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She is COMPLETELY REDONE better quest, better outfit, NEW LOCATION. Kaiha is a custom, quest based, Adoptable Child Follower with custom assets, RESTORED child functionality when adopted, and some custom dialogue . I have FIXED the sitting issue and will now be able to provide ongoing support to this mod.

Permissions and credits
Meet Kaiha! Kaiha is a custom, quest based, Adoptable Child Follower with custom assets, RESTORED child functionality when adopted, and vanilla some custom dialogue (for now text based so DIALOGUE TEXT ON for a bit LoL). I created Kaiha for my own game but have decided to share her here for anyone else who may want to add her to their game. She has a NEW courier based quest to locate her (Its got a few objectives but its not going to take up all your time.)

-She is a custom child with assets.
-She is her OWN RACE. In order to make this MOD compatible with as many things as possible, while still keeping my vision of who she is. This was necessary for her custom skin and skeleton to not alter the other existing races.
-She functions like any other race can PLAY GAMES and use ALL adopted function when adopted, has ALL adoption dialogue ect..., has ADULT and CHILD IDLES  and can use CHILD furniture, and should not cause issues for race mods.
-Unless a mod alters child idles or child furniture keywords it will be compatible. If it does put it UNDER Kaiha. She will lose her special idles but still be fully functional.
-She can use any weapon and armor
-She has a nevernude type skin (shoo sickos!!)
-She is essential, why would you want to kill her anyway she's amazing

-I RECOMMEND a follower management mod, though she will work without one. I use AFT (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6656)

-I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you use Universal Race Scale Remover SSEby Abbalovesyou (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/4259/?) otherwise she will scale and that's OBNOXIOUS!

-You MUST HAVE RDO installed. She uses a child voice, because she is a child, and RDO makes changes which allow her  voice type to be used by a follower!

You can make Kaiha a follower or dismiss her as many times as you like...then adopt her later on. Once you adopt her she can never be a follower again. This is for immersion and is how I want it. I won't change it...

She has many log notes, letters, ect.. as part of her quest, they are immersive for those who want to stop and read between objectives. There will be a FULL length quest based on her history once I get it all together.

Under Amazing Follower Tweaks
Over any other mods that alter child idles or furniture
Over Relationship Dialogue Overhaul

A Special thanks to APACHII for helping me understand some textures in NIFSKOPE which allowed me to finish this and another project I was stuck on..Your awesome!

A Special thanks to cortex56 who was awesome for helping me understand some things I never would have know about custom followers and for linking me his followers to look at.. thanks man!!

Also a thanks to acobral  for Immersive Children - child mortality and burial and animation fixes (https://rd.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83554?tab=files) and his ides workaround.

I will support this mod as best possible this is my first public follower MOD and I am making changes anytime someone contacts me and will continue to do so. She works extremely well and a LOT of work went into making her, but I want it to be as close to perfect as I can make it , please feel free to leave feedback or suggestions.

Known Issues:
-- Once in a blue moon after her adoption dialogue.. no adoption option will appear. There isn't any valid reason for this it seems to be a game bug, typical Bethesda lazy crap.  Just save somewhere before adopting her. 

- Some of the Kaiha specific quest dialogue takes a bit to transition. Its hard to record the perfect length of silence...LoL... it's minor

- She is scaled from lvl 5, she is a little op then but evens out at about level 10 and should scale nicely to end game from there.

-There is one child idle that goes weird sometimes and it is only used in one spot outside of vanilla, I laughed out loud when I first saw it, it normally plays fine for her, more Bethesda foolishness. I think its due to it being used where no child would ever be. If you see it let me know and ill change it...but I like the idle in general its...cute...

-If your a modding expert who wants to help out with some information or dialog work, please let me know!


I want to thank the following people for permission to use assets:
Ranaline and RS children
Apachii and Apachii Hair
RGMAGE2 and Navatar
Male Cleric Armor by NULL9 and Syndharos
Velvet Robes and Cloaks by jacknifelee

PS4:  Sorry guys no ports she uses MANY external assets..
XBOX: She can't be on BETHNET they don't approve of fighting children...if there is enough support/interest I will make her a teenager and port her for you...
PC BETHNET: Same deal as XBOX