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What is the HDT Physics Extension for Skyrim?
It is an SKSE plugin that applies the existing Havok physics engine to other uses in skyrim. Swishing hair, flowing skirts, or the ever popular bouncing boobs.

When Skyrim was originally released, the extent of the use of the Havok physics engine was restricted to things bouncing around; whether dead bodies, the odd skull, or a room full of weapons. If you wanted a cape that flowed when you ran, it would have been an animation that detailed the movement. While this simulates realism, it isn't realism.
HDT Physics Extension alleviates the problems associated with animation by actually using the physics engine that is part of the retail game. Through some creative use of SKSE, HydrogensaysHDT (the author of the Physics Extension plugin) has provided a set of tools that create game physics objects that interact and respond to the world around them. A ponytail can bounce off a womans back, a cape can flow in any direction and boobs can bounce around and react to touch.

Demo Videos
NSFW: DailyMotion  DailyMotion  YouTube

Installation and Support

Install and customization docs, ongoing support, skse source code:
Google Code.

If you are having trouble with the mod in one way or the other, perform the instructions as shown there before posting the support thread here.

Here is a list of known mods somehow related to HDT-PE. If you have something to add to the list, please post or pm me. Adding HDT-PE to the title of your mod will help tremendously.

HDT Physics Extension Addon Mods

Other Stuff
I decided to release it here when I finished a visual editor before, but it seem that I have no time to do this.
v14.28 seem stable enough.

Future work: weapon system a visual editor

About permission:
Anyone can make mod base on it.
The only thing you need to do is add my name to credit.

canderes for his Havok Content Tools tutorals.
monsto's work on docs and evangelism.
and everyone who make mods base on it.

Havok Physics ← Obviously the mod's price is less than $10.00(It's free!!!)

You are not allowed to make money with this mod or the mod based on it.

Does not include madiii