Skyrim Special Edition
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List of bash tags for some mods. Partial overlap with LOOT rules.

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This is a collection of Bash Tags for some 60+ mods from my various setups, some partially overlap or fully copy LOOT suggestions, due to how they were extracted. Most non-LOOT tags are unverified by other mod authors, still during testing and actual playthroughs, game behavior was fairly stable with minimal, if any, noticeable errors or irregularities that are related to tagging. Bashed Patch produced from mods with these tags looks fine in xEdit, you of course can make some personal changes, I just used it "as generated".

Tags for base game files and USSEP excluded from archive for obvious reasons. Archive supplied with automated fomod installer with ability to manually override each or all of the options. Should be compatible with original mods and replacer plugins.