followers. Dismiss all followers and if you have home mods, dismiss them from those too.

Anything that replaces the cells these characters are occupying will usually make the NPC's not appear.

I'm a UNP man myself, and I use those bodies in the screenshots, depending on your custom bodies the NPC's appearance may change from the screenshots that I've uploaded.

It's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO SE. As many of the NPC's use the added voice lines. OTHERWISE some characters will not be able to engage in dialogue. (IF you already have RDO SE and still can't talk to an NPC, check to see if they're a spouse. IF yes, add an amulet of Mara to yourself then talk to them)

If you're into the business of collecting followers I recommend using Dhuester's Amazing Follower Tweaks SE . This will allow you a much greater degree of control such as setting follower homes, outfits, combat styles and even making any npc's potential followers.

Character List:
* Now indicates new since last release

Freyjelka - Jorvaskur
Draco Caesar - Winking Skeever
Taela - Winking Skeever
Evelyn - Silverblood Inn
Brya - Deadman's Drink
Harakson - Falkreath Hall of Dead
Anorwen - Frozen Hearth
*Syphax - Dawnstar Inn
Wander's Deep - Bee & Barb
Jo'Reiez - Ratway
*Faedyr - Falkreath Talos Shrine
*Teohatloc - Riften Docks Ship
*Ermingard - Whiterun Watchtower
*Gascayn - Gnisis Cornerclub
*kojammaso - Markarth Mine

Qaxalatl - Bee & Barb
Huitzileel - Bunkhouse - check voice
Vercingetorix - Silverblood Inn
Orianne - Dragonsreach
Sigrid - Bards College
Torstig - Drunken Huntsman
Sarethis - Gnisis Cornerclub
Valyne - Gnis Cornerclub
Murandel - Moorside Inn
Everiel - Temple of the Divines
Vitellus - Bannered Mare
Secunda - Riverwood Inn
Kuurja - Kynesgrove Inn
Rimarja - Winking Skeever
Roshurgrub - Frozen Hearth
Grushorc - Dushnik Yal
Shaynara - Candlehearth Hall
Jurguthax - Roriksted Inn
Bellamor - Dead Man's Drink
Indirel - Morthal Jarl Hall
*Coatlax - Riften Docks
*Axaquetz - Riften Docks
*Tlalacon - Riften Docks
*Jacques - Markarth Talos Shrine
*Lysanyr - Blue Palace
*Octavia - Temple of Mara
*Oddete - Temple of Dibella
*Oddo - Shrine of Dibella,  South of Dawnstar
*Yaja - Temple of Mara
*Lulali - Gnisis Cornerclub

Ademar - Dragonsreach Dungeon
Artorex - Riften Jail
Atia - Windhelm Jail
Cronag - The Chill
Darkano - Dawnstar Jail
Darokaskji - Solitude Jail
Farragan - Solitude Jail
Miriel - Riften Jail
Moravan - Windhelm Jail
Numinel - Falkreath Jail
Pulalyn - Morthal Prison
Strong-Back - Cidna mine
Uzghul - Dragonsreach Dungeon
Walks-in-Flame - Solitude Dungeon
Belladayne - Cidna Mine
Clodia - Dawnstar Jail
Cnut - Cidna Mine
Halfdan - Falkreath Jail
Sinclaire - Solitude Jail
Esra - Morthal Jail

Elle - Dragonsreach
Rurik - Dragonsreach
Laylah - Falkreath Longhouse
Antonius - Markarth Keep
Sabinna - Markarth Keep
Ashur - Morthal Longhouse
Zushgro - Blue Palace
Pieriandel - Blue Palace
Yngvilda - Dawnstar Longhouse
Niklas - Winterhold Longhouse
Iona - Palace of Kings
tyra - Palace of Kings
Kosrin - Mistveil Keep
Axhnal - Mistveil Keep
Waishiv - Dushnik Yal
Mushgush - Largashpur
Bushnugg - Narzulbur
Nitub - Mor Khazgur
*Sushgrub - Windhelm Stables
*Kashgronab - Hunter's Shack, Falkreatha
*Abalon - Morvayn Manor/Solstheim
*Veveloir - Retching Netch

Saniel - Whitchmistgrove
Vuvaziel - Outside Morthal


Add additional NPC's: Mages, Adventurers, Vampires, Other
Add Healer NPC's
Add Underrepresented NPC's

It's my first mod. Please be gentle.

Work will likely grind to a halt for now, due to life. I might make some small tweaks and fixes. But keep that in mind. If something is broke and you post something about it, I may not see it for months.