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Just a simple Preset of my female character. I've given her the nickname "The Panty Warrior".

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Farastyne SSE Ported by bchick3:

Update 9/30/2021:
Fixed the issue that was causing the "jslot" part of the mod from working; RaceMenu wouldn't register the file in "Load Preset" due to my naming of the file with "v." - it appears by adding the dot/period after the v altered the file not creating it as a "jslot". I also changed the eyes from "The Eyes of Beauty" to "Improved Eyes Skyrim" back in 11/19/2020.

Update 11/19/2020:
Changed the breast to look more natural, and less fake; ideal size is roughly 36D. Changed/adjusted a few small things in other categories. Got the legs more fit/athletic to at least my eyes, and liking. I changed her eyes from "The Eyes of Beauty" to "Improved Eyes Skyrim" partnered with "llygaid Eye Improver" Unity 1K. For those who care - enjoy.

Update 11/18/2020:
For the past 2 days I've been playing around with the body for Farastyne in BodySlide. I've come to the conclusion that I want the breast to have a more natural shape, and be less fake looking (why it took me this long I have no idea). I've also been trying to fine tune her legs to achieve the fit/athletic appearance I've been aiming for since I started this body. Sadly I've learned I can't fully get the legs to my liking due to limitations, etc, and have settled for the best I can while still keeping it simple, and nice. To anyone who cares - there will be another entirely new body preset coming soon once I'm done testing it. At the moment I'm procrastinating a few changes. The newest added picture is the new body - though not much to see.

Update 11/12/2020:
Made a few subtle changes to help further improve the already simple lore friendly Farastyne. I will not be doing a CBBE update yet again - sorry. Enjoy.

Update 2/13/20:
A nice refresh to which I feel is a nice overall improvement. I have no intent of supplying a CBBE version this time around, sorry. There are no screenshots - I'm being lazy, sorry again. If you like the previous version, you'll like this one as well. Enjoy.

Update 12/19/18:
Simply added a preset for CBBE users.

Update 12/6/18:
Added an essential package kit for Farastyne. I added this in hopes it can help with issues, and even make installing HDT/physics, etc, easier for people who might be new to it, and hasn't set any of it up, etc. Let me know of any issues. I pretty much rushed it together. I'll also be updating the follower to add some essential things I missed last time. I sort of rushed her out as well... I was in a hurry to be done with it. I'm still awaiting my break from this mod. Woe is me.

Update 12/4/18:
Fixed the "purple eye" issue I overlooked.

Update 11/29/18:
Farastyne v4 finally sets out to better position only the one-handed, dagger, two-handed, bow, and quiver. They now fit much better. The idle "Sexy Idle Animation (Animation Data 4)" was used during this process. The ebony weapons have been positioned to work around the mod "CL's Ebony Weapon's". I positioned the one-handed based on the Nordic Sword, two-handed based on the ebony greatsword, the dagger around the ebony dagger, and the bow around Auriel's Bow. I don't have any quiver mods expect the retexture provided by "CL's Ebony Weapon's". There is still clipping that could not be fixed at least with the animations I currently use (1H & Dagger). If this is a limiting preset, you'll have to manually use "RaceMenu" to reposition any incompatible weapons at your own expense or simply not use it. Sorry for the inconvenience if it comes down to that. Since it's my character I'm basing this preset off of, she'll be set to work as such. I'm not going to reposition any, or all weapons in which I'll never plan to have her use. If I for some reason change her weapons - I'll reposition them for my own personal use as I don't want to update her every time I make a change such as this. Version 4 is for those who want to keep Farastyne true to the original character. I just simply did the work for those who want the character to stay true to the original.

Farastyne (pronunciation) = Far-ah-steen (as in "seen") which is two girl names I coupled together which essentially translates to "Beautiful Forest".

Fara Meaning: This name derives from the Old English (Anglo-Saxon) “fæger”, which in turn derives from the Proto-Germanic “*fagraz / fara”, meaning
“beautiful, lovely, pleasant”.

I sadly can't remember the full name of the last half which is just "styne" now. It was a full name in which I removed some letters, so it would couple with Fara. When I found it, and when it was the full name still, it meant "forest". I might have even switched around the letters of the name as well so it would sound like a complete name... Styne will now remain a mystery to me, but I remember it meaning forest at least to my knowledge. If anything I can just say I made "Styne" up, and it means "forest". I'll be happy with that to put my mind at ease.

All credits go to the mod makers. If you like anything, endorse them if you haven't already. From me personally - thanks for making, and providing these mods. They made this character possible after many years, and versions of her.