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Nelacar, the Altmer mage in Winterhold, can now become a Follower or be Married.

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What it says on the tin. Old Nelacar of the Frozen Hearth Inn can now become a Follower or be Married.
I love this guy. His opening scene is funny and he just seems so sad and resigned all alone in his
room with only one friggin chair and just Dagur to talk to.  He can fight all right, he's a Merchant,
AND he's naturally Essential. Plus he’s a sweetie when he gets to know you. Listen for his greeting, lol.

Once you do his quest in his favor, he'll be open to a closer relationship:)

Follows and is marriageable after his quest.
Levels with the player indefinitely.
Max level is 81. Min level is his original static level 6.
Everything else about him, i.e. stats, skills, AI, were left Vanilla for maximum compatibility with
different play styles and other mods.
Cleaned in SSEEdit 3.2

Is compatible with anything that doesn’t mess with his NPC record. If you have something like
that, i.e. NPC overhaul mods, etc. and you have problems, try moving him down
in your load order. LOOT does a good job of that automatically.
I've played him extensively with a 150+ mod load but let me know if you have any problems.

Dependencies and Recommended Mods:

For him to follow you, you WILL need Relationship Dialogue Overhaul.
RDO adds follower dialogue options to all the character
voices that Bethesda left out in the OG game, including High Elf Male.Find
it HERE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1187?tab=files
To marry him, you WILL need Marriage Voice Types Plus, which seems to currently
only be on Bethesda, for any marriage dialogue to show up. It's the marriage
version of RDO. The High Elf guys really got screwed in the relationship
department. Find it HERE: https://bethesda.net/en/mods/skyrim/mod-detail/4035925
He will move into Vanilla player homes just like any other marriageable character.
To get him - and Other NPCs - to move into custom homes, use something like My
Home Is Your Home. It lets you reassign the home markers for followers and
spouses. Find that HERE: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/7096
To dress him up in all those pretty clothes without his hood, you need to either
console his clothes off or use a mod that lets you remove NPC's default
outfits. This is a Game Thing. I use Immersive Amazing FollowerTweaks.
Load Order:
My LOOT order has him loaded after RDO and before Marriage Voice Types. If you
don’t use LOOT, load Marriage Voice Types after RDO and this mod somewhere in
the middle. Although why you wouldn’t use LOOT I have no idea…

Anticipated FAQ:

    During the *spoiler* quest I sided with *not-him* and now he Hates ME!
        No shit;)
    I have him as a follower and now his store doesn’t work!
        This is a Game Thing. Let him go and the store will come back online. If it doesn’t

 right away, wait 24 hours in-game and he'll reset.
    I installed this after I did his quest/met him and he's super weak!
        Yes he is. He doesn’t level up in the un-modded game, so when you install this mod,

 he MAY start leveling at his lowest level, even if you're level 40 or something.
        Go HERE and use the commands to level him up manually and he'll keep pace with you afterwards.
        I personally only had this problem ONCE, and it was a fluke.

Setlevel 1000 0 6 0   - type it as is after selecting the NPC in the console window, hit Enter, make a hard save, then reload.
1000 = means he levels 1:1 with you.
0 = no modifiers, i have no idea what those do.
6 = his minimum level,
0 = no max level. If you want to cap him, add whatever you want, ie. 50, etc.
    Can I use an existing save or does it need a new game start?
        You can use any existing save, preferably one where you haven't yet entered the Frozen Hearth

 Inn in Winterhold. He WILL work on a save where you've met him already, but he might level weirdly. See above.
    Can I add or remove him with impunity or  will I break something?
        It may screw up your save if you remove the mod while married to him or have him as a follower.

 I've never had any problems, but some people do.
        To be Safe, un-follow and/or divorce him before doing a clean save.
    He doesn’t attack first/ he's not AGGRO/ WHY  DIDN’T YOU MAKE HIM CONFIDENT/AGGRESSIVE/ETC!?
        Also, he seems like an indoor kind of guy. I wanted to leave his "personality" alone:)
        And also, there are tons of mods that boost follower stats in-game, so I didn’t feel the need. Ask

nicely and I *might* make him more "assertive."

Mods Featured in the Screenshots:

        Tempered Skins for Males, SOS Light version/SOS Full

        Black Mage Armor SE
        Apachii Divine Elegance Store.
Winter is Coming SSE Cloaks
        Immersive jewelry SSE and Immersive Jewelry Earrings For Male Characters
        Rustic Clothing Special Edition

    Environment and Mechanics:
        Vivid Weathers Definitive Edition
        Immersive Amazing Follower Tweaks SE
        Perception stats viewer, More Than You Need to Know Version
More Informative Console