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This mod will add a literal doppelganger follower in the mold of your player character created during chargen at the beginning of the game.

Permissions and credits
Permission to port The Doppelganger Follower per the terms quoted from the original mod page on Oldrim Nexus:

"Ok so my time as run short on managing this mod due to RL obligations so I want to put this out there for anyone that is interested. You have my full permission to further this mod as you see fit, and make it your mod and upload it with 2 conditions:

1: Credit where the mod originated ( not just me but others Like Familiar faces have worked to make a mod like this happen)

2: share it here and Lovers Lab - It is time to squash the lingering tension between the 2 sites, in the end we are all gamers who enjoy the work of modders, and we should all benefit in modders work no matter what our taste in mods is
to find the changes in this mod in CK or Tes V Edit search DPGF_

Lovers Lab will always be my home, that will never change but I had to put my petty crap aside and realize there are good and bad people on both sites lets just enjoy the games and the sites that allow us to share our work
If anyone gets upset about these conditions or this statement then the petty issues are on your end!"

Listen, I am not big on follower mods, they get annoying and there are way to many clogging up the mod scene, but this is my one and only follower mod
You can ask your Doppelgänger to follow you

He/She looks like you
Has the same name as you
Uses the shouts you learn
Uses the spells you learn
And you can marry yourself :D

Found in the Sleeping Giant Inn

0 scripts used


Not sure if it works with HDT hair, try putting this above the hdt hair in the load order if there is a issue

Is potential Follower so you will have to raise the relationship rank with the Doppelganger, whether its with RDS, RDO, Eager NPCs, or console command to get the "follow me" Dialogue
As of 2.0. if your using a Male Character, then use the standard 2.0 file
If your using a Female Character, then choose the file of either Dark Elf Voice or Female Commander Voice.

If you have a voice for your character that does not have the normal follower Dialogue, then you will need Relationship Dialogue Overhaul for this to work with the proper follower dialogue (High Elf, Khajiit female, or Elderly).