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Adds generic male and female Hold Guards to each Hold Capital's tavern + Imperials in Castle Dour, Stormcloaks in the Palace of the Kings, and Redoran Guards in Raven Rock at The Retching Netch. Follower/marriage enabled for all.

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Adds a male and female Hold Guard to the taverns in each Hold's Capital and Raven Rock. Also adds male and female Imperials to Castle Dour, and Stormcloaks to The Palace of the Kings. All of the guards are follower-enabled and marriageable.

So over on Reddit there was recently a story about a Whiterun Guard that got to thinking... "Maybe I'm the Dragonborn and I just don't know it yet?" So he set out to High Hrothgar and well... This happened. Now, I've just started creating mods and I was in the middle of making my very first follower mod when inspiration struck... And so I spent all night making this mod so that those guards, the ones that gave up adventuring due to arrows in their knees or the ones that think they might be the Dragonborn, they can FINALLY get out there with you and start adventuring again. Maybe they'll even fall in love? High Hrothgar's the limit!

There are two versions of this mod that you can find on the download page. Both are still in their infancy, so please bear with me as I work out bugs and other issues that may arise from my vast inexperience with modding. So those versions...

  • STANDARD: This is the main version of this mod. It is standalone, uses only vanilla assets, and should work out-of-the-box. It gives the male Stormcloak and Skyrim guards the Male Nord voice, and the female Imperial, Stormcloak, and Skyrim guards the Female Commander voice. The male Imperial has the Male Even-Toned voice.
  • RDO: This version is a bit more true to life regarding the voices, but it requires Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (RDO) to make up for the normally missing dialogue. I've tested it some and it seems to be working properly so please let me know if you find any bugs or other issues. This one gives the male Skyrim guards the Male Guard voice, and the female Skyrim guards the Female Nord voice. It also gives the male Imperial the Male Soldier voice.

  • Because the guards in Raven Rock are Dunmer, they have the Dark Elf Male/Female voices for both versions of this mod. I believe RDO expands on these voices a bit though, so the RDO version is likely a tad bit better than the default if you plan to marry and then adopt children with either of these guards.
  • All of the guards are the default faces/builds of their respective races (all are Nords except the two Imperials and the two Dunmer) and genders, and all have their guard outfits on by default with proper Hold shields (the two Imperials have Imperial shields and the two from Raven Rock are wearing Redoran Guard armor and shields). The Imperials and Stormcloaks are the only ones with helmets that leave their faces visible by default.
  • These aren't guards in the traditional Creation Kit sense - they are simply unique NPCs that are set as followers and essential. Mods that overhaul guards won't change them, though anything that changes the vanilla assets of their armors, voices, or vanilla followers in general will affect them like they would any other vanilla follower mod.
  • All guards are generic combatants that will use a leveled sword, their assigned shield, and bow & arrows for range. They do have the Lightfoot perk so they don't set off traps, and they are set to level up to with the player (no level cap, very standard stats all around).
  • In honor of the inspiration for this mod, the male Whiterun Guard is named Nordique Arrow-Knee.

I am still brand new to modding and may have missed something so if you have any suggestions, requests, etc. please be patient with me and definitely leave any feedback in the comments!

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