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This mod adds Malacoda to Skyrim, where he can be found at Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm. He is marriageable, can be a housecarl or steward and has a unique voice (RDO required) or standalone (male eventoned) voice.

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Malacoda the Corsair

This mod introduces Malacoda, a Redguard corsair to Skyrim. You can find him at Candlehearth in Windhelm. He comes wielding two akaviri katanas, and prisoner rags (so that you can make him wear whatever armor you like). Malacoda uses a combination of dual-wielding/one-handed skills in combat and has healing and alteration spells (ironflesh, etc). His perks are mixed between one-handed & stealth skills to make him a competent rogue. I also strongly recommend using some sort of cosmetic overhaul mod like "Total Character Makeover", unless you want him to look like a 45 year-old chain smoker.

1.2 UPDATE Malacoda now has a completely standalone version with a different voice(asides from the requisite DLC), and this files are now conveniently packaged into .bsa format. Ran through SseEdit and playtested! 

Please refer to the 'instructions' readme and the required mods section to find out what you will need for this mod to work. 

*NOTEI am using facelight in the save these pics were taken from, so if Malacoda looks like he 'may' have gray face in the pics it's just the lighting difference from the Facelight spell.


  • Marriageable (Non-RDO only)
  • Housecarl for Hearthfires (Non-RDO only)
  • Steward for Hearthfires (Non-RDO only)
  • Lightfoot (will not set off traps)
  • Unique Voice (MaleSoldier/Gideon Emery)
  • Essential (cannot be killed)
  • Unique weapons & armor with enchantments
  • Unique Summon "Bruin" spell 

Optional, but Highly Recommended Mods


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