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RS Children SSE now released on the SE Nexus
All my thanks goes to Azrael_wtf for being extremely kind and patient, and for porting over the mod, especially in such a short time frame.

(Lastly I am very very late on this but the mod became a GEM! Thank you!)

Hi again! I bring good news. I've been talking with another modder who's been attempting to port over the mod to SSE, and it looks like he's nearly done. I can't say for sure when the mod will be uploaded, but not as long as a month at least. Either way I'd say soon (tm), please keep an eye out for it!

Hi all, it's been a while. Happy first/second/third day of Skyrim SE!

I've received some requests regarding this mod and SSE, which I will answer below:
I don't have it installed and I have not had Skyrim installed in a while, so currently there are no plans to port it over to the SE. The good thing is I was told the mod works, HOWEVER, the clothes don't appear properly. I'm also betting that the face morphs, while they show up, probably don't display properly either.

If anyone is interested in porting it over, please get in touch with me via PM or comment! I'm not automatically granting permission as I'm sure this mod left many people confused as it did satisfied. I would like to prevent any further frustration for the SSE players, if it's in my power to.

To everyone who has downloaded, commented, used, and even endorsed or reviewed the mod; and to the mods and users who kept the threads tidy and helped members of the community out; and to the people who made this mod possible--thank you ever so much. I can't imagine the amount of feedback it has gotten to this day.


Hi! Having always admired DreamBurrow's really adorable children, I was motivated to edit the children for my own game. After being granted permissions for the assets used, I decided to put together something that could be shared.

Everyone, thank you all so much for the endorsements and the votes!! I didn't think it'd be so well received! I sincerely appreciate it. Working on it was a lot of fun, I didn't think it'd ever actually be released. Glad it's at that point! I'll do what I can to resolve any problems, but please note I'm human too ;v; All I ask for is your patience. Thanks again!


07-07-14. Installer created! And more updates!
Gone are the days of manual installation - -Ren- has created a wonderful installer. I've removed most of the singular files and replaced it with this - it's up to date and should resolve any confusion.

Secondly, there have been some concerns about the playable versions of this mod since they have been untagged as a "Child".

I've received from clarifications from LadyMilla, a moderator:
"... in the case of child follower/companion/race mods, the bottom line is that the mod itself should not contain illegal animations and nude body meshes/textures (may not list them as a per-requisite), may not offer sexually explicit dialogue options or any other hints (e.g. tattoos, background stories) that the underage character is meant to be used in a sexual context..

As to the 'child' flag, we have not raised any objections to mods that remove this flag, but if you prefer employing a different technique that leaves the 'child' flag unchanged then you are welcome to do so.

In other news, Mogribus has been working on updating the playable races! And Gamwich has created absolutely amazing textures for the Prince and the Pauper patch - he had shared it on the first day, I meant to post this early on but fell behind. You can download it in the Downloads section :)

07-06-14. Version 1.1.0
.esm updates: Updated the five race entries (see log below) and changed brows 6-11 to be standalone instead of vanilla.
Default (non-playable) version: you most likely won't be able to see these changes, but they are still applied for consistency.
Playable version: Since you can play as children, you'll see these take effect.
  • Change log:
  • Breton child- added breton racial abilities and "Summon familiar" starting spell- starting magicka is 125, HP regen is 0.8, Magicka regen is 6 and stamina is 5
  • Breton vampire child- same as breton child, with added vampire abilities and spells- starting magicka and regens are same as breton child.
  • Imperial child- added imperial racial abilities- HP regen 0.9, Magicka regen 4, Stamina regen 6
  • Nord child- added nord racial abilities- Starting stamina 120, HP regen 1, Magicka regen 3, Stamina regen 6
  • Redguard child- added redguard racial abilities- starting stamina 110, HP regen 1, Magicka regen 3, Stamina regen 7
  • All child races- added descriptions- removed decapitated head
  • All child races (PLAYABLE ONLY)- removed the "child" tag so you can engage activators properly: riding carriages, using the anvil, sleeping in beds, and so on and so forth.- !CAVEAT/DOWNSIDE! This allows children to be take damage and killed, whether or not they are essential to a quest. Recommendation: Use the Non-Essential Children mod and patch (RS Children Patch - NEC) to prevent deaths of quest-related children.
    The race changes were made by Mogribus -- many thanks to him!
File additions and updates:
  • Replaced hairginko04: HelloSanta has given me permission to use her conversion of Ginko's hair (thanks so much)! It was what I originally wanted to include in this mod. It has slightly less issues and the textures are the exact ones in the screenshots! FaceGenData has been updated for all affected characters: Aventus, Skuli, Hroar, Gralnach.
  • No .esp update was required.
  • Added vanilla brows: Added vanilla brows 6-11 to texturesactorscharacterranalinebrows to reflect .esm change. Changes will only be reflected on characters made or edited after this.
  • Replaced vanilla shoes_0.nif and shoes_1.nif for boys: It was previously just a duplicate of the girl's shoes.
Compatibility Patch Updates:
  • Non-Essential Children, Stranger Danger, and Height Adjusted Races patches have been updated to reflect the .esm changes.
  • The USKP patch didn't need to be updated.
  • Height Adjusted Races Patch now includes playable version, and has Height Adjusted Races.esm properly set as a master.
Extras:Added file for Slightly Bigger Heads upon request (rather late.. OTL...). I scaled the neck and head nodes up to both to 1.15 for both male and female skeletons, so it's just subtly bigger, and hopefully not big enough to be eerie.Updates:- Thordir has created a patch for Inconsequential NPCs and Interesting NPCs. Download the RS Children Patches - please note that the Interesting NPCs Patch currently relies on HearthFires.esm. Thordir will fix it within the coming days. - Jaderoyale has added a patch for The Prince and the Pauper (WIP patch). Download it at the official page under "MISCELLANEOUS".- Blattgeist, creator of NPCs Protected Redux has created a patch for people who have both DLCs AND USKP. It sets all children as "Protected". If you play as a child, this is a GREAT way to prevent all children from dying unless you kill them yourselves. Click here to download the patch. Original mod is NOT required!07-05-2014.- Ball11 created a patch for Requiem! Download it here: Requiem Patch for RS Children Overhaul
- Currently working on Prince and the Pauper patch, with amazing new textures provided by Gamwich!
- GOOD NEWS: Mogribus fixed all the current issues with playability (sans the height problem). I'm currently working on applying these changes to the patches that need it.

What this mod does currently...
  • Modifies the existing child races in the game to use custom assets: textures, head meshes, body meshes, etc.
  • Changes the faces of all children in the base game, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn
  • Adds some basic clothing and accessories made from vanilla assets (currently only boys), and a more unique one for Aventus
  • (Optional) Enables children as a playable race. Download the .esm under "Optional Files".
  • (Optional) Enables compatibility with ECE, including its custom sliders, basic Expressions, and Vertex Edit. Download patch under "Miscellaneous".
  • (Optional) Includes Nao4288's Female Facial Animation, if you don't want to use the vanilla facial animations included by default. Works with both genders. Download is under "Miscellaneous" - you don't need the original files for it to work.
 Thank you to Brodual, misalen, Shinji72, Hodilton, and Gruntlock for creating such wonderful videos and taking the time to review this mod!

Skyrim version (aka the latest version).

Please note that this mod is NOT meant to make child races fully playable! It only affects their appearance. Feel free to run around as a child and mess around, kill whatever, etc. However, playing through any quests as a child isn't the greatest idea.

Body meshes include underwear, and revealing parts have been removed from the meshes and textures.

Clean install
To use the mod, download RSChildren - 1.1.0 Installer and install it. If you use NEC or the Override, make sure they are at the bottom of your load order.

If you use Stranger Danger, or Height Adjusted Races, then download their patch below:

If you downloaded the Main File or any patches released before July 6, 2014, then simply download the "RSChildren - Main File UPDATE 070614" file. If you use the playable .ESM, Non-Essential Children, Stranger Danger, or Height Adjustment Races, please re-download the appropriate files because they have been updated!

Nexus Mod Manager:
Install files the way you normally install anything else.

Mod Organizer:
Install files the way you normally install anything else.

Load Order:
Should go something like this... If you don't use USKP or NEC, just ignore those.

Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp
RSChildren_Override.esp (if you have issues with the faces appearing properly)

patches and compatible mods
Any mod that has a patch requires the original file to work, unless otherwise stated. Install patches after the mod you want to patch's .esp and RSChildren .esps.
!New 070814! PCEA (PC Exclusive Animation) - Download the RS Children Overhaul PCEA Patch by kokono23!
!New 070614! Inconsequential NPCs, Interesting NPCs, Expanded Towns and Cities - Download the RS Children Patches by Thordir! Huge thanks to Thordir for sharing!
USKP - Download the "RSChildren Patch - USKP" file. NOTE: now included in the installer version.
Non-Essential Children - Download the "RSChildren Patch - NEC" file. Works with both versions of the original mod.
Requiem - A Roleplaying Overhaul - download this patch: Requiem Patch for RS Children Overhaul. Many thanks to Ball11 for providing it!
Stranger Danger - download this patch: Stranger Danger Patch
Height Adjusted Races - download this patch: Height Adjusted Races Patch
Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions - No conflicts, no patch needed!
Mindflux's Patches - No patch needed. Just make sure THIS mod overwrites or takes priority over his files, so that children will show up correctly.
Maisha, Ma'Rakha, Ram-Ku - Their standalone and replacer versions work. If you are using their replacer versions, make sure THEIR files overwrite the files in this mod!
Make Any Child Your Follower
Lady Head, Realistic Teeth, similar replacers - These mods shouldn't conflict with or affect the children.

If there's a mod you use that affects children and doesn't work with this mod, let me know - I'll see if I can make a patch for it!

recommended mods
Dovahkinder Collection Replacer - Unique clothing retexture for children!
Dreamburrow's freckles - Totally recommend this if you like dense freckles! This would replace the included.
Female Facial Animation - Improves facial animations. I've included under Optional Files. You do not have to download the original mod.
Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions

Mods that edit children: Xvision Children, TK Children, etc. as they do the same thing this mod does!
PC Exclusive Armor Path - PCEAr
Unfortunately, I've decided not to support Killable Children or Kill Every NPC - Including Children at this time, because they affect the entries of all children as well. If someone would like to take this up, please by all means do, and I will link to your patch. Otherwise, please look to alternatives like Non-Essential Children which is a much safer and cleaner mod. Apologies for the inconvenience!

what to know about playing as a child

known issues
Follow the for updates on these issues and possible help.
- Imperfections on meshes (clipping or seams).
Thoughts: I think the hand and feet seams are due to vertex doubles - I don't know how to fix this. Please help!

- If you play as a child, you won't be able to ride carriages. I don't know why ;-;

- Height issue playing as a child character: some people have reported to get scaled down to a very tiny size. Others have reported camera issues in first-person (camera is way too high).
SOLUTION: Looks like this problem has been happening for people using RaceMenu. Please DISABLE RaceMenuPlugin.esp before starting up your game if you plan to edit your character.

- Please make sure to be careful installing or uninstalling mods that may affect eachother - Otherwise you'll get issues I can't help you with D: Ex. faces not animating, something or other.

thank you to...
Bethesda for Skyrim and vanilla assets
Tktk1 for Enhanced Character Edit and making the impossible.. quite possible!
Bagserk for letting me use Xvision Children's assets
Imperator3 for his male underwear mesh and SydneyB (Princes of the Woods) for the textures
L0rd0fWar () for parts of Aventus Arentino's outfit
Nao4288 (Female Facial Animation) for her improved .tri files
Ginko for letting me convert her Sims 3 hair, #4 Gin, Tktk for the hair texture (v1.0.0), and HelloSanta for her conversion and textures (v1.1.0)
Apachii (ApachiiSkyHair) for her hair conversions
MacKom (Lore Styles Hair Set) for his hair creations
zn00p (Lovely Hairstyles) for his hair conversion
Faeofthewood (Waifan 2 Skin Set) for her freckles and moles in the face texture
HelloSanta (SG Renewal), HHaley(Fair Skin Complexion), Navetsea(CBBE Skin), and Pikkatze(Smooth Faces) for their face and body textures, and brows
DreamBurrow and her pictures and mods for supplying heaps of motivation - inspiration
Mankarcameron2006 and Adam for testing
The TES community, and those who have given me encouragement and feedback!

tools used
Mod Organizer, Blender, NifSkope, Creation Kit, Wrye Bash, TES5Edit... thank you!