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Some patches for Vittorias Alternate Wedding by AndrealphusVIII.

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Patches for some mods to make them play nice with Vittorias Alternate Wedding.

Patch Descriptions:

AI Overhaul - Updated the patch from the original mod page. Forwards packages on Aquillius Aeresius and resolves conflicts with vanilla packages both mods modify.

At Your Own Pace - Thieves Guild - Combines the edits both mods do to the quest "The Dainty Sload".

Conversations Raise Speechcraft - Conflict resolution.

Dark Brotherhood Reformation - Alternate wedding plays out after "Bound Until Death" if Vittoria is still alive.

Guard Dialogue Overhaul Redux - Conflict resolution on the conditions of one dialogue so changes from both mods go through.

Guard Dialogue Overhaul - Same as above

Immersive World Encounters  - Conflict resolution on two quests modified by both mods.

Innocence Lost - Quest Expansion - Alternate wedding plays out if the player chooses not to kill Grelod.

Open Cities Skyrim - Moves the wedding to the open city space.

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - Conflict resolution on one dialogue record so changes from both mods go through.

AndrealphusVIII for Vittorias Alternate Wedding
agd25 for At Your Own Pace